Silencerco Maxim 50 Another reason to Reform National Gun Law

SilencerCo, the innovative silencer company that produces most of the silencers for the United States market, has developed a revolutionary new product. It is an integral silencer on a modern muzzleloader, called the Maxim 50.

Josh Waldron of Silencerco has been one of the strongest voices pushing for reform of the antiquated and poorly conceived National Firearms Act.

In 1932, when the Act was passed, no one gave any explanations for including gun mufflers, called silencers. The inclusion of silencers never made any sense. In the rest of the “developed world”, silencers are often regulated much less than guns. In New Zealand, a liberal mecca, anyone with cash can buy silencers over the counter. Even children are not barred from doing so. Most of Europe considers silencers to be a safety and noise pollution device. New Zealand has not had a rash of “silencer crime”. England has not suffered from an abundance of criminals armed with silencers.

Americans have suffered under the over-regulation and extreme taxes imposed on users of silencers for 70 years. Millions of people have lost hearing because of the public health blunder of the Roosevelt administration in the 1930’s.

The 1934 National Firearms Act has had small areas of common sense interpretation added over the years. Muzzleloading guns are considered antiques, and are not regulated under the act. That is why a silenced muzzleloader is not burdened with the extreme red tape and taxes that ordinary silencers are. To obtain an ordinary silencer, a target shooter or hunter has to have his fingerprints taken, apply for a federal tax stamp, pay $200, wait six months to a year, and then, maybe, obtain his silencer. Congress is considering reducing those burdens. A reform law would regulate silencers the same as ordinary rifles and shotguns.

The current restrictions do not apply to the Maxim 50. To obtain a Maxim 50, simply find it at the SilencerCo store online. The price is $999. The rifle is the very successful Traditions Vortek Strikerfire. Pay the price and the rifle and integrated suppressor will be delivered to your doorstep. There are some additional constraints in the most restrictive political areas.

New Jersey, Washington D.C., New York City, and Illinois require the Maxim 50 to be shipped to a Federal Firearms License, who can then transfer the rifle to you. The rifle needs to be shipped to a physical address, not a post office box.

Other than those restrictions, I believe the Maxim 50 can be purchased mail order all over the country, to adults over the age of 18. $999 is not a bad deal for an excellent rifle and silencer combination. The rifle and silencer together weigh less than eight pounds. That is a good weight for a .50 caliber rifle.

I suspect the Maxim 50 will quickly be sold out and back-ordered. At $999, you are paying about $500 for the silencer. The rifle, separately, sells for about $500.

SilencerCo’s introductory offer includes a limited edition, all-weather carrying case.

The introduction of the Maxim 50 is another nail in the coffin of the ill-considered over-regulation of gun mufflers in the United States.

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