Indianapolis Colts Player Killed By Immigrant Sought By ICE For Deportation

In light of the Super Bowl, information about the death of Edwin Jackson, who lost his life earlier that day was greatly over shadowed.  That’s before we even get to the aversion that the media has for discussing anything to do with ICE agents.

The mainstream medias lack of interest may have something to do with the person who took the life of Edwin Jackson life and the liberal slant that the NFL and the media have taken with regards to everything relating to Trump, especially immigration and deportation.

You see, at around 4am Sunday morning, Jackson and his Uber driver, Jefferey Monroe, were killed when 37-year-old Alex Cabrera Gonsales drove a black Ford F-150 pickup truck onto the emergency shoulder along Interstate 70 and plowing into them.

Alex Cabrera Gonsales had a retainer order placed on him by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) before the accident.  I hate calling it an accident because in truth it was a murder.  Mr. Cabrera Gonsales didn’t have a driver’s license, tried to flee the scene of the crash and had a blood-alcohol level of at least .15 according to the police.  That is TWICE the legal limit.

Gonsales should have been out of this country and I have to question whether he slipped through the soft headed feelz of a pro sanctuary city authority before this terrible tragedy that took the lives of two men while he drunkenly and cowardly tried to flee from the scene of his crime with their blood on his hands.

Want to know the crazy part, while I do not know the exact method in which Cabrera entered this country, he is technically, thanks to Obama’s program, eligible for DACA since recipients had to be under the age of 32 in 2012.  So whenever someone on the Left tells you that DACA is all about kids and children unable to return to the country of their birth, remember that these “children” can be pushing 40.

I have little hope that the mainstream media will report that an immigrant facing deportation and being sought by ICE was responsible for killing two people. In fact, Wikipedia has all ready removed mention that Cabrera was wanted by ICE and was drunk when he killed Jackson and Monroe.  All ready the Leftist elite are sanitizing the account in order to make it seem like just an unfortunate accident and not a drunken murder committed by a person who shouldn’t have even been in the country.

You can read the unaltered version of the Wikipedia page concerning the incident under the Death section of Jackson’s page here:

And then the scrubbed sanitized version that basically makes it seem like a simple fender bender turned tragic

Remember, Cabrera had to have broken some law previously to be on ICE’s radar so the likelihood that some liberal open border Hillary supporter let him slip through is highly likely.

Now two people are dead who would otherwise be alive if only ICE were notified and this drunken bastard was deported like he should have been.

Every time some idiot politician on the Left cheers that they have made their city or their state a “sanctuary” and keeping the good members of law enforcement from working with ICE in order to deport those who do not follow the laws of this land, the blood is on their hands.  Their fool notion of open borders is KILLING Americans.

“But no no no Tony, open borders, unvetted immigration, take in all refugees…that’s the liberal way.  Look how good it’s working for Europe.”

This kind of thinking from the Left…or rather complete lack thereof is dangerous and more tragedies will befall American citizens if we allow states and cities to hijack the immigration policies of the United States.  But let’s get back to the real cost of this tragedy.

A lot of sorrow and outpouring will be given to the family of Edwin Jackson, as it should.  But lost in the shuffle is suffering that Jeffrey Monroe’s family must be facing as well.  He didn’t play in the NFL, he didn’t have a million dollar contract.  He was just a guy in his fifties looking to make a little extra cash driving for Uber.  And a drunk that ICE was looking to deport took his life.

But I guess the mainstream media and it’s Leftist allies care more about the feelings of illegal immigrants than they do about the lives of innocent victims like Jackson and Monroe.

Sanctuary cities disgust me and they should disgust you as well.  But for liberals I guess you have to decide if Black Lives Matter when its an illegal immigrant who takes them.

Because ICE agents can help save lives, but only if you let them.


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