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President-elect Trump Promises to Protect Fishing and Hunting Rights

We’ve all had our criticism of President-elect Donald J. Trump – I’ve certainly had mine. But I do hope he governs conservatively. Given some of his brilliant nomination picks, we may have less to worry about. However, time will tell how he governs. Let’s hope he succeeds.

Outdoor Women Are Leading the Charge on Conservation

More women are participating in fishing and hunting (and conservation in general). As these pastimes become more popular among American women, it’s worth noting these trends and celebrating them — not dismissing those who partake in them.

National Park Service: Discharging Firearms for Self Defense Illegal

The National Park Service is giving bad legal advice to people who visit their web page and attempt to find out about firearms policy at various national parks.

Cautiously Optimistic About the Bass Pro Shops & Cabela’s Merger

On Monday, Bass Pro Shops announced it had bought out its longtime competitor Cabela’s with a $5.5 billion buyout.

Say Hello to the Newest ReelCamoGirl Team Member and Brand Champion!

I’ve been approached to become an official Team Member and Brand Champion for ReelCamoGirl, a hunting and fishing lifestyle brand for women, by women.

Celebrate National Hunting and Fishing Day

Sept 24th is National Hunting and Fishing Day. I hope everyone out there will be celebrating accordingly.

Dove Hunt Opening Day; Yuma AZ

Dove season in Arizona always starts on 1 September. Dove hunters are welcomed. This year in 2016, the limit was 15 Mourning doves and White Wing doves combined. For years the limit was 10. There is no limit on Rock Doves (pigeons) and Collared doves, which are both invasive species.

This Girl Is Learning To Hunt This Year

I’ve always had a desire to go hunting given I already hunt for fish. (Angling is like hunting, but with different tools yet similar approaches to ethics.) I want to further appreciate where meat is sourced from and want to directly partake in the field-to-plate movement. I already love the outdoors and grew up appreciating my surroundings, so hunting will supplement my desire to pursue this interest.

Pro Sportsmen Bill Overwhelming Passed in US Sensate

“The Bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act will help ensure that our nation’s hunting, fishing and shooting traditions are preserved, protected and promoted. This legislation addresses many priorities for American hunters, anglers and recreational shooters and its passage today by the Senate represents a significant accomplishment for the sportsmen’s community and for America.

Reel Camo Girl, The Outdoor Life…Only Prettier

Many people, brands, and organizations are noting the rise of women in fishing, hunting, and the shooting sports. Women are equal participants in the respective industries and will continue to join. One woman, Lauren Hill, has capitalized on this to create a unique and inviting brand for women, by women called ReelCamoGirl.

Interview With Andrea Haas of Huntress View

The rise of female hunters in America is worth celebrating. Since more women discover the outdoors and shooting sports industry, it’s worth noting this and embracing the trend–as blogs like Huntress View are doing.