The Brady Campaigns War on Women

To find the real war on women, one need look no further than the Brady Campaign which insists on stripping law abiding women of their right to defend themselves against rapists.  Brady Campaign-approved guidelines about preventing rape say women should vomit, urinate, defecate or announce you are on your period.  The Campaign seems to be following a study done by Yale which concluded the same.

That is the extent that they believe women should be allowed to defend themselves. While I will not argue the research that Yale has done, how dare these gun control zealots limit their suggestions to women that they should debase themselves in the hopes that the rabid animal trying to violate them will be turned off.

There is only one way to deal with rabid animals and that is to put them down.

I’m not a woman, but I cannot think of an attack more brutal, more life altering and more violent than being raped.  If ever there is a case for deadly force to be made it is in regards to defending yourself against being raped.  In every stand your ground and castle doctrine law that I know of around the country you are absolutely within your legal rights to use deadly force to stop an attacker from raping you.  And despite the Brady Campaigns belief that the only way to stop an attack is to debase yourself in the hopes of disgusting your attacker, I fully support a woman’s right to turn the tables on her attacker and have him defecate himself.

Let us look at the Brady Campaign’s “victory” that they like to cling to in Illinois.  Illinois is still the only state in the Union that does not allow its citizens to carry a weapon for defense outside of the home.   With a high level of sexual assaults taking place, the Illinois State Police state that, as a woman who is attacked you should first try to talk your way out of being raped.

Fighting for your safety may be necessary. However, if you start out fighting you cancel any other options that might be open to you. Since many attacks on women are not sexually motivated, and are designed to degrade and humiliate, talking your way out of it may be easier.”

Talking things out first, because obviously Mr. Would-Be Rapist is a reasonable sort of chap who’s just craving stimulating philosophical debates on why he should not rape, beat you and murder you.  Like gun control zealots, the ISP thinks that criminals, on the whole, follow laws and can be reasoned with.  If you’re a woman, do you really want to take that chance?

And speaking of fighting back, the ISP obviously doesn’t mean you should shoot them since you would be breaking the law if you were carrying a firearm, so what do they mean?  Have they been watching the Charlie’s Angels movie too much and now think that a 103lb girl can fight off a 235lb rapist because she knows Krav Maga?

The fact is that a small woman has a limited chance of fighting off 1 or more large male attacker with her bare hands. The truth is she is going to need help and as the old adage goes, “God created Man, Sam Colt made them equal”.

The gun is the equalizer that can protect the 100lb girl from the monsters in the night.  From those who would rob innocence and shatter dreams.  The gun levels a playing field for the small and the weak so that we are not a society run by thugs and roving gangs of strong arms.

The Brady Campaign would deny the right of the small to defend themselves against the large.  They would promote reasoning with rabid animals and the moral authority of being raped over killing your rapist.

I would say to use every method possible that would stop one of the most heinous acts from being perpetrated against you.  If you think that the Yale study and the ISP advice is sound I won’t advise against it, it might work.  But I KNOW that 3 shots to the chest with a .45 will work.  If I were a woman I would prefer to have to deal with the fact that I put down a rabid animal than I would dealing with the fact that that animal raped me.

The Brady Campaign…defending rapists from getting shot since 1974.

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