NICS and Gun Sales Soar To Second Highest Year On Record

The Trump era NICS checks are continuing the trend to become the second highest year for NICS checks on record. 2016 is the current record holder, with 27,538,673 NICS checks for the year. The next highest year was in 2015, with 23,141,970.  2,030,391 NICS checks were done in October, 2017.

Through the end of October, the NICS checks for 2017 have reached 20,266,289. November and December have traditionally been the highest months for NICS checks, correlating with hunting seasons and Christmas.  2016 only needs to accumulate 2,875,681 NICS checks in the last two months of the year to become the second highest year on record. Every year since 2010 has exceeded that number for November and December.

It is more likely that the totals for November and December in will be over four million checks.  They have been over four million for four of the last five years.

Four million more NICS checks would be over 24 million checks for the year.

2017 NICS checks have been at 91% of the level of the all time record in 2016.

NICS checks are being used for both new and used firearms sales.  They are being used for other purposes as well. Firearms carry permits are rapidly expanding across the United States, with over 16 million carry permits currently in use. NICS checks are used for both initial issue of a permit and for the renewal of permits.  Some NICS checks are used for background checks for employment.

Because of the expanding use of NICS checks, the number of firearms added to private stock in the United States is a fraction of the NICS checks. Past calculations based on ATF records indicate that about .56 firearms are added to the private stock in the United States for each NICS check done by the FBI.

If that ratio holds, about 1.1 million firearms will have been added to the private stock in October, or about 11.3 million firearms added in 2017 so far.

It was thought that firearms sales would fall off drastically if President Trump were elected. That has not happened. President Obama may have been the greatest firearms salesman of all time, but President Trump’s first year is likely to beat all of President Obama’s eight years in office, except for the last one.

It appears the demand for firearms has grown and the number of firearms owners has grown. Polls are a poor way to determine firearms ownership. Many people are reluctant to admit to firearms ownership when there is serious talk of restricting the ability to own or buy firearms.  A recent NBC/Wall Street Journal survey shows gun ownership jumping from 41 to 48 percent of households. That increase includes a component of gun owners who are willing to admit ownership during a Trump administration.

It also indicates an increase in the base level of firearm ownership.  Once a new owner buys a gun, they are likely to buy more guns, with different guns for different purposes.

In two months we will know if 2017 becomes the second highest year on record for NICS checks. We do not know at present, but that is the way to bet.

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Editor’s Note: While Former President Obama may have been personally a gun sellers dream, as his fervent desire to scratch out the 2nd Amendment from the Bill of Rights was obvious to anyone who was paying attention, the continued high sales of firearms under the Trump administration points to another reason.

Mainly, the growing realization by many sane citizens that possibility that firearms will be needed is growing.

With the continued violence perpetrated by Democrats and progressives who go on rampages, the blind eye that those same groups turn to radical Islamic terrorists who plow down people with rental trucks and the outright calls  for violence by groups like Antifa, the people who are paying attention realize that the need to defend themselves is not just a theoretical or contemplative exercise but an actual necessity.

While the liberal media wants to play down the ideology of mass shooters when those mass shooters are overwhelmingly progressives and left wing nut jobs, the truth is that Antifa is a terrorist organization and they are radicalizing members in order to commit heinous acts just like that scumbag from Texas who shot up a church.

And the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is for a good guy with a gun to shoot him.  A lesson that has finally sunk in to more and more Americans as we can tell with the continued high sales of firearms.

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