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Posts in 'Fallacy'

NYT Skews Gun Stories…I’m SHOCKED, SHOCKED I say

The New York Times produced another hit piece on guns, pushing for some sort of general increase in the current infringements on the Second Amendment. The New York Times mis-characterized or left out important information in all cases they reported on.

Gun Controllers Now Rewriting Their OWN History

With so much distortion of national history it will probably come as no surprise that gun controllers themselves are trying to rewrite their own history.

Why Political Gun Control Fails: A “Progressive” gets it Half-Right

He found that parents in the ghettos where these killing occurred do not think that “gun control” is the answer to the problem.

In the Third Debate Hillary Said She Supports the 2nd Amendment…Riiiiiiiiight

Apparently, according to Hillary Clinton, Hillary is the biggest supporter of the 2nd Amendment that you could hope for. I nearly choked on my coffee. Let’s look at her claim.

Arizona Gun Hater, E.J. Montini, Cheers when City Officials Violate the Law

The State has a constitutional mandate to protect the people of the state from lower level governments. City governments are creatures of the state. Democrat party power, voter fraud, and corrupt political machines, have always been concentrated in cities.

Bear Spray Failure in Montana (WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO)

“I gave her a full charge of bear spray at about 25 feet. Her momentum carried her right through the orange mist and on me.”

Kansas Gun Show Vendors Outnumber Protestors 20 to 1

A gun show in Wichita, Kansas, showed the disparity in Second Amendment supporters to those who seek a disarmed population. On the Saturday morning of 16th July, there were over 20 *vendors* who had rented tables for every protester.

Katie Couric Implosion A Healthy Sign For Things To Come

While it is not yet complete, it appears that Katie Couric’s career is over, at least as a “respectable” journalist. Couric has been a reliably “progressive” advocate for decades. In this, she simply followed the career progression that has been common in the dominant media for 50 years.

This is MY kind of Boss – Lance Toland Gives Free Guns for Workers

Toland decided the best way to protect his employees is to arm them so he issued a mandate requiring all employees to obtain a conceal carry license. Upon obtaining their license, Toland provided every employ with a personal protection handgun known as a judge.

Guns Don’t Kill Free Speech On College Campuses…Liberals Do

It’s disheartening to see what has become of college campuses around the nation in the few years since I left the hallowed hall of the Cathedral of Higher Learning. Free speech is dying…but it’s not because of guns.

The Trouble With Trump…What Does He Believe?

while I agree with a great many things that Donald Trump SAYS…I don’t know if I agree with anything Trump BELIEVES.

Male Gun Owners Are Attractive, Not Crazed Ammosexuals

A guy who handles a gun will keep you safer in any event of danger. A guy who handles a gun still has his masculinity intact today. A guy who handles a gun will teach you how to protect yourself and wants you to be

Video: “Gun Show Loophole” Exposed

Gun show loophole is the buzzword that gun control zealots like to toss around to scare the uninitiated into thinking that gun shows are like dark alley gun buys out of a back of a van with tinted out mirrors.

SC Rep Proposes Bill to Require Media to Acquire Permits and Register With State

Pitts cited the media’s continued attack in support of infringing upon South Carolinian’s gun rights as reason to proceed with his experiment to limit these journalists 1st Amendment rights in the same manner.

Tear Down All Mosques, Burn All Qurans

Looking over a page out of the liberal playbook I wonder why there hasn’t been a call from the left to tear down all mosques, burn Quran’s and try to wipe all memory of Islam from the minds of every American.

Gun Control Politicians Shouldn’t Be Protected By Guns

A Virginia State Senator has made a bold declaration calling for Governor Terry McAuliffe to have his executive protection unit disarmed come the new General Assembly session.

Los Angeles County Looking To Make Gun Owners Continually Pay to Exercise Right

In the wake of the San Bernardino act of terrorism, LA County thinks it best to try and pass legislation that would require gun owners to buy insurance.

Congressional Gun Control Hypocrisy Shines On Capitol Hill

It’s jaw dropping when the perfect storm of Congressional tone deafness, meets the mindset of the oligarchy with the illogical fallacy of gun control.