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Lone Conservative & Bullets First Conquer Radio at Gun For Hire

Kassy Dillon and Tony Oliva of Lone Conservative and Bullets First respectively sit down with Gun for Hire Radio to discuss, dissect and dismantle the Leftist Progressive plague that has run amok in America and on our campuses. Gun for Hire Broadcast 351

Tennessee: Bill to Prohibit use of State Funds for Federal Gun Control Enforcement

Legislators in Tennessee have re-introduced bills in the House and Senate to prohibit state or local governments from using funds or personnel to implement or enforce any federal or international regulation of guns, ammunition, or accessories.  The bill is the same as one introduced in 2017. 

NH: Constitutional Carry Bill Passes Senate

The New Hampshire legislature has passed permitless “Constitutional carry” both of the last two years. Both times the bill was vetoed by Democrat governor Maggie Hassan.

Ohio Takes Baby Steps To Protect Students As Kasich Signs Campus Carry Into Law

Gun free zones attract criminals like flames attract moths. Time and again we have seen people led like lambs to the slaughter, unable to defend themselves because of some asinine notion that a sign that says “No Guns Allowed” will do ANYTHING but stop law abiding citizens from protecting themselves.

Ninth Circuit Overturns ruling on Second Amendment Waiting Period

On 14 December, 2016, a three judge panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the District Court ruling in Silvester v. Harris. The Ninth Circuit held that a 10 day waiting period was a “reasonable safety precaution”.

Thanks to a Republican LOSS, Open and Campus Carry Coming To Florida in 2017

Portilla, for two years has single handedly blocked campus and open carry from becoming the law of the Sunshine State even though the State Senate is overwhelmingly pro gun.

Guam Shall Issue: Popular, Safe, and Expanded

In 2014, Guam passed a shall issue concealed carry bill to reform the existing “may issue” law. The chief proponent of the bill was Senator Anthony Ada. Senator Ada said that one of the reasons he pushed for the passage of the reform was the Peruta case in the Ninth Circuit.

September 9th: Happy Birthday UNITED STATES of America

The measure was overwhelming approved and the United Colonies of America officially became known as the United States of America. Colonies implied that they belonged to another nation or political body whereas States implied an independence free from the political control of another foreign power.

Texas Profs Try To Break Law and Trample Rights Using First Amendment Argument

University of Texas professors Mia Carter, Jennifer Glass and Lisa Moore decided to try and squash the will of the people and the Constitution by suing the University and the state of Texas in Federal court.

Arizona Governor Vetoes Legislation To Stop Bloomberg Influence On Gun Laws

A few weeks ago, SB2524 passed the Arizona legislature. If it had become law, and another state agreed to the compact, it would have prevented Arizona from enacting firearm transfer requirements that are more restrictive than federal law. Yesterday, 10 May, Governor Ducey vetoed the bill.

Arizona One Step Closer To Stopping Bloomberg’s Hijacking of America

By exploiting the death of children and misrepresenting the truth Bloomberg has had a few victories in places like Oregon where he convinced enough people to vote FOR laws that denied THEIR rights.

Gun Sales Surge as Obama Welcomes Terrorist Into America With Open Arms

With the recent attack in Paris by terrorists posing as Syrian refugees, one would think a moment might be taken to reconsider allowing tens of thousands of so called “refugees” to come flooding into this country without any type of tracking system set in place. Obama chooses to focus on attacking the 2nd Amendment.

The Constitutional Carry Tide Keeps Rolling

Despite one of the most anti gun Presidents in our history at the helm, more and more states are poised to do away with the permit system for its citizens to carry firearms.  Currently 10% of states have laws enacting Constitutional Carry; the carrying of firearms without first coming to the government, hat in hand to ASK if its ok. That number could more than double by the end of the year with states currently debating and others on the precipice of introducing legislation constitutional carry laws. From Godfather Politics: Just when Barack Obama and his liberal tyrant friends have been pushing so hard to enact stricter anti-gun and Second Amendment defying laws, some states are looking to pass laws that would not require a special permit to carry a concealed weapon. Currently, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Vermont and Wyoming do not require any special permit to carry a concealed weapon....

Court Rules Residency Requirement Unconstitutional for Handgun Purchases

I don’t know of one tangible item that is restricted to purchase based on where one lives if that item is legal in both places. Yet for handguns, for the longest time a person has been limited to what is available within their home state.  I don’t know about you but I have purchased cars and motorcycles in different states because I like the bigger selection and the lower prices. Of course, gun hating Nazi’s like Eric Holder have long since been against any type of freedom when it comes to the Second Amendment. From the Washington Times report: In the case, federally licensed firearms dealer Frederic Russell Mance Jr. of Texas and gun buyers Tracey and Andrew Hanson sued Mr. Holder and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Director B. Todd Jones claiming the federal ban on the sale of handguns outside of one’s state stops...

Racist Bloomberg and Crony Come Out and Say Guns Are Only For Whites

In a couple of the more incredibly honest moments from gun controllers, Former Mayor of NYC Michael Bloomberg and his ally, former Allentown city council member Michael Donovan have stated rather succinctly their views on race and gun control. At the Aspen Institute last week Michael Bloomberg was asked about education and spun the question directly into promoting gun control. Bloomberg claimed that 95 percent of murders fall into a specific category: male, minority and between the ages of 15 and 25. Cities need to get guns out of this group’s hands and keep them alive. So…even if you are of legal age, area  law abiding citizen but live in a city and happen to be black or hispanic or something that Bloomberg views as a minority, he thinks the government should deny you your 2nd Amendment rights.  A right that might actually SAVE your life against some criminal with...

New Hampshire Seeks To Empower Citizens By Equal Firepower Measures

I am appreciating New Hampshire more and more as of late.  The Live Free Or Die state is really living up to its motto.  As you may have read about last week, NH is on the verge of becoming likes its neighbor Vermont and doing away with its firearm carrying licensing system to become a Constitutional Carry state. On the heels of that legislation is another bill, brought forth by State Representative J.H Hoell, that would bar the police from becoming a paramilitary force without consent of the people. The proposed legislation is now in committee. If it’s passed and signed into law by the governor, state and municipal agencies in New Hampshire will be barred from buying or even accepting free offers of “military style equipment” for police use, except with the approval of the assembled citizenry at a public town meeting. That prohibition would include not just MRAPS...

GOP, You Just Won Back The Senate…What Are You Going To Do Next?

In what appears to eventually be a 9 seat pick up in the Senate, Republicans have ousted Harry Reid from the Senate Leadership position and regained control of the upper house of Congress.  As a gun owner, my question is: “What are they going to do now?” Killing all gun control talk is great…I suppose…but with Republicans controlling the house since the 2010 elections, that has been a pipe dream for Democrats anyways.  And with Obama in charge of nominating judges, the best the Republicans can do is block the extreme anti gun jurists but they are unable to put forth their own pro 2nd Amendment replacements. In other words, defense is not what I am asking about.  I want to know what offense the newly empowered Republican party is going to take in order to strengthen our 2nd Amendment rights. First off, National Reciprocity. My Driver’s licence is...

Feminist Speaker Cancels Speech Because University Wouldn’t Break The Law For Her

Canadian born, video game hating feminist, Anita Sarkeesian was scheduled to give a talk at Utah State University this week but has decided to cancel it.  While a speaker backing out of an engagement is not unheard of, the reasoning behind this case is of special interest. Sarkeesian’s feminist crusade aims at gender equality in video games.  No, seriously.  She views that, too often, women are portrayed in video games as helpless damsels, eye candy, or exploited detritus like strippers and prostitutes.   While that’s all well and good, and she may even have a point, there are a section of gamer boys who don’t take to kindly to her rabble rousing of their entertainment.  As such she allegedly gets threatened. That’s not surprising either, I get threatened by troglodyte gun control zealots from time to time. Which brings us to the State of Utah.  In the days leading...