NJ Moves To Make Gun Buyback Events MANDATORY

New Jersey is one of those states that never met a pointless and ineffective gun control policy it didn’t like.  In recent years it was kept in check by the otherwise beach going blowhard, Chris Christie, but even he seemed to think that gun buyback programs were actually worth doing.

But as is often the case, give an inch to rights infringers and they will want to put the bill of rights into the shredder.

In the waning hours of Christie’s tenure the gun control loving pit of vipers that is the NJ Assembly and Senate are seeking control of gun buybacks on the state level, taking it away from the state attorney generals discretion.

Not only are they seeking control of it, they are seeking to make gun buybacks MANDATORY.

The bill (S1154/A2374) requires nine buyback programs a year, has already been passed 52-17-5 by the Assembly and is scheduled for a Senate budget committee vote Thursday. It could then be passed Monday, the last day of the two-year legislative session.  The nine buyback would be broken down to three in each section of New Jersey; North, Central and South.

State Senator Linda Greenstein (D-Middlesex) couldn’t rave enough about how much she loves the program and ensuring that law abiding citizens were bamboozled into giving up valuable weapons for pennies on the dollar.  When asked about how important the buy back program was Gun Grabber Greenstein responded:

“There’s nothing more important.  If guns are hanging around the street, they’re going to fall into the wrong hands for sure, and we want to get as many of them off the street as we can.”

“Up to now, buybacks have been taking place, but only occasionally when the Attorney General’s Office decides to do it. I think they’ve been somewhat successful, because buybacks have happened, but probably not anywhere near what we should be doing given the number in the state.”

As is the modus operendi when it comes to these gun buybacks there is a “no questions asked” policy.  Meaning that it is ineffective against solving any crimes.  But let’s not fool ourselves, the vast majority of actual criminals are going to walk up and turn in a gun with blood on it when a quick trip to the Hudson River or Delaware Bay is a much more secure option.

No, the majority of the guns turned in come from either law abiding citizens who had guns handed down or bought as an insurance measure who moved into the state and by doing so made their guns illegal due to the draconian idiocy of the Garden State.  They are fearful or ignorant of the worth of their firearms so as not to be railroaded by the state like Shaneen Allen, the Pennsylvania mother of 3 who was thrown in jail for making a wrong turn into New Jersey with her legally owned firearm.

NJ’s War on Women: Wife Beater Free While Single Mom Makes Wrong Turn Faces 3 Years

That’s the kind of state New Jersey is.  Where wife beaters get a pass while a wrong turn has you facing three years.

These gestapo like tactics from the New Jersey Reichstag are not rare and are not uncommon.

Just ask Steffon Josey-Davis who was pulled over while driving with his girlfriend and had left his legal service pistol (he was a Brink’s Armored Car Driver) in the glovebox and after informing the officer of his oversight, found himself in cuffs and then jail.  Only another self serving Christie pardon saved him

Now that Christie is leaving, a more zealous gun grabbing takes his place and gun owners should be wary.

There are two gun control bills (annual buyback and bump stock ban) being worked through while Christie is still in office because the NJ Reichstag thinks they are mild enough to get his endorsement but once he leaves office, then the REAL gun control begins.

But I digress.  The gun buyback scheme, on top of being mandatory will also draw another $2 Million from taxpayers in order to pay to trick their fellow citizens out of their rights.

Mark my words, this is only the beginning.  With a new foaming at the mouth gun control zealot about to take residence in the Governors mansion more innocent people will be made criminals with a stroke of the pen. And if the mandatory gun buybacks slow or do not produce the pound of flesh the gun controllers want to sacrifice at the alter of Soros, Bloomberg and the cabal of puppet masters, they will look to make other things mandatory (read: infringement).

Ugh, I want to go wash my hands for even having to type about New Jersey.  Once again the Garden State goes out of its way to prove why people call it the armpit of America.

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