Walmart AR15 Ban May Run Afoul of Age Discrimination Laws

In the wake of the Florida school shooting and the Lefts fawning over opportunistic kids who a month ago were eating tide pods but suddenly become policy experts, Walmart has jumped on the gun control flavor of the month by barring anyone under the age of 21 the ability to purchase a firearm in their stores.

There’s just one problem.  What they are doing may actually be illegal.

And the most delicious part, it’s thanks to the militant Left that we have court precedent that leaves Walmart financially exposed to the outright age discrimination they are engaging in.  I mean, if you can’t refuse a wedding cake to a gay couple who purposely go out of their way to make you violate your religious faith, then Walmart sure as hell can’t deny the free access to commerce that they allow every other demographic in their store to engage in the facilitating of a God given right.

Now, before the Leftists light their Molotov cocktails by saying: “Being gay isn’t a choice but being a gun owner is” I am willing to actually concede the point for arguments sake.  I will grant the position that you are born gay.  But you aren’t born married.  That’s a choice.  American’s may not be born gun owners…but they are born free.  Their choice to own a gun is more validly protected than a gay persons right to get married.  With that being said, a 20 year old has at least as much right to demand being sold a rifle that a gay couple has to demand a wedding cake be baked for them.  I would contest that the 20 year old has MORE of a right, but I’ll let the previous statement stand.

It’s one thing if Walmart decides to cave to the mouth drooling radical left and stops selling rifles in their store.  That is just a business choice on what they choose to sell and not sell.  But by denying a subsection of law abiding citizens the right to purchase a product that Walmart sells to everyone else they are discriminating against people under the age of 21.  That’s just bigotry.

I mean hell, even Rosa Parks was allowed ON the bus.

Now, some leftists will probably throw some smug at me and ask: “what about selling alcohol to someone under 21?”

That is easily enough answered.  The legal drinking age is 21.  Selling to someone under the age of 21 is a crime.  But there is no legal age limit for owning a rifle.  The closest thing that could even be construed and contorted as such is the entry age to join the military…and that’s a stretch.  But even then, are we going to allow a business the ability to deny a 3 year military veteran the right to buy a rifle?

Let us say, just for argument sake, the age of owning a firearm was 18, but stores like Walmart and Dicks unilaterally decide to only sell to those over 21 years of age, thus denying the right to commerce while also denying the right to purchase a Constitutionally protected item, is that any different than a polling place barring entrance to someone under the age of 21 on election day?  Most polling places are located on private property.  I mean, they can still vote absentee (if they thought ahead) so they still have the right to vote, they just won’t be allowed to enter the place where voting occurs.  How crazy is that?

People seem to be missing the big picture.  The 2nd Amendment is a right.  The minute you start trying to put restrictions on who can exercise that right, the easier it is to restrict all the other rights.  What if a law passed requiring that you had to be over the age of 21 to be on cable news pushing a George Soros funded agenda?  Then that little punk ass bitch, David Hogg, would be back in class instead of parroting talking points fed into his ear, capitalizing off the death of his classmates like a ghoul even though he was nowhere near the shooting.

But I digress. (I don’t like him)

I would love to see a case where a veteran from the ongoing war on terror, who happens to be 20 years old, walk into a Walmart and tries to buy a rifle only to be told that he can’t be trusted with it and that the store chooses to discriminate against him.  If that veteran needs the name of a civil rights lawyer by all means look me up and I’ll get you in touch with a great one.

Why do people think this is ok?  I know discrimination is kind of the Left’s big thing, they love to violently discriminate against anyone they disagree with…but main street America needs to be wise on this issue.  Dick’s and Walmart aren’t the greatest place to buy firearms, but this illegal discrimination should not be allowed to stand because it sets a terrible precedent.

Or are we back to where we can discriminate against selling things to people we don’t agree with?  Because if that’s what the Left is pushing for I’m sure there are some bakers who would love the ACLU to foot some legal bills.

And let’s be honest; you can’t seriously say adults ranging from the age of 18-20 aren’t responsible enough to own rifles, but are somehow wise, mature and intelligent enough to vote, drive or join the military.  You can’t have it both ways.




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