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NJ’s War on Women: Wife Beater Free While Single Mom Makes Wrong Turn Faces 3 Years

I always had a feeling that parts of New Jersey were just cesspools but the overt war on women that some people within the state are waging is just downright disgusting.

Firstly, you have Ray Rice, who beat his wife unconscious in an elevator, dragged her out and left her head in the doorway in the tracks of the closing elevator doors as she laid there unmoving.

Here is the video if you haven’t yet seen it:


(warming: it is vicious and graphic)

How did Atlantic County prosecutor Jim McClain decide to proceed with this brutal case of spousal abuse?  Why, he entered Ray Rice into a pre-trial intervention program (PTI) for first time offenders and Superior Court Judge Michael Donio signed off on it, thereby sparing Rice from jail time.

What are some of the benefits to the PTI program?

  • If PTI is successfully completed, there is no record of conviction and the defendant avoids the stigma of a criminal record.
  • Early intervention allows rehabilitative services to be provided soon after the alleged offense, in an attempt to correct the behavior that led to the offense.
  • Many of the costs associated with the formal court process are eliminated through acceptance into PTI.
  • PTI provides early resolution of a case which serves the interests of the victim, the public and the defendant.
  • PTI reduces the burden on the court and allows resources to be devoted to more serious criminals.

So a wife beater who publicly beats his wife unconscious is a eligible for this program which avoids giving him a record, lowers his costs, speeds the process et al, so that the courts can devote themselves to “more serious criminals”?

Did Ray Rice have to kill his wife with a brain bleed before this is taken as “serious”?

I don’t know if it is complete ignorance, gun hatred or misogyny, but as willing as DA McClain and Judge Donio were to grant Ray Rice entrance into the PTI program, they were equally as steadfast and obstinant when it came to 27 year old single mother Shaneen Allen.



As I wrote about before with Ms. Allen’s circumstances, her crime that apparently, according to McClain and Donio was SO MUCH WORSE than beating a woman unconscious was taking a wrong turn and entering New Jersey while in possession of her legally owned firearm from Pennsylvania.  Not only did she have it in her possession, this threat to society even went so far as to inform the police officer who pulled her over when she made a traffic violation that she was armed…in McClain and Donio’s mind no doubt all part of her nefarious plan.

When the notion that Ms. Allen would enter the PTI program it was shot down out of hand by McClain and when then asked to dismiss the charges Donio ruled against that as well.

So, a wife beater who beat his wife so severly that her head slammed into a railing that could have caved in her skull or broken her neck is allowed to enter a program made to ease the consequences for first time offenders who made a mistake yet Ms. Allen has to spend THOUSANDS of dollars to defend herself against something that isn’t even illegal in nearly every other state and according to the Constitution shouldn’t be a crime ANYWHERE in the first place.

You want to talk about a war on women, apparently you need look no further than the Atlantic City Court House where the DA and Judge conspire to help wife beaters while punishing single mothers with bad sense of direction.

Ms. Allen last month rejected McClain’s offer to serve 3 ½ years in prison.

All the while, Gov. Christie could at least come in and remedy ONE of these situations but heretofore sits on his butt and twiddles his thumbs.

Perhaps the real crime here, wasn’t so much that Ms. Allen had a firearm but rather that she dared to think that a woman had the right to carry one.  Knuckle draggers like McClain and Donio, who condone Ray Rices actions, condemn Ms. Allen for the notion that she doesn’t know her place.  They must think that guns and protection are a man’s domain and her uppity attitude toward self defense that doesn’t solely exist on calling 911 and waiting for a man to save her must be publicly punished.

Ms. Allen’s attorney Evan Nappen had this to say:

 “The prosecutor has the discretion. That’s the bottom line. So pretrial intervention is absolutely something this prosecutor could have done for Shaneen but did not and chose to do so for Ray Rice.”

I guess in Southern New Jersey if you are a woman, you are going to be a victim one way or another.  Either by the criminals or by the courts.

The War on Women rages thanks to crony misogyny perpetrated by DA McClain and Judge Donio.

It disgusts me and it should disgust you too.  What they are doing is no different than what Ray Rice did in that elevator.


  • roadking2000

    P.O.S. DA should be disbarred. Celebrity wife beater gets an easy out. he’ll more than likely do the same thing or worse, again. Violent threat to society gets a free pass. The woman who carried her LEGAL pistol into Christie-The-Fat-Wimp’s lair , who will NOT likely ever do that again, who is NOT a threat to society, is not given an easy out. No consideration at all. NJ politics is corrupt. Get rid of the whole lot of ,em!

  • Pam Dunn

    New Jersey has NEVER been the state of honest politicians and judges.

  • BlueEyedAl

    Ten to one odds the Prosecutor and Judge are both Democrats. They always say that Republicans wage war on women but it is them. The fox is the finder the stink lies be hind her.

    • Bullets First

      I couldn’t find any information on it, but I concur, dollars to donuts both the DA and Judge are gun control demon-crats.

  • Deepizzaguy

    What Ray Rice did to his Janay was terrible. A woman brought into the world. Women deserve our respect.

  • BlueEyedAl

    Democrats can’t allow Blacks to have guns. Remember the KKK was started by Democrats and the NRA was formed to give guns to Blacks and taught them how to use them so they could protect themselves from the Democrat KKK.

  • TPM4

    the judge and prosecutor are pillars of our present sick society they are perfect examples of the garbage that has become our officers, politicians and law enforcers all of whome should be taken out to sea and dumped and left to drown together I never felt like this but what I see happening has to be stopped before we loose our country

  • SilverSnake

    I hope this woman get’s a good enough lawyer to allow her to retire and him to start his own practice. The people of this country need to stand up and let these POS’s and their counterparts country wide know that they are not above OUR Constitutional rights.

  • Samwise24601

    am NOT defending Ray Rice, but he WAS defending himself from his future wife
    because she was attacking him . He did NOT beat her unconscious, he only hit her
    the one time. That is NOT beating. Second, he did drag her from the elevator,
    but it was her feet, not her head that were left in the doorway of the elevator
    and the door never closed on her feet. If you want to sensationalize a story,
    fine, but at least get your facts right!.

    • Bullets First

      If you are going to correct something you should do so…well..correctly. If you watch the film, upon entering the elevator he moves towards her and hits her in the face. You’re right that she comes at him and he punches her for the SECOND time and whether it was that punch or the resulting head crash into the railing, she was knocked unconscious.

      To look at it from a legal point of view, if I shoot someone and they die because of blood loss I can’t claim they died of an iron deficiency, so either way, she was unconscious due to Ray Rice’s fists punching her in the face.

      Next, he dragged her out of the elevator by her feet (classy) then tried propping her up only to have her fall back down with her head in between the closing doors of the elevator.

      Go ahead, actually watch the video this time. It’s not sensationalizing and I resent the implication…it’s what happened and i have video PROOF. So perhaps next time you get YOUR facts straight before you go tossing rings into the wrong volcano.

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