Antonia Okafor – Pistoleer Princess Takes the Stage

The Miss Texas USA pageant, after storm, flood and circumstance delayed it, finally took place on the 5th and 6th of January with Antonia Okafor taking the stage looking stunning in her canary yellow dress.

If you are a regular reader of Bullets First you know that Antonia Okafor is the Pistoleer Princess of the Midwest, NRA instructor and all around advocate of the 2nd Amendment.  We have documented her steps in attaining her dream of competing in the Miss USA pageant and for any who saw her and for those who know her, no one was disappointed with her effort.

Ms Okafor is just the kind of lovely young woman that people feel immediately close to and even in the cutthroat competition that is beauty pageants Antonia was able to make fast friends such as fellow gun enthusiast Miss Dallas, Taylor Lowery.

But it wasn’t all fun and games as this was a competition after all and Antonia came her to win.  Taking the stage in the aforementioned stunning canary yellow dress by Muzzie’s Prom & Couture out of Houston, Antonia owned the catwalk.

As we all know a beauty queen doesn’t just roll out of bed toss on some clothes and win crowns.  There is a lot of work that goes into it to transform a natural beauty:

Into a stone cold stunner:

I’ve been keeping in touch with Antonia throughout her trials and tribulations of getting ready for the Miss Texas USA competition and I am personally impressed, seeing how she was a late addition to the competition, to the work she put into the process to get ready to compete.  From fitness and diet, to training and preparation, to simply making the smart choices to surround herself with the right people to help her.

People like Austin Ryde who was a maestro with the makeup brush and the aforementioned folks at Muzzie’s who designed her dress.  And while some may make light of it, walking down a runway in an aesthetically pleasing way is NOT a given.  I know that Antonia was very grateful to runway coach Mariah Chaney for all her tips and pointers.

While Antonia may not have come away with the crown, she did herself and all those who cheered her on proud.  And if it is any consolation she will always be a princess to those in the gun communty as she continues to uphold her duties as a champion of the 2nd Amendment and looking flawless while doing so.

With all that being said I did get a chance to interview Antonia after the Miss Texas USA competition.

Antonia, first of all, congratulations on one heck of a performance.  How would you describe your the overall journey?

I had an incredible experience! The entire process of becoming a beauty queen made me become my best self. From learning how to do my hair and makeup on the next level to learning how to walk the runway from a bikini to a floor length gown, all the skills I learned these few months made me a better me. It really solidified the direction I want to take the emPOWERed movement in. I want to reclaim feminism to be pro-life, pro-gun and of course pro- femininity. We can be strong and graceful, elegant, classy and badass!

Badass is right.  What are your plans now that she achieved this goal?  Where do you head next, what’s on the docket?

I am on my way to fulfill my duties as member of the NRA outreach committee in DC this week! And I will be working full-time as CEO of emPOWERed. Hollywood again has its own responses to the movement with this whole Times Up initiative. But just like the Womens March we are kidding ourselves as conservative women if we think there is a place for us there. I hope emPOWERed will be a safe place for women who think the solution to preventing sexual assault is not a mentality of victim hood. We need that message now more than ever.

Thanks again for keeping us up to date during this whole adventure and good fortune for you and emPOWERed as you move forward.

No worries and Thank you.

If you want to follow what Antonia is up to and find out more about her emPOWERed initiative I invite you to check out her website

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