The Media’s Ridiculous Reaction In The Week Since Texas Church Shooting (Video)

In the five days since the Texas Church shooting the Mainstream Media, aka Fake News Suppliers, has run the full gambit of pearl clutching shock, to ignorantly talking about firearms without having any idea, to trying to speak about the law in the same manner a gorilla tries to use a computer.

Take for instance, this gem from the USA Today’s Twitter feed:

Yeah.  USA Today was rightly mocked for this and had to go so far as to issue a follow up tweet explaining that they church shooter did not, in fact, have a CHAINSAW, attached to his rifle.

Furthermore we have talking heads decrying the “domestic abuse loophole.”

Loophole is one of those words that gun control zealots like to toss out there in hopes of making it feel like there are end arounds to law that make people like the church shooter able to get firearms.  But since he illegally purchased his weapons to begin with and that it was a breakdown of the bureaucracy and not the law that failed calling it a loophole would be like calling the entire affair a crime perpetrated by exploiting the “shoot up a church of innocent people loophole.”

Then you have the deafening silence of the gun hating media like CNN, MSNBC and the like who give almost no credit to the hero gunowner, NRA instructor and AR-15 owner Stephen Willeford who actually stopped the shooter by not only coming out of his house and shooting the bastard, but then flagging down a stranger in Johnnie Langendorff when he was in his truck.

Willeford told Langendorff: ‘that guy just shot up the Baptist church. We need to stop him.”

Langendorff told him to get in and they went off in hot pursuit following the shooter until he was run off the road and died.

The fact that this story is hardly even discussed by the liberal press is a disservice to these heroes.  But it is an inconvenient truth for the cabal of gun hating members of the progressive press and their gun controlling backers.

I could go on with all the ridiculous garbage that has spilled out of the mouths of the ignorant and hateful left, but I defer to Stephen Crowder who, in his youtube broadcast pretty much dropped the hammer on most of these people.  Enjoy.

The first bit almost had me spit my coffee out too when I first heard it.  “An assault rifle is different than a gun.”

It’s no wonder that most Americans don’t trust the liberal mainstream media anymore…they have no idea what they are talking about.


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