Cowardly Colorado Dems Cower In Armor Because Unhinged Dem Colleague May Shoot Them

One need look no further than the Colorado State Capitol to see why Democrats are ass backwards when it comes to the notion of guns.  You see, in Colorado there is a law that permits employees to carry guns at their place of business.  And Colorado lawmakers place of business happens to be the State Capitol.

Now, two week kneed scared Democrat lawmakers are wearing bullet proof vests because they are scared a third Democrat lawmaker is going to show up and shoot them.  Once again showing that even Democrats realize that other Democrats are the ones most likely to be loose cannons that shoot up places.  Now, I don’t have anything against body armor, but instead of taking measures allowed by law and actually carry guns to defend themselves, Assistant Majority Leader Alec Garnett and Representative Matt Gray have decided to simply allow themselves to be shot and hope for the best.

You LITERALLY have the ability to legally shoot back but they still would rather be victims who are helpless and at the mercy of a gunman who could simply shoot them in the face or the fickleness of kevlar to actually hold up.  It’s called a bullet proof vest but it’s more like bullet resistant.

The worst part is that these two somehow care more about the feelz than actually wearing the vests.  Garnett explains that he doesn’t put his tie on or button his shirt before showing up to work because he doesn’t want his wife to see him put on the vest.  So he travels FROM HOME TO THE OFFICE without even that scant protection.  He’s stated this publicly so the Democrat lawmaker that he had expelled from the legislature, Steve Lebsock, has a pretty good sized window to “get him.” I mean, even when you think your life is in jeopardy you’re going to put your feelz ahead of your safety?!?!  It’s like crazy town in the minds of some liberals.  Garnett explains his routine:

“Because once I get in here I have to put on my bulletproof vest, because my wife doesn’t want to see me put it on.  So I walk into my office. There’s a sign that says ‘Harassment Free.’ And I put on my bulletproof vest. And I button up my shirt and I go into the members’ bathroom and I tie my tie.”

Again, if you want to “get Garnett” he is available from the time he leaves his house until he gets to his office.  Because of course vengeful killers keep regular business hours and would never wait outside by your car in the morning.

Matt Gray is only slightly better because he at least puts it on in the parking garage because he doesn’t want to have a grown up discussion with his children.  Gray elaborates:

“I put mine on in the parking garage so my kids don’t have to see and I don’t have to explain to them what it is.”

I guess Matt Gray lives in a loft apartment with his kids with no doors, rooms or privacy of any kind.

On the other side of the aisle we have a load of gun packing Rocky Mountain Republicans who aren’t going to sit idly by and just get shot hoping the shooter doesn’t shoot them in the face.  Rep Lori Saine expounds on the point of few she and her Republican colleagues share:

“I feel very secure here.  Of course a lot of members in our caucus, on our side, carry. I’m very comfortable in my leadership meeting, by the way, because everybody is armed there.”

Once again this is anathema to Democrat gun controllers and they wantonly make the case that NO ONE is capable of using a firearm to defend themselves.  Apparently 20 year olds aren’t the only ones who aren’t mature enough to own guns as Democrat Rep Jonathan Singer believes:

“When you enter a government building, when there are heated vigorous debates and people are on edge, sleep deprived and — you know, let’s be honest — there are people in this building who are drinking, that is a deadly mix.”

I mean, talk about a strawman argument.  With all this “drinking” going on I imagine Mr. Singer spends a lot of his time getting car keys from people and calling cabs?  I mean, this is the same old same old, streets running red with blood fear mongering that the Left loves to employ that only seems to come to fruition in gun free zones by Leftists themselves.

How many times do Democrats have to perform a mass shooting in a gun free zone before we outlaw gun free zones and ban Democrats from owning guns?  Ok, the second half was a bit of tongue in cheek but really, Democrats have so much blood on their hands its disgusting.  Either by forcing these gun free zones empowering mass shooters or by actually being mass shooters themselves.

If Garnett and Gray actually wanted to BE safe they would carry a gun so they could fight back.  But instead they wrap themselves in the equivalent of a safe space and hope that no one aims high.

I don’t know Lebsock so I don’t know if their fear of him is rational but their response isn’t.  If I’m afraid that someone is going to shoot me, ok bullet resistant vest you’re PART of the plan, the other is a couple well oiled handguns and magazines aplenty.

As for Lebsock he was expelled for reasons of sexual harassment.  I don’t condone or excuse such actions if valid.  But as he was being kicked out of the Colorado legislature he did something that was a pretty impressive F U to the Democrats.  Right before he was expelled, seeing the writing on the wall he switched parties so that Colorado Republicans would fill his vacant seat until the next election.

Part of me can’t help but think that Garnett and Gray are grandstanding in order to knock Lebsock down another peg for that final insult.

But that’s all conjecture.  What isn’t is that bullet resistant vests are good…but only when you can shoot back.  If an attacker can keep shooting you, the vest is really just an uncomfortable fashion choice.

All in all proving that gun control Democrats really have no clue about anything concerning guns or how to keep people safe.



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