March For Life, A Tale of the Girl Who Lived

For many of you, you may not realize that every year a March for Life rally takes place in Washington DC fighting for the unborn children who do not have a voice, nor a choice, in the battle over abortions.  You may not have heard of the March of Life rally because the mainstream media has long ago forfeited its soul to left wing progressive ideology and they don’t want to report that over 600,000 people gather to fight for the right to live on behalf of those who may never get the chance to.

No, the mainstream media would rather bloviate on a bunch of deranged, gender confused, hateful, vagina hat wearing troglodytes whose primary mode of communication is screaming like lunatics because more than a year after the fact they cannot accept the fact that Hillary Clinton lost an election.  But I digress.  This isn’t about the hateful left or the complicit media.

This is a story about the girl who lived, while two of her siblings did not.

And in case you are wondering, yes I am making allusions to Harry Potter.

Though I’ve little doubt she’d prefer I could come up with some analogy for Game of Thrones instead, the girl I am speaking about is the founder of Lone Conservative (among other punditry and laurels) Kassy Dillon.

I had the pleasure of meeting Kassy last year when I was writing a story about a pro gun speaker who was giving an address at her liberal Massachusetts college.  We have kept in touch on twitter as most people seem to nowadays and between blistering rebukes of the Left’s attempts to sabotage America to Game of Thrones references that she seems hell bent on spoiling for me to adorable cat and dog vids she is one of my most enjoyable follows.

Today though, I learned a little more about Ms. Dillon and why she fights so passionately against the murder of unborn children.  Much like Targaryen children and coin flips (see, worked in GoT), she beat the odds while her unborn older and younger siblings did not.  But this is not my story to tell…it is hers.  With her permission, the tale of the girl who lived (via twitter):

I can recount scores of tales from gun owners who can relate real, personal experiences needing their firearm to save life, property and liberty.  Rarely do I come across a story (for it is not in my realm) of someone who has such a real and personal experience and can speak from a position of authority when it comes to abortions.  A cosmic coin flip and Kassy Dillon is alive, the world a better place with her voice in it.  Who knows what was lost with her siblings unborn.

While Democrats fight and threaten shutdowns over illegal aliens they call “Dreamers” they are content to deny the ability to dream to over 600,000 children that are snuffed out before ever having the chance.  They obfuscate the conversation by using the euphemism word “choice.”

When some twitter troll responded to Kassy’s last question with standard leftist drivel about choice I responded with this:

The left needs to use euphemisms in order to hide what an abortion really is.  It is the dismemberment and violent removal of a baby out of a woman’s uterus.  And that is only the most banal of abortions. Partial birth abortions, which many on the left still favor and admit to when they are caught unaware or are deep in their cups is when a child is partially birthed feet first and then their head is pierced so a vacuum can suck out their brain in order for the child to be “technically” still born.

You see, to them, that is “choice” but again, no one asked the baby having its brains sucked out like in some alien horror movie whether it was ok with being murdered.

I’m not going to get into every idiotic or vile tweet that Kassy received after posting her story, I invite you to do so yourself though, in case you need any reminded how morally bankrupt those on the left and on the alt-right are.

At the end of the day, the lie that is “Pro-Choice” is just that…a lie.  The life that is being murdered had no choice in the matter.  Unless bringing the baby to term would kill the mother, then one can argue there is a choice between one life and another, abortion is a matter of convenience.

Even though the mainstream media will overlook it, dismiss it or ridicule it there are over 600,000 people marching at the March for Life rally today who are fighting so that babies aren’t murdered as a matter of inconvenience.

Taking a life can never be undone and many women, including Kassy’s mom carries that burden with them for the rest of their life.  Abortion may be legal but it should never be normal.

March For Life for those who can’t.

March For Life so that others one day can.

March For Life for those who were lied to.

March For Life, because that is a choice that living gives you.

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