Cowardly Colorado Dems Cower In Armor Because Unhinged Dem Colleague May Shoot Them

One need look no further than the Colorado State Capitol to see why Democrats are ass backwards when it comes to the notion of guns.  You see, in Colorado there is a law that permits employees to carry guns at their place of business.  And Colorado lawmakers place of business happens to be the State Capitol.

A Christian Defense of the 2nd Amendment

I began to think of an attack someone made on me not too long ago, challenging my Christian faith with regards to my willingness to carry and use a gun in order to protect myself and harm another.

Walmart AR15 Ban May Run Afoul of Age Discrimination Laws

In the wake of the Florida school shooting and the Lefts fawning over opportunistic kids who a month ago were eating tide pods but suddenly become policy experts, Walmart has jumped on the gun control flavor of the month by barring anyone under the age of 21 the ability to purchase a firearm in their stores. There’s just one problem.  What they are doing may actually be illegal.

Lone Conservative & Bullets First Conquer Radio at Gun For Hire

Kassy Dillon and Tony Oliva of Lone Conservative and Bullets First respectively sit down with Gun for Hire Radio to discuss, dissect and dismantle the Leftist Progressive plague that has run amok in America and on our campuses. Gun for Hire Broadcast 351

Perspective on WHO to Blame When A Mass Shooting Occurs (Hint – Gun Free Zones)

So called “Gun Free Zones” are anything but, yet the cronies of the gun control crowd cling to this farce like it is a magic bubble that will protect people who have otherwise been stripped of their rights to protect themselves.  So called Gun Free Zones are Criminal Empowerment Zones where a person of ill intent knows he or she can go and kill people at will without having to face any immediate consequence or interruption. 

Indianapolis Colts Player Killed By Immigrant Sought By ICE For Deportation

Alex Cabrera Gonsales had a retainer order placed on him by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) before the accident.  I hate calling it an accident because in truth it was a murder.  Mr. Cabrera Gonsales didn’t have a driver’s license, tried to flee the scene of the crash and had a blood-alcohol level of at least .15 according to the police.  That is TWICE the legal limit.

March For Life, A Tale of the Girl Who Lived

For many of you, you may not realize that every year a March for Life rally takes place in Washington DC fighting for the unborn children who do not have a voice, nor a choice, in the battle over abortions.  You may not have heard of the March of Life rally because the mainstream media has long ago forfeited its soul to left wing progressive ideology and they don’t want to report that over 500,000 people gather to fight for the right to live on behalf of those who may never get the chance to.

Tip: Don’t Dare The Guy With A Gun To Shoot You

According to witnesses when the confrontation got physical, the driver of the car that Rahim hit, 25 year old Alexander Weiss pulled out his Glock 19.

This is where things get stupid.  According to RAHIM’S OWN FRIENDS who were in the car at the time, Rahim DARED Weiss to shoot him, then he spit on him.  According to Rahim’s friend who witnessed the encounter the exact phrase was: “I f***ing dare you to do it.”

Antonia Okafor – Pistoleer Princess Takes the Stage

Antonia Okafor is the Pistoleer Princess of the Midwest, NRA instructor and all around advocate of the 2nd Amendment.  We have documented her steps in attaining her dream of competing in the Miss USA pageant and for any who saw her and for those who know her, no one was disappointed with her effort.

NJ Moves To Make Gun Buyback Events MANDATORY

There are two gun control bills (annual buyback and bump stock ban) being worked through while Christie is still in office because the NJ Reichstag thinks they are mild enough to get his endorsement but once he leaves office, then the REAL gun control begins.

Hillary Got Run Over By The Trump Train (A Christmas Parody Song)

Most likely you have heard the Christmas Song, “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer”, I give you Hillary Got Run Over By A Trump Train.  Enjoy.

Why We Should NOT Have to Subsidize CA State Taxes: Racist Trees

This is what the taxpayers of Palm Springs, and to a larger extent the taxpayers of California pay for on the West Coast….replacing racist trees with not racist trees.

Antonia Okafor Delivers Powerful 2nd Amendment Address To Liberal New England College

Bullets First had the pleasure of hitting the road this week and making our way to Mount Holyoke College to hear Antonia Okafor give a comprehensive and detailed defense of why the 2nd Amendment is for everyone not matter race, ideology, gender or location.  One place that Ms. Okafor is most adamant about where guns should be allowed are on college campuses so that women, who would otherwise be empowered to defend themselves against an attacker are not left at the mercy of those who would do them harm.

NICS Confiscation Chilling Reminder of the Power of Information and Perils of Registry

The FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) is supposedly an instant background check for people trying to purchase firearms and the information is supposed to be deleted upon an successful check.

Why Big Game Hunting is a Good Thing…For the Animals

Big game hunting is what pays, to the tune of over $100 Million, for the anti poaching rangers and the land management these creatures rely on to avoid extinction.

The Media’s Ridiculous Reaction In The Week Since Texas Church Shooting (Video)

In the five days since the Texas Church shooting the Mainstream Media, aka Fake News Suppliers, has run the full gambit of pearl clutching shock, to ignorantly talking about firearms without having any idea, to trying to speak about the law in the same manner a gorilla tries to use a computer.

Why The Roy Moore Story Isn’t A Big Deal, Historically and Scientifically

Furthermore, the Left may attack Moore for preying on “children” who can’t make their own decisions at 16 years old…while with a straight face still claim that a child under 10 years old is mature enough to undergo a sex change operation.  The hypocrisy of the progressive scourge is so disgusting that beggars belief.

Westchester County Votes Away Constitutional Rights

Latimer thinks that Westchester County is too cultured and too refined for guns and that such things should be left to the rural bumpkins in Upstate New York.