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Libertarian VP Wants to Ban Guns; Rifles are “Weapons of Mass Destruction”

Libertarians have traditionally been the party with the strongest support for Second Amendment rights, and upholding the rule of law as defined by the Constitution.

The Bloody Hands of Hillary Clinton (Part 3)

After knocking planes from the sky and a number of suicides, HIllary Clinton has to keep it fresh and that leaves old fashioned murder and assassinations

The Bloody Hands of Hillary Clinton (Part 2)

That brings us to the 2nd way that Hillary Clinton “friends” seem to journey to the undiscovered country; Suicide. It seems like an awful lot of people who know the Clinton’s want to kill themselves.

The Bloody Hands of Hillary Clinton (Part 1)

“Friends” of Hillary Clinton, let alone enemies, have a strange habit of turning up dead if they ever find themselves tempted to turn on her.

Democrat Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney Sends Stalker To Harass Opponent’s Wife and Three Young Children

for the Congressman of NY’s 18th District, Democrat Sean Patrick Maloney, there is no low that he will not sink to, no modicum of decency that he will adhere to while he attempts to ruthlessly hold onto his position.

Let’s Talk About “New York Values”

New York Values are the statist, high taxed, government controls your life, religion is met with ridicule, guns only for the important people, do as I say not as I do, ultra liberal hypocrisy and nastiness that runs both New York city and to a lesser extent upstate.

Bullets First Endorses Ted Cruz For President

While other Amendments to the Constitution are important, it is only the 2nd Amendment, the right to keep and bear arms that ensures all the other ones. Looking over the candidates I find that there is only one that fully embraces that understanding and has not wavered, demurred, compromised or sidestepped that belief.

Ted Cruz is the Best Candidate for Millennials

Ted Cruz is a consistent conservative…not a campaign conservative. Cruz will stand for principles against the establishment in our party and against our opponents on the Left.

Ted Cruz Is Not Finished Yet

Hoffman, 24, continued to praise Cruz, saying that as he won over youth in South Carolina and Iowa, “he can genuinely appeal to young people — conservatives, libertarians, values voters and those disenchanted with big government or extreme foreign policy views.”

The Trouble With Trump…What Does He Believe?

while I agree with a great many things that Donald Trump SAYS…I don’t know if I agree with anything Trump BELIEVES.

What A Congressional Democrat Wastes the Peoples’ Time and Money On

Have you ever wondered what Democrat Lawmakers in Congress do now that Obama has basically told them to sit down and shut up while he hijacks the entire legislative process through things like his army of Czars and his Executive Actions?

Will Pardoned NJ Prospective Police Officer Josey-Davis Enforce Gun Law He Was Convicted Of?

Gov. Chris Christie once again had to pardon an otherwise innocent person when they were snagged by the Draconian gun control law that seeks to disenfranchise the citizens of New Jersey from exercising their rights. On Sept. 20th, 2013 Steffon Josey-Davis was out on a drive with his fiance when he was pulled over for driving with an expired registration.  Josey-Davis informed the officer who pulled him over that he had forgot to move his legally owned firearm from his glove compartment to his trunk after working as an armed security guard with Loomis Armored earlier that day. Well, the arresting officer decided to leave all discretion with his common sense (up his ass) and arrested Josey-Davis for unlawful weapons possession, a felony in the state of New Jersey. In order to avoid jail time and being completely railroaded by an unjust system, Josey-Davis took a plea deal that made...

New DC Mayor to City: “You have a mayor who hates guns”

To be honest, I am a fan of politicians who shut the filter down and are totally honest.  At least until their handlers get a hold of them and they inevitably backtrack on whatever controversial belief they had recently pontificated on. The most recent case of this is with self professed gun hater and rights infringer, Muriel Bowswer, the new Mayor of the District of Columbia.  It’s no shock that a gun hating liberal Democrat has been elected as Mayor of DC, but what was a bit different is that Bowswer didn’t hide her disdain behind the false narrative of other gun controllers by saying she was just against “illegal” guns.  No, Bowser is against ALL guns. While speaking at the Washington Interfaith Network Meeting Bowser spoke quite candidly about her disdain for gun owners, the Constitution and the peoples’ rights in general by saying: “You have a mayor...

Push Your Rep To Elect Allen West as Speaker of the House

Funny thing about the Speaker of the House job that I find many Americans are unaware of.  You don’t actually have to be a member of Congress in order to be elected as Speaker of the House.  So he or she can basically be anyone…who will then be behind the Vice President in line of succession tot he Presidency. Other than that, what the primary job of the Speaker is to get things DONE. Unfortunately, for the past four year we have had the crybaby John Boehner as the Speaker of the house.  In the following joint letter that I endorsed with gun right activist Dana Loesch, conserviative pundit Michele Malkin, fellow Liberty Alliance Members Joe Wurzelbacher, Kevin Jackson, Steve Deace et al the reasons to be against John Boehner maintaining his post as Speaker are clear: “On January 6th, the House of Representatives will hold its first vote of...

NH Dem Shows True Colors, Vows To Infringe EVERY Right To Thwart Libertarians

In case you are unfamiliar with the Free State Project, it is a socio-political experiment conceived back in 2001 in which Libertarians would pledge to move to a state en masse in order to establish a Libertarian run state government, an example of true Constitutional governance.  The state eventually chosen was New Hampshire and the number of people required being 20,000. After 13 years, as of October, the number is at 16,174 pledged with another 1,654 “early movers” who took the initiative and moved before the 20K pledges were hit.  In other words 17,828 people have all ready committed.  Organizers of the FSP believe that they will hit their objective and begin the mass migration to the New Hampshire before the 2016 election. While I love seeing this finally coming to fruition and am really looking forward to what New Hampshire can become, not all from the Granite State...

The Betrayal of Chris Christie

No doubt Chris Christie, head of the Republican Governor’s Association, will attempt to take credit for the upset wins by Republican Gubernatorial Candidates in Maryland, Illinois and Massachusetts.  Yet the bullying loudmouth, Soprano wannabee from New Jersey is just a two faced opportunist looking out for his own self interest and should not be trusted or praised by Republicans. Chris Christie abandoned Republican hopes for New York, not only by refusing to contribue RGA funds in helping Republican candidate Rob Astorino take on Gov. Andrew Cuomo but by being his usual bloviating loudmouth of an ass self and saying this: “We don’t pay for landslides and we don’t invest in lost causes.  If the New York race becomes competitive, I’ll consider campaigning in the New York race, but right now, by the public polls, there’s a lot more competitive races like this one in Connecticut.” First of all, by...

GOP, You Just Won Back The Senate…What Are You Going To Do Next?

In what appears to eventually be a 9 seat pick up in the Senate, Republicans have ousted Harry Reid from the Senate Leadership position and regained control of the upper house of Congress.  As a gun owner, my question is: “What are they going to do now?” Killing all gun control talk is great…I suppose…but with Republicans controlling the house since the 2010 elections, that has been a pipe dream for Democrats anyways.  And with Obama in charge of nominating judges, the best the Republicans can do is block the extreme anti gun jurists but they are unable to put forth their own pro 2nd Amendment replacements. In other words, defense is not what I am asking about.  I want to know what offense the newly empowered Republican party is going to take in order to strengthen our 2nd Amendment rights. First off, National Reciprocity. My Driver’s licence is...

New Jersey Lawmakers Look To Add Further Roadblocks For Gun Ownership

In the state that hasn’t met a gun control measure it didn’t like, a bill (A3764) was introduced into the New Jersey Assembly that would add to the all ready onerous time and costs just to BUY a gun.  The bill would make it mandatory that those applying to buy a handgun would first require training or “experience.” First off, the fact that you even need to apply to BUY a gun, let alone carry it, is ridiculous and the Founding Fathers are rolling over in their graves at the thought. Secondly, while I agree that knowledge and proper training are important and people SHOULD do so when purchasing a firearm, there is NO requirement to know a damn thing before you vote.  And since this is election day, I find the comparison compelling. In order to vote you don’t have to know one single issue, not one detail about how...