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Down Under Gone Crazy; Man Sentenced 20 YEARS for Printing REPLICA Gun

If you are going to Australia, do not take any airsoft guns, do not take any replica guns. Do not take a slingshot. Replica guns that do not fire anything are treated the same as real guns.

Why I (of all people) am GRINNING that Gov. Malloy is sticking it to gun owners in Connecticut

Gov. Malloy of Connecticut is raking the gun owners of his state over the coals. After the Sandy Hook shooting Malloy was able to do what gun controllers always love doing, exploit dead children in order to shove laws down peoples throats that advance their agenda but wouldn’t have stopped the tragedy to begin with.

Review: 1934 National Firearms Act, Original Bill and Hearings

The Hearings of the National Firearms Act of 1934 provide an immensely valuable resource in understanding the intentions of the law. It provides a good look at how the intricacies and provisions of the first really significant Federal Firearms law concerning individuals, came to be.

IL: Federal Court Upholds Lawsuit to Void Foster Parents Rules against Exercise of 2A

We brought this action on behalf of the plaintiffs to establish that the state’s restrictions on the possession and carrying of firearms by foster parents is unconstitutional under both the Second and Fourteenth amendments.

Ninth Circuit Overturns ruling on Second Amendment Waiting Period

On 14 December, 2016, a three judge panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the District Court ruling in Silvester v. Harris. The Ninth Circuit held that a 10 day waiting period was a “reasonable safety precaution”.

Puerile Residents of Westchester County Try To Shun A Gun Shop Into Closing

L&L Sports is located on the main drag of Harrison at 258 Halstead Ave. I bring that up in case any readers in the area would like to swing by and support a new businessman in the gun industry. Because frankly, to use his Zacchio’s word the “uprising” against him is pretty ridiculous and he could use the support.

Sheriff Clark Disinvited from University Speech, Campus Official Lied

Sheriff David Clark was scheduled to speak at New Haven University. He had been invited, and had accepted the invitation. After the University considered the political ramifications, the person who invited him, Patrick Malloy, came up with a face saving excuse to revoke the invitation

FINALLY, Gun Grabbers (Katie Couric and co.) Are Being Sued For Lying

Katie Couric and her cohort in the sham documentary “Under the Gun” Stephanie Soechtig are having to face the monetary fire for their nefarious and underhanded approach in misrepresenting a group of people that didn’t fit into their radical anti-gun narrative.

Hawaii: The Aloha State or the Fatherland when it comes to your Guns

Very disturbing legislation is being discussed in the Pacific archipelago state of Hawaii. The “birthplace” of our rabidly anti gun President is looking to go all 1932 Berlin but instead of Jews this time, it’s gun owners.

How New York Became a Nexus of Second Amendment Infringement

New York state, but particularly New York City, has long been a nexus of infringement of Second Amendment rights. New York had more than its share of Tories during the revolutionary war, and New York is one of only six states that has no protection for the right to keep and bear arms in its state constitution.

Universal Orlando Misfired, Rehired Employee Whose Gun Was Stolen

A former Universal Orlando ride technician fired after having his legal firearm stolen from his car in December was rehired by the theme park.

Woman Saves Dog, Video Saves Woman From Lying Cop

Tiffanie Hupp jumps in front of a Troopers gun in order to protect her dog, who was chained up and wagging his tail, from being executed.

Aspiring NJ Cop Finally Gets His Firearms Privileges Restored

Josey-Davis was arrested for possessing a loaded albeit legal firearm without a permit in his glove box. Steffon was then charged with a felony, barred from voting, and barred from purchasing firearms

California Set to Revoke Due Process of Gun Owners on Jan. 1st

Exploiting the tragedy of a mass shooting, come the new year the 5th Amendment of the Constitution, specifically the part about due process, will be suspended for gun owners.

Los Angeles County Looking To Make Gun Owners Continually Pay to Exercise Right

In the wake of the San Bernardino act of terrorism, LA County thinks it best to try and pass legislation that would require gun owners to buy insurance.

Will Pardoned NJ Prospective Police Officer Josey-Davis Enforce Gun Law He Was Convicted Of?

Gov. Chris Christie once again had to pardon an otherwise innocent person when they were snagged by the Draconian gun control law that seeks to disenfranchise the citizens of New Jersey from exercising their rights. On Sept. 20th, 2013 Steffon Josey-Davis was out on a drive with his fiance when he was pulled over for driving with an expired registration.  Josey-Davis informed the officer who pulled him over that he had forgot to move his legally owned firearm from his glove compartment to his trunk after working as an armed security guard with Loomis Armored earlier that day. Well, the arresting officer decided to leave all discretion with his common sense (up his ass) and arrested Josey-Davis for unlawful weapons possession, a felony in the state of New Jersey. In order to avoid jail time and being completely railroaded by an unjust system, Josey-Davis took a plea deal that made...

NJ To Send 72 yo Retired Professor to Jail for Owning FLINTLOCK Pistol

Apparently even the gun controllers who claim that the 2nd Amendment only protects guns from the 1700’s are full of crap. In the gun control haven that is New Jersey, 72 year old retired English teacher and historical curio collector Gordon Van Gilder is facing a minimum of 3.5 years and up to 10 years in prison for owning a weapon that hasn’t been in vogue since George Washington crossed the Delaware River. On top of that, if convicted Van Gilder will lose his pension. So glad to see that New Jersey is ensuring that antiques remain out of the hands of collectors and that those collectors are both jailed and made destitute.  Once again gun control attacks exactly who it is intended to…the innocent and law abiding. The case springs from once again admitting ANYTHING to the New Jersey gestapo…I mean police force.  In November of last year Van Gilder...

Sensible Lawmaker Moves To Protect Gun Owners From Witch Trial Justice

During a dark time in this lands history (1692-1693) all someone had to do in order to get someone else burned at the stake, drowned or crushed to death was point at them and yell “WITCH!!” It’s shameful that after more than 3 centuries California lawmakers have brought back the practice of being judged guilty without due process. I’m speaking of AB 1040 which passed the state legislature last year which allows someone to point at a gun owner and yell DANGER and that gun owner will have their property stolen by the state. Evidence?  Proof?  No no no…we have someone hysterically yelling and pointing a finger; so in California we don’t need pesky little nuisances like due process and presumption of innocence getting in the way. As it stands now, any gun hating radical or gun control zealot can go to a cop and declare that a gun...