Antonia Okafor: From Gunslinger Princess to Beauty Queen Part 1

One of the more enjoyable moments I had this year was spending a day at the range with Antonia Okafor and Joy Villa.  Nothing like founding a friendship at the gun range while squeezing off some rounds in good cheer exercising our 2nd Amendment rights.

While all three of us have been busy since I was overjoyed to hear that Antonia had entered the Miss Texas USA competition in the Miss Universe pageant.  You may have read my previous article on her decision here:

Support Antonia Okafor: Gunslinger Beauty Queen Who Won’t Be A Liberal Troll To Win Her Crown

Since then, Antonia has embarked on her journey and Bullets First is going to chronicle her exploits as she pursues her goal of winning that crown.

Ironically enough, Ms. Okafor found herself in my old stomping ground of Folsom, California, famous for the Johnny Cash song and the home of Gun Owners of America’s California office where I used to work.  But enough about me.

What’s a beauty competition without hair and makeup?

Antonia enlisted the help of LA based makeup artist, hair stylist and photographer Austin Ryde and the results were rather stunning.

Of working with Ryde Antonia had this to say of the experience:

“Photo shoot in the most conservative pocket of Sacramento-Folsom, California with fiercely conservative, makeup and hair legend, Austin Ryde.”

First here is a photo of the canvas that Ryde had to work with.  Antonia is a beautiful girl to begin with so Ryde delved into his bag of tricks not to change or mask but rather to accentuate the beauty all ready there.

As a guy I have always viewed the application of makeup in the same sort of wonder and mysticism as some medieval peasant would have for an alchemist plying his craft.  Here we see the process taking shape with Antonia in the chair.

After a relatively brief amount of time for Austin Ryde to ply his makeup magic we have Antonia almost ready for her shoot.

When the hair is set, makeup done, wardrobe assembled it is time for a different kind of shoot than Ms. Okafor may be used to. For those of you who have only seen photo shoots as re-creations in movies or TV it actually isn’t that far off from being the truth.  Hundreds of photos are taken, flashes blasting away while the photographer gives direction or encouragement to the model.  Here’s a taste of a real life photo shoot of Okafor and Ryde.

After a long day of being fabulous, Antonia heads off to the next adventure.

And what adventures she is having.  From jet setting across the country speaking out for the rights of women to defend themselves on campus through her emPOWERed initiative.  It has seen her go to the University of Kansas to Las Vegas to giving a speech at the Big Government Sucks event.

Because before being a beauty queen, Antonia Okafor is a champion for women’s rights.  The right to defend themselves.  The right not to be a victim.  The right not to be afraid of someone stronger than they are when that someone has ill intent.

For some beauty pageant girls, that is their vocation.  Antonia Okafor does so much more to bring good into the world by making sure bad is kept at bay that I’d like to do good for her.

To that end, if you would like to help Ms. Okafor on her journey to becoming a gunslinging pageant queen and perhaps one day a Ms. Universe 2nd Amendment advocates like me would love to have, please consider helping Antonia.  Because pageants are ridiculously expensive and every bit helps.

For more information:

Help Me, Antonia Okafor, Become the Next Miss TX USA

I’ll be continuing to catalog Antonia’s journey from now until the competition so make sure to subscribe to my newsletter to be kept up to date with that and all matters considering the 2nd Amendment and the Constitution.

Til next time.




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