Tip: Don’t Dare The Guy With A Gun To Shoot You

A dare is a double edged sword. In what may very well be a nominee for the Darwin award, after ramming into another car, 17 year old Muhammed Rahim got out of his vehicle and started a fight with the guy he hit.  According to witnesses when the confrontation got physical, the driver of the car that Rahim hit, 25 year old Alexander Weiss pulled out his Glock 19.

This is where things get stupid.  According to RAHIM’S OWN FRIENDS who were in the car at the time, Rahim DARED Weiss to shoot him, then he spit on him.  According to Rahim’s friend who witnessed the encounter the exact phrase was: “I f***ing dare you to do it.”

Welp, anyone who grew up watching A Christmas Story during the Holiday Season knows no good can come from a dare.

Rahim’s friend, Noah Dukart even backs up Weiss’s account that Rahim got physical with him stating that Rahim “Got in his face” before daring Weiss to shoot him.

Guess what happened.  Muhammed Rahim got shot.

I don’t know if this is some Millennial bull crap that punks like Rahim pull thinking that everyone is just playing with them, that challenging someone to shoot you makes you seem tough, that he was trying to impress the two girls with him or whether he actually thought he was the demonic reincarnation of Prince and therefore bullets wouldn’t hurt him. (photo of Rahim below)

What I do know is that posing a dare to someone with a gun pointed at you to shoot is STUPID.  And as Muhammed Rahim learned, it’s also a good way to end up dead.

Weiss shot Rahim once and Rahim was dead by the time police arrived.  According to Weiss, Rahim, after spitting on him and going for his gun shot him once.  After the shot was fired Weiss waited for the police to arrive.

So with Rahim now dead thanks to his own stupidity the question is what will happen to Weiss.  He is currently being charged with Murder 2.  His guilt is far from certain and that is because of Noah Dukart’s initial testimony to the police officer on scene when he had a case of the truth bug and told the officer this (Witness 1 is Dukart; “Victim” is Rahim):

Witness 1 was seated behind Victim on the rear driver’s side and Victim 1 was driving. The four of them were going to the Square at 31st where a friend resided. According to Witness 1, the Cavalier crashed as it turned right (eastbound) from East River Road onto 31st Street NE. They then collided with WEISS’s red Subaru. According to Witness 1, WEISS got out of his Subaru as if he wished to fight. Witness 1 got out of the Subaru, along with Victim and were both yelling at WEISS about fighting them. According to Witness 1, neither he nor Victim were armed. In Witness 1’s account, Victim got very close to WEISS, puffing his chest out with his hands down, after Victim got out of the Cavalier. WEISS pulled out a gun and pointed it at Victim. Victim told WEISS, “I f***ing dare you to do it,” and WEISS shot Victim in the chest. Victim dropped to the ground. According to Witness 1, neither he nor Victim had touched WEISS before he fired his handgun at Victim. However, Witness 1 acknowledged that he and Victim were posturing and speaking aggressively toward WEISS.

There is a lot there to digest but when you cut through it what Dukart basically admits to is that they crashed twice, the 2nd time into Weiss’s car, when he was upset about it BOTH of them jumped out of their car and acted aggressively toward Weiss like they were going to fight him.

Well, posturing is what got Rahim dead so maybe the lesson is don’t be a posturing idiot, you might live longer.

You can read the complaint in it’s entirety below:

The one immutable fact is that Muhammed Rahim is dead.  It is also agreed upon that he dared Alexander Weiss to shoot him as Rahim and his friend Dukart was posturing for a fight.

Whether the court will find that Weiss acted in self defense or not remains to be seen.

The main takeaway though, especially for my younger readers is not to be a punk who wants to act like a tough guy when facing down the barrel of a gun.  There are a few ways to handle it that will greatly improve your chances of living and NONE of them is posing a dare to the guy with a gun to shoot you.

First, be calm.  If Rahim put up his hands and said, ‘hey man be cool not looking to start any trouble’ slowly backing away even if he didn’t end up any better than he is now at least it would be clear that he was murdered and that Weiss wasn’t acting in self defense.

Second, if you have a gun pull a gun and shoot.  If someone ever pulls a gun on you do not think that they are not prepared to use it.  If you have a gun use it.  Not a legal option for Rahim, but a good bit of advice for gun owners in general.

Third, don’t go looking for a fight because you just might find it.  Millennials these days are so coddled that they think they live in this safe space bubble and that their actions have no consequences.  Rahim hit Weiss’s car.  One can understand why Weiss would be upset.  But Rahim and Dukart posturing like he wants to fight and then to dare the guy with the gun to shoot him after initially overcoming a complete cognitive disconnect that the gun wasn’t real, that borders on mental disease.  The chances of Rahim being alive go up astronomically if he got out of the car and simply said: “Sorry man, my bad, let’s exchange insurance info.”

But no, Rahim had to act the fool, dare to be shot and then surprised no doubt when after spitting on a guy he just hit with his car and acting like he wanted to fight gets shot.

I’m not going to be so crass as to say Rahim deserved to die, but I will say that the majority of the reason he is dead lies with him, not Weiss.


It’s pretty sad that that even has to be said but there it is.


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