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Charges Dropped Against Open Carry Activist in Texas

On 27 February, 2016, Brett Sanders was arrested while openly carrying a firearm in Texas. He had refused to show the officers of the Southlake, Texas, Police Department, any identification or a Texas carry permit. Brett Sanders is an open carry and liberty activist.

NYPD Officer Gets Off From a Shooting That a Normal Citizen Would Do 15 Years For

NYPD police officer, Peter Liang, fired blindly into a dark stairwell because he got scared when he heard a noise and killed resident Akai Gurley in 2014.

Cop Uses Pepper Spray on Innocent Bikers on the Highway Just Because (Video)

Officer Figueroa made a routine traffic stop of a Dodge Ram and upon exciting his vehicle came out spraying pepper spray at passing motorcyclists who were simply riding by.

Woman Saves Dog, Video Saves Woman From Lying Cop

Tiffanie Hupp jumps in front of a Troopers gun in order to protect her dog, who was chained up and wagging his tail, from being executed.

West Virginia Overrides Gun Control Governor’s Veto For BIG Win

The lawmakers of West Virginia stood their ground in the face of Gun Control Governor Earl Ray Tomblin’s veto attempt to ground the 2nd Amendment under heel.

Boo Hoo, Cops in New Jersey Don’t Like The Law When It’s Applied To Them

in New Jersey, cops are supposed to be special and get a CCW rubber stamped whereas the normal peons of that state must either be rich or well connected to have any good chance of being allowed to exercise their rights.

Lawmakers Looking To Make SWATting a Federal Crime

In case you were unfamiliar with the term, SWATing is the nefarious act of calling the police on a unsuspecting and innocent person and telling the police that something criminal and immediately dangerous is taking place at their location.

In Massachusetts Residents Must Submit An Essay AND $1100 Before Carrying A Gun

New laws are taking effect this week in Lowell that will require applicants for unrestricted handgun licenses to state in writing why they should receive such a license. Basically, write an essay pleading with “THE MAN” as to why they should deem to let you simple peons to exercise your right to keep and bear arms.

FINALLY: Jackbooted SWAT Thugs Lose Immunity After Throwing Flash-bang Grenades at Innocent Grandmother and Granddaughter

A grandmother and granddaughter were enjoying a nice afternoon at home. That is before squad of shocktroopers from the local SWAT team shattered the front door and tossed in a couple of flash-bang grenades.

After 3 Years Gun Owning Senior Wins Lawsuit Against Crooked Cops Who Stole His Firearms

It took three long years, but 75 year old Arthur Lovi finally had his day in court and the police department of Arlington Heights, Illinois were on the losing end of an $80,000 ruling. The story began back in 2012 when Lovi was diagnosed with high blood pressure linked to stress.  His doctor suggested he talk to a therapist to try a lower his blood pressure. Lovi, who was a helicopter pilot for the Air Force during the ’60s  talked to the therapist about his recent losses that he was dealing with. From the Daily Herald: Lovi told her about the loss that had been all around him the past few years: his mother, a 3-year-old granddaughter who drowned, a son-in-law lost to a drug overdose, and worst of all, his wife of 33 years. Cindy had died nine years ago, but to Lovi it was still raw. She...

With the end of Black History Month I Ask: Black Community…What The Hell?

When I was growing up I remember hearing stories of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr and his non violent fight for equality. I remember Rosa Parks noble defiance when she refused to move from her seat. I remember learning of Booker T Washington going from slave to advisor to two US Presidents. I remember hearing of great men and women fighting and struggling for equality.  To be judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. I can’t help but feel that the three I named and countless others are rolling over in their graves to see all they have worked for being pissed away by a generation who may only know of Dr. King because they got a day off because of him. “Leaders” of the black community nowadays, your Al Sharptons and Jessie Jacksons, are more interested in lining their own pockets and...

NJ To Send 72 yo Retired Professor to Jail for Owning FLINTLOCK Pistol

Apparently even the gun controllers who claim that the 2nd Amendment only protects guns from the 1700’s are full of crap. In the gun control haven that is New Jersey, 72 year old retired English teacher and historical curio collector Gordon Van Gilder is facing a minimum of 3.5 years and up to 10 years in prison for owning a weapon that hasn’t been in vogue since George Washington crossed the Delaware River. On top of that, if convicted Van Gilder will lose his pension. So glad to see that New Jersey is ensuring that antiques remain out of the hands of collectors and that those collectors are both jailed and made destitute.  Once again gun control attacks exactly who it is intended to…the innocent and law abiding. The case springs from once again admitting ANYTHING to the New Jersey gestapo…I mean police force.  In November of last year Van Gilder...

New Hampshire Seeks To Empower Citizens By Equal Firepower Measures

I am appreciating New Hampshire more and more as of late.  The Live Free Or Die state is really living up to its motto.  As you may have read about last week, NH is on the verge of becoming likes its neighbor Vermont and doing away with its firearm carrying licensing system to become a Constitutional Carry state. On the heels of that legislation is another bill, brought forth by State Representative J.H Hoell, that would bar the police from becoming a paramilitary force without consent of the people. The proposed legislation is now in committee. If it’s passed and signed into law by the governor, state and municipal agencies in New Hampshire will be barred from buying or even accepting free offers of “military style equipment” for police use, except with the approval of the assembled citizenry at a public town meeting. That prohibition would include not just MRAPS...

Empowered by the SAFE ACT, New York Gestapo At It Again

Once again, New York’s version of the Gestapo, drunk on their own power, has unconstitutionally seized the property of a law abiding citizen while filing no charges. Marc Weinstein is getting a modern day glimpse of what life was like in 1930’s Germany.  On February 25th 2014, the retired firefighter  got into an argument with his adult son.  Though tempers settled quickly, the police were contacted and arrived to a quiet and peaceful home. For some reason, though no one claimed a weapon was brandished, the police who responded to the call asked to not only see Weinstein’s weapons permit (show me your papers) but also demanded that he give them all of his REGISTERED firearms and ammunition. Once again proving that registration is just a con that gun control fanatics like Andrew Cuomo use in order to be able to seize firearms from law abiding citizens. Weinstein rightly refused to...

Gun Owners Take Over Gun Buyback- Gun Controllers Look On Helplessly

As readers of Bullets First know, I have been an outspoken critic of gun buyback programs.  The reasons for my disdain for the program is wide ranging.  From the idea that it does ANYTHING to stop gun crime to the fact that some nefarious police officers use it as a way to dupe ignorant people into parting with extremely valuable firearms for a $50 food gift card of a pittance. Though I must say, for a gun owner looking to expand their collection, a gun buyback event is a great place to find some deals. Imagine my delight when I found out that a group of gun owners took that advice and overtook a gun buyback in Oregon. On Jan. 17 a buyback event was held by radical anti gun control group Central Coast Ceasefire Oregon and the Newport Police Department.  The payoffs being offered were gift cards to superstore Fred...

Police Can Now See Through Walls…Without Getting A Warrant

Technology is a wonderful thing.  It has made us able to disseminate information around the world in milliseconds, it allows travel in hours what used to take months, it extends our life expectancy and it heals wounds that would have been fatal before. So yes.  Technology is a wonderful thing…BUT there IS a trade off. That trade off comes with the loss of privacy and the erosion of rights. For each and every bit of ourselves that we submit to the digital age we lose an equal measure of privacy.  Over the years it has become such a common practice that we don’t even realize we are doing it anymore.  That leaves us conditioned to let things continue to slide and for the government to erode our rights. Gun Rights are no exception.  Every time we submit to a background check, ask the government for a concealed carry permit, have...

Cop Tries To Murder Dog, Misses and Kills Woman Instead

It is long past time that we stop giving cops the green light to murder domestic animals without any repercussions.  It was only a matter of time before someone else got hurt because of a cop with cynophobia. Before, it was only the innocent animals that were being gunned down like this innocent PUPPY walking away from couple of cops and was shot because of some sick twisted jollies that the officer was getting from killing little animals: Warning Disturbing Video Out of Control Police Execute Innocent PUPPY That Was Walking Away From Them Or when this jackbooted thug shot OVER a locked fence to kill a dog while the dog was in its own yard: Thug with badge kills another unarmed member of an innocent family Can we really be shocked when a cop with an itchy trigger finger and dog murder on his mind misses the animal and...

Can’t Sleep? In New York They’ll Seize Your Guns For Insomnia

The inevitable erosion of the 2nd Amendment continues undaunted in the Empire State fiefdom of Andrew Cuomo.  The following story is a chilling reminder that the state will go to great lengths in order to strip you of your rights to keep and bear arms and will do so unabashedly by invading your privacy and violating doctor/patient confidentiality. Donald Montgomery was a Navy Veteran and a retired police officer with 30 years of exemplary service under his belt.  In May of 2014 after moving from his previous home in Rochester to Long Island, Montgomery was having some trouble finding restful sleep.  A common occurrence that afflicts people getting on in years but also one that is understandable in people who move great distances after living a long time in one area. Retired Detective Sergeant Montgomery voluntarily sought out help in order to get a handle on the insomnia.  Unfortunately,...