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GOP, You Just Won Back The Senate…What Are You Going To Do Next?

In what appears to eventually be a 9 seat pick up in the Senate, Republicans have ousted Harry Reid from the Senate Leadership position and regained control of the upper house of Congress.  As a gun owner, my question is: “What are they going to do now?”

Killing all gun control talk is great…I suppose…but with Republicans controlling the house since the 2010 elections, that has been a pipe dream for Democrats anyways.  And with Obama in charge of nominating judges, the best the Republicans can do is block the extreme anti gun jurists but they are unable to put forth their own pro 2nd Amendment replacements.

In other words, defense is not what I am asking about.  I want to know what offense the newly empowered Republican party is going to take in order to strengthen our 2nd Amendment rights.

First off, National Reciprocity.

My Driver’s licence is recognized in all fifty states.  Even though the driving tests are different depending on where you live, one license for one country.  The Federal Government doesn’t get involved and start dictating how states issue their drivers’ licenses.

With that being said, I am expecting the Republicans to once again raise the National Reciprocity of Firearm Carry Permits.  It has come close to passing in the past when the Republicans were in the minority, but with the majority can they push past the 60 vote threshold in order to beat back an Obama veto?  They best at least try.  Plus, with more and more stories about travelers LEGALLY passing through gun control hotbed states and getting arrested when the authorities there ignore the “Safe Passage” provision on traveling, National Reciprocity could erase that completely.

Reining in Executive Orders

The Republicans can’t exactly STOP Obama issuing executive orders, but they can pass specific legislation to overrule Obama’s fiats. An executive order can be used as an end around against congressional inaction but it cannot be used to overrule congressional legislation.  I am speaking specifically about the M1 Garand and Carbine Importation ban that Obama put in place in 2013.  A purely spiteful action that stopped the reimportation of Korea era weapons that would be sold to collectors and firearm enthusiasts like those apart of the Civilian Marksmanship Program.

Lifting the “Poll Taxes” on the 2nd Amendment

Every time I have to pay the government in order to exercise my right to keep and bear arms in annoys me to no end.  If the government demands background checks and permits(state level) then they should foot the bill themselves.  The newly “pro gun” Congress should pass laws freeing gun owners from having to pay for such things.  While they are at it, Congress should also start repealing some of the civil rights violating taxes on the federal level, such as the $200 transfer tax of certain firearms and suppressors.  The latter being demonized by a Hollywood fueled fantasy that “silencers” make gun shots sound like kitten whispers.

These are just three spots that a Republican Congress that represents itself as pro gun can work on so that our rights are restored and strengthened.  Sure, they may need six democrats to come on board in order to override the Dictator in Chief, but that is not too great a number.  Especially after this passed election where even when Democrats won (NH, VA)…it was by a hair’s breath.

So if you have a Republican Senator, either new or returning, give them a call and ask them how they plan on defending and expanding your 2nd Amendment rights.  Feel free to bring up the three areas in this article and ask directly about that.

The 2nd Amendment shouldn’t have to be sidelined just because we have a gun hating potentate in the White House.  If anything, now is when it should be fought for the hardest.

I hope the Republican led congress (and some Democrats wanting to be reelected) take that to heart.


  • Hop

    Nat’l reciprocity is A MUST !!

    • Bullets First

      Absolutely. I’ll be grinning ear to ear when I can go from Pennsylvania to New York City and exercise my 2nd Amendment rights. SAFE Act can suck it!

      • John Francis Russo

        IF you have a RIGHT to keep and to bear arms; then why do you need a permit ?

        • Bullets First

          I agree completely. But it’s one step at a time. Barring a Supreme Court Ruling, there just isn’t a way for this senate to get 60 votes to override a Obama veto of the correct Nation Wide Constitutional Carry interpretation of the 2nd Amendment

    • John Francis Russo

      IF you have a right to keep and to bear arms; then why do you need a permit at all ?

  • kenhowes

    Here’s another change that ought to be considered. Present federal law prohibits anyone who has been convicted of a felony from having or carrying a firearm. But a great many offenses categorized as felonies are matters that give no indication whatsoever that the person convicted of them would be a danger to the public with a firearm: the accountant who cooked the books, the lawyer who got into his trust accounts, the realtor who didn’t disclose a leaky basement, the store owner who never paid in his sales taxes. None of these have shown a propensity to commit violent crimes. The statute should be amended to be limited to persons convicted of offenses involving force or the threat of force.

  • Sunshine Kid

    As to the question in the title of this article, we all know what the GOP had better be doing! I know for a fact that if the TEA party put up a candidate, I’m fairly sure that’s where my vote would go – but I don’t vote before I know what the person actually represents – that’s just my way.

  • ErnieLane

    I am a gun owner but not a 2d Amendment fanatic, but these all make sense. I think the Republicans should suspend the filibuster for 100 days, draft small one-issue bills with no amendments, allow only brief debate and send the President something _every day_. Each of these could be one-page bills.

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