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Posts in '1st Amendment'

A SIGN of a black rifle has tourists in Maine crying over their lobster bisque

Apparently the tourists were SO offended by this sign that they tried to force the town of Boothbay Harbor to make Mr. Sample take it down.

NFL is ok with players sitting on their ass during the National Anthem but FINES a player who wants to honor 9/11 victims

This article isn’t about the athletes this time. It’s about the NFL itself and its pussyfooting around to make sure they don’t offend anyone that hates America.

Ban on Open Carry Illegal for Union Station in Ogden, Utah

The management of Union Station decided to put up signs banning open carry on August 19th, just a few days before Sea Bears was to open their restaurant there. At the time, there was speculation that Union Station might not have the authority to ban open carry at the venue. It appeared to be a public space owned by the City. That was correct.

Texas Profs Try To Break Law and Trample Rights Using First Amendment Argument

University of Texas professors Mia Carter, Jennifer Glass and Lisa Moore decided to try and squash the will of the people and the Constitution by suing the University and the state of Texas in Federal court.

Slate Writer asks for Facts on Guns and Gun Law Coverage

Rachel Larimore, a Senior Editor at Slate, has written an unusual piece for the publication. It is titled Bullet Points.

It’s Islamic Terrorism Obama, Stop Being A Pu$@y and Call It What It IS

With the recent act of Islamic Terrorism at an Orlando Gay nightclub in which over 100 people were either killed or injured by a man on the FBI watchlist, who had ties to ISIS and openly spoke praising the group, and whose actions were championed by the terrrorist group itself, Obama REFUSES to call it an act of Islamic terrorism.

Katie Couric Implosion A Healthy Sign For Things To Come

While it is not yet complete, it appears that Katie Couric’s career is over, at least as a “respectable” journalist. Couric has been a reliably “progressive” advocate for decades. In this, she simply followed the career progression that has been common in the dominant media for 50 years.

Let’s Talk About “New York Values”

New York Values are the statist, high taxed, government controls your life, religion is met with ridicule, guns only for the important people, do as I say not as I do, ultra liberal hypocrisy and nastiness that runs both New York city and to a lesser extent upstate.

Emory University Has Gone From Higher Education To Glorified Day Care Center

Well, the bed wetting, panties in a twist, suck your thumb and cry for mommy bar has been raised at Emory thanks to a word and a number. Trump 2016

Guns Don’t Kill Free Speech On College Campuses…Liberals Do

It’s disheartening to see what has become of college campuses around the nation in the few years since I left the hallowed hall of the Cathedral of Higher Learning. Free speech is dying…but it’s not because of guns.

SC Rep Proposes Bill to Require Media to Acquire Permits and Register With State

Pitts cited the media’s continued attack in support of infringing upon South Carolinian’s gun rights as reason to proceed with his experiment to limit these journalists 1st Amendment rights in the same manner.

New York Values: Protect Criminals, Disarm the Law Abiding, Silence Dissent

New York Values are the values of high taxes and gun control. Of the abolition of religion for the sake of moral ambiguity. Of the silencing of differing opinions under the hypocrisy of “acceptance.”

No call for universal background checks for knives after mass stabbings in California?

You never hear anyone calling for universal background checks for knives nor do we see many signs indicating a knife free zone. The reason has nothing to do with reducing violent crimes.

A Smart Reply On the “Cost” of the 2nd Amendment

A conviction gets thrown out because a cop conducted a bad search? That’s unfortunate, but that doesn’t mean I have to be subject to warrant less searches. So too, is it true with the 2nd Amendment.

A Gun Owners Take on Embattled Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis

What if a taxpayer funded employee of the government was a religiously based pacifist who didn’t believe in the use of firearms? What if, based off that religious belief, they refused to issue any concealed carry permits or refused to transfer gun purchases?

Infantry Colonel has interesting take on retorting gun control arguments

As long time readers of Bullets First know, I have ranged both far and wide in my defense of the 2nd Amendment in regards to rhetorical analysis and repudiation of gun controllers arguments and claims. Anyone who utilizes the search feature on this site can find articles dealing with the meaning of the word militia in 1700’s America, the private letters of our Founding Fathers that illustrate their belief in the right to keep and bear arms, the racist roots of gun control, the true numbers that reveal that places with more legal gun ownership are safer and so on. But I’m not sure that I have ever used the powerfully devastating “new” argument against gun control that former Infantry Colonel Kurt Schlichter has penned recently. An excerpt: American gun owners are beginning to respond with a fresh, powerful argument when facing anti-gun liberals. Here it is, in its...

NAACP Acting Just like the Taliban and ISIS

I remember years ago how disgusted I was when the Taliban, left unchallenged, made it a mission to actively destroy history. I remember watching the Buddha‘s of Bamiyan, after surviving 1500 years of wars, mother nature, erosion and all things that threatened it over 15 centuries, were destroyed by dynamite by the hateful, small minded and petty fools of the Taliban. For history buffs the video below may be a little difficult to watch. In an instant, some ignorant hate filled terrorists destroy history because they don’t agree with it. ISIS is no better as you can see in the photo below of them rampaging through a Museum of Assyrian Antiquities in Nimrod, Iraq with sledgehammers.   These savages take glee and cheer the destruction of all history that they do not agree with.  All in order to promote their own, narrow ideological dogma. And now the NAACP can...

Political Correctness Kills the Dukes of Hazzard; TVLand Pulls Show off Network Because of the General Lee

Just’a good ol’ boys…Never meanin’ no harm. But apparently that’s not good enough for the rabid, foaming at the mouth, thin skinned radicals of the left. In case you haven’t heard, the cable channel TV Land has kow towed to progressive pressure and pulled the Dukes of Hazzard from the lineup. Why? Because the General Lee, the iconic television car has the Stars and Bars emblazoned on its roof. Never mind that the Duke boys were in no way racists.  That the General Lee was never used in a hit and run against a black person or in anyway could be viewed as being inherently racist. No.  Just the fact that some people may have a sense of pride in their heritage, liberal progressive mouth breathers feel they must stomp it out as quickly as they can because of an isolated incident. Not only has TV Land pulled the...