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Not Gun Free and Proud Of It, Texas School Puts Up Best Sign Ever



This is a great sign and it will definitely be more effective at eliminating threats than the false flag of “Gun Free” Zone signs.

On top of the faculty actually having the tools in which to deal with an active shooter (who in other schools is welcomed to kill at will) the Shamrock Independent School District has also installed 30 new security cameras, an intercom system, and bulletproof windows.

This is one school that actually has taken serious and effective steps to prevent tragedies.  While ghouls such as Bloomberg and Giffords push their gun control agenda in order to disarm the law abiding by exploiting dead children, Shamrock has learned a real lesson from Sandy Hook.

That lesson is that imaginary force fields (gun free zones) and “feeling” safe doesn’t actually do a lick of good in stopping an armed person with evil intent.  After all, if wishes were horses then beggars would ride.

I hope that Shamrock ISD never has to use their security system and final line of defense but I’m sure the parents of the 450 children who go there sleep a little easier at night knowing that there IS a defense.  

  • MaddMedic
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  • Unlike so many schools (even many Christian schools), this school doesn’t believe in acting like infidels–at least so far as protection is concerned:

    “But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house [including spiritual and physical protection], he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.” (1 Timothy 5:8)

  • B Smith

    I am a teacher at a small independent school. I’m also a 2A supporter, and an avid sport shooter. I approached our administration about having trained, designated staff members armed (out of sight); and was told “that sort of thing (Columbine, Newtown, etc.) will never happen here. We don’t need to frighten our students and parents by arming teachers!” I was also warned that I could be terminated if I chose to bring a weapon on campus. That’s a risk I’m willing to take.

    • Bullets First

      That’s a shame Mr. Smith. The fact that such a mentality exists is what allows tragedies like Newtown and Columbine to exist in the first place. Your administration is not unlike many who put higher stock in the notion of “feeling safe” and not wanting to face reality than actually BEING safe and taking reality by the horns.

      • Robert Riversong

        The reality is that schools are the safest places for children according to all the data, and there is simply no need to turn them into garrisons, except to appease the gun lobby.

        • B Smith

          I wholeheartedly disagree, Robert Riversong! We protect banks, businesses, politicians, and even museums with armed security. Why not protect our children as well? I’m not necessarily in favor of every teacher/staff member carrying a firearm in plain sight. But an armed guard, restricted building access, and/or armed (out-of-sight) and trained staff members would go a long way toward improving security. By the way, more children than presidents have been killed by armed lunatics, yet we find it appropriate to guard those lying oligarchs with heavily armed personnel.

          • Robert Riversong

            The utter irrationality of your comment is made plain by the simple fact that there have been only 43 presidents and hundreds of millions of students, so comparing numbers of killed is idiotic.

            The fact remains that schools are the safest place in the nation for children to be, and hence turning them into armed security camps is not only unnecessary but opposed by almost all teachers and school principals.

          • B Smith

            Again, I don’t disagree that schools are generally safe. Very few schools are destroyed by fire, but we still equip them with fire extinguishers and smoke detectors. Very few schools are burglarized, but we still put locks and alarms in them. So why not protect the students from the potential of armed assault. They need not be “garrisons” or “armed security camps.” But there should be armed, trained, responsible adults who are prepared to protect. By the way, I worked many years as a law enforcement officer. In 15+ years of service, I never had to fire my weapon in the line of duty. But I practiced often – so that I was prepared should the need arise. The wise don’t prepare for what “IS,” they prepare for what is “reasonable to suspect may be” (disaster, retirement, etc.)

          • Robert Riversong

            It took you three weeks to compose a response?

            Yes, we put fire alarms and extinguishers in schools, since fires are far more common than rampage shootings, but we don’t station a fire engine or even a single trained firefighter at any school for those rare events. We rely on staff and students following fire drill protocols and trained firefighters responding to an alarm.

          • B Smith

            Obviously, we will continue to disagree. And, for your information, it didn’t take three weeks to compose a response. I work two jobs, follow several blogs, and have a family and home to care for. I don’t visit this site daily.

  • 1Pummalo1

    The following tells it all

    • B Smith

      Couldn’t have said it better myself! Michael Bloomberg should change the name of his organization from Mayors Against Illegal Guns, to Mayors Against ALL Guns. None of his proposals would disarm a single criminal.

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