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TX: State Rep. Martinez struck in Head by Stray Bullet

Just after midnight on 1 January, 2017, Texas Representative Amando “Mando” Martinez was struck on the head by a bullet or bullet fragment. It seems most likely that it was celebratory gunfire, and a “spent” projectile.

Vista (CCI, Federal) Exec sees Possibility of Price War in .22 Ammunition

When I talked to ammunition insiders at the Shot Show last year, the word was that .22 ammunition production would be increased by 20 percent for CCI and Federal in 2016.

National Park Service: Discharging Firearms for Self Defense Illegal

The National Park Service is giving bad legal advice to people who visit their web page and attempt to find out about firearms policy at various national parks.

Islamic Terrorism: Another Reason to ALWAYS Carry Your Sidearm

Islamic terrorists stabbing people in Minnesota, trying to blow people up and shooting them in NY/NJ, with more and more potential terrorists being ushered in like a going out of business sale by Barack Hussein Obama, the American people are more in need to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights than they have since 1812. Financially Supports 2nd Amendment Advocacy Groups…sort of

Now usually I advocate and follow a personal boycott of all anti 2nd Amendment establishments but the ease, cost and range of items at Amazon was making it very difficult for me to do so.

But then I found out something that just amuses me greatly.

Good Girls With Guns Stop Bad Guys Too

Good guys with guns aren’t the only individuals stopping bad guys with guns. Good girls with guns are thwarting crime, too.

5 Fascinating Firearms No Longer In Use

Firearms have largely defined our nation’s history since our inception. Whether for personal defense or combat, dozens of firearms had been used throughout history. Below are five firearms that have ceased operation but continue to leave a lasting impression:

Reel Camo Girl, The Outdoor Life…Only Prettier

Many people, brands, and organizations are noting the rise of women in fishing, hunting, and the shooting sports. Women are equal participants in the respective industries and will continue to join. One woman, Lauren Hill, has capitalized on this to create a unique and inviting brand for women, by women called ReelCamoGirl.

Unarmed Good Samaritan Becomes Another Victim

They say that no good deed goes unpunished, a lesson that 25 year old Tulane medical student and Good Samaritan, Peter Gold, recently found out when he stopped 21 year old Euric Cain from abducting a drunk woman from the streets of New Orleans.

14 Steps To Help Your Survival On the Upcoming Disaster

We all like to think we can “rough” it when the $h!+ hits the fan and that we are conditioned to be Mountain Men and Women if the times call for it.  But I have to question, have you made any plans or contingencies beyond a bug out bag and a few weeks of food? See, there is more to surviving a disaster than being a badass.  It takes some thought and preparation to not only survive but thrive in face of a life changing disaster. For instance, Iran will soon have a working nuclear bomb thanks to President Obama.  For a quick moment Iran was all nicey nice with the US and before the spittle was dry on the Ayatollah’s boots from all the licking Obama was doing, the Iranians once again started the “death to America” rhetoric. Our good friend and radio host Tamara Jackson, recently did a show...

Oregon Gun Grabbers Love a Bill that Only Infringes on Law-Abiding Oregonians

I love living in Pennsylvania. Even when my fellow Keystone Staters crap the bed and elect us a corrupt gun grabbing AG and a self professed anti gun Governor, for the most part PA comes through it on the right side of sings. The same cannot be said for my friend Tami Jackson and her home state of Oregon.  Not only are the politicians out there foaming at the mouth to infringe upon the peoples right to keep and bear arms but the people themselves are complicit in the injustice. From Tami’s latest article on the matter at Friends across the nation often ask me “How can you, a social and fiscal conservative, live in that dark blue state?” Simple: I was born in Salem, raised, for the most part, in Bend, Oregon, and this beautiful state is my home. By county and acres, Oregon remains mostly a...

Follow the Rules or You’ll Get Your Finger Shot Off…or Worse (Video)

How difficult is it…REALLY…to follow Colonel Jeff Coopers 4 simple rules to firearm safety? They’ve been around for DECADES so they should be ingrained in every gun owner and should be instilled in new gun owners before they ever pick up their first firearm. The rules that go like this: All guns are always loaded. Even if they are not, treat them as if they are. Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy. (For those who insist that this particular gun is unloaded, see Rule 1.) Keep your finger off the trigger till your sights are on the target. This is the Golden Rule. Its violation is directly responsible for about 60 percent of inadvertent discharges. Identify your target, and what is behind it. Never shoot at anything that you have not positively identified. Nearly every negligent discharge that I have ever heard of is...

Pro Abortion Radical Wants To Ensure Children Aren’t Protected Even After Birth

As if anyone really needed more evidence that gun control zealots don’t give a damn about safety or preventing violence but really just want to CONTROL people, I give you Anna Eskamani.  Eskamani is a your general all around liberal true believer. A self proclaimed, “Organizer, Writer and Feminist”, Eskamani has a extensive history of fighting for abortions being the Regional Manager for Florida Planned Parenthood PAC, the Director of External Affairs for Greater Orlando Planned Parenthood and the former Young Leaders Advisory Council Leadership Chair for Planned Parenthood Federation of America.  Suffice it to say that Anna Eskamani believes in abortion. Coincidentally enough, since Ms Eskamani doesn’t believe in protecting the life of unborn children viewpoint has recently evolved to ensuring that children who are born also are denied protection. I’m referring to a recent article that Eskamani penned for the Central Florida Future. In it Eskamani vehemently comes out...

PA Sheriff Offers FREE Optional Firearm Training Class

When it comes to training I find that the majority of gun owners believe in it.  I also find that, like myself, they don’t believe that it should be mandatory.  The First Amendment doesn’t require you to do research into what you are spouting off about, you don’t have to actually KNOW the issues in order to vote etc.  That doesn’t mean you SHOULDN’T, just that the government doesn’t and shouldn’t dictate the terms of which you can exercise your rights. In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania we have no requirements of training in order to purchase or to carry a firearm.  Outside of a background check we have unfettered access to purchasing firearms and for $20 and another background check we can carry concealed.  And we can save the $20 and hassle if we carry openly as that is free so long as we aren’t otherwise prohibited. Training on...

Ferguson Cop tells citizens: Arm up, we can’t protect you

As we wait for the grand jury’s decision in the case of the shooting of convenience store strong arm robber, Mike Brown, local police are doling out some common sense to the residents for  the potential fallout of the decision.  In the Cop Talk forum of, an officer from Ferguson had some sobering and frank advice to give to the residents of Ferguson. From Liberty Unyielding: According to Vocativ’s latest update, the “cop talk” forum, where a user who posts as a local policeman gave the warning, was taken offline on Monday evening. But before the site was taken down, Vocativ copied this from it: Under the name “A Concerned Cop,” one person shared a warning: “If you do not have a gun, get one and get one soon. We will not be able to protect you or your family. It will be your responsibility to protect them. Our gutless...

Ferguson Residents Turn To The 2nd Amendment To Protect Themselves

As was the intent of the Founding Fathers, the people and shop owners of Ferguson Missouri are exercising their God given rights to defend themselves which is causing a spike in gun sales. The law abiding people of the city have little faith that the police will be able to contain the crowd of rabid rioters who will explode onto the streets when they don’t hear what they want to with regards to the Grand Jury decision concerning Officer Darren Wilson’s fate.  Officer Wilson, as you may recall, shot dead convienince store robber Michael Brown when Brown attacked him through the window of his police cruiser. But, since Brown is black and Wilson is white, the race  baiters and Obama administration (redundant, I know) have poured fuel on the fire to make sure this is a matter of a black man being shot by a white man, not a...

Suicide Guns For Sale: Bad Kharma or Just Discounted Firearm?

In honor of the Halloween season, I bring you a story touches on the macabre.  In Greensburg, PA, a place a little to the east of Pittsburgh, the county coroner is auctioning off 97 guns used in suicides and accidental shooting deaths. The sale is to take place on November 8th and will be the first governmental gun sell back in Westmoreland County since the 1980’s. Corner Ken Bacha says state law requires local governments sell off unclaimed property. While they have often have sales auctioning off property and vehicles this will be the first gun auction since Bacha’s fater Leo, was coroner back in the 80’s.  Proceeds will help fund county government.  The coroners office takes possession of weapons during death investigations.  Family members have a year to claim these weapons before they become county property, but under the nature of which they were last used, it is understandable that...

Backwards Bullet…what happens when you load a bullet backwards in a casing? [Video]

I have to admit, I never thought of this, but if you load your ammunition and choose to load the bullet in reverse it has some surprising results. The theory is that by putting the concave portion of the bullet at the top, the shooter will have effectively created a projectile that will work as a hollow point round. In the following video from the Ammo Channel, the host puts this theory to the test using .308 Winchester rounds that he loaded himself. He uses both the traditional loading and the reverse loading then shoots into both ballistic jelly as well as steel plate. I found the results to be rather interesting but not unsurprising. Now, while the reverse bullet causes more damage I do have to wonder on the limitations of accuracy and distance that such a bullet might suffer.  Think of throwing an asymmetrical football with a...