Fl: County Restores Second Amendment Rights to Employees

The Lake County Commission in Florida unanimously voted to restore some Second Amendment rights to county employees. The vote took place on Tuesday, 27 February, 2018. Commissioner Josh Blake said the commission had been working on the measure for months. From dailycommercial.com:

TAVARES — The Lake County Commission voted unanimously on Tuesday to allow county employees with concealed weapon permits to carry their guns while on the job.

Commissioner Josh Blake asked fellow commissioners to consider doing away with the county’s employee policy that prohibits the possession of weapons while on the job. Commissioner Wendy Breeden was hesitant but joined fellow commissioners in the unanimous decision to change the policy.

“I personally believe that the natural right to defend your life does not disappear into thin air when you leave your house in the morning when you go to work. I think that is something we have control over, which we do. It’s our employee handbook. I do think it’s a reasonable thing to allow employees to utilize that right and have the right to self-defense while they are on the job,” Blake said.

The change takes effect immediately and applies to those who have permits. It is illegal to carry a concealed weapon without a permit.

The change removes the prohibition imposed on County employees by the county. County employees will now be able to carry in the same places the general public can. Commissioner Blake said that other Florida counties do not have a policy on their employees carrying defensive weapons. In the United States, anything that is not illegal, is allowed. This is the opposite of the totalitarian model, where everything that is not allowed is forbidden.

Lake County is following a growing trend around the United States. As the Progressive Project grew from the 1900’s on, more and more government units started forbidding their employees from exercising their Second Amendment rights while at work, using work rules as the vehicle of enforcement.

As Second Amendment rights are being restored across the country, first with shall issue concealed carry permits, then with the enactment of Constitutional Carry laws, local governments have started to remove these repressive work rules.

Counties in Arkansas, Georgia, Virginia, Kansas, New Mexico, North Carolina, Michigan and Texas have lifted similar restrictions in the last four years.

Thirteen states now have laws where most residents do not require a permit to carry weapons, openly or concealed.

The trend shows that we are ready to move back to a nation of laws and limited government, and in the United States, the government is the servant of the people, instead of the other way around.

When governments do not trust the people with arms, they are sending the message that we have regressed to the tyrannical governments of the past, where people have no rights, other than those the rulers allow them to have.

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