Surprise Suprise, gun free zone fails again

What happens when you take a so called “gun free zone”, place it in a state with some of the strictest gun control measures in the country and all but ensure you have disarmed the law abiding?

You get a shopping mall in Paramus NJ and only by the shooters intent was the only one killed himself.

Richard Shoop, 20, of Washington Township NJ entered the mall, armed with a sporting rifle that he stole from his brother, apparently with the intent to commit suicide either by killing himself or via suicide by cop.  He had ample time and opportunity to shoot innocent bystanders but did not.

While the people of the mall are extremely lucky that Shoop’s main agenda was to harm himself alone, a note was recovered at his house, one cannot disregard yet another stunning failure of gun control and so called “gun free” zones in doing anything to actually stop this sort of thing.

Even while I challenge the failures of gun control and the notion of gun free zones, gun controllers actually have the audacity to claim this is an example of why we need MORE gun control.

How much more gun control can NJ inflict upon its people?  The Brady Campaign ranks New Jersey as the 2nd most gun restrictive state in America behind only California (though with NY’s passage of the ludicrously named SAFE Act that might change next year).  For all intents and purposes New Jersey is a “shining” example of what gun control is supposed to bring you.

So with NJ all but a gun control utopia, how do things like this happen?

This Just In: Shocker, Criminals and people with criminal intent DO NOT FOLLOW THE LAW!

You might as well declare NJ a crime free zone and then be surprised that 2390 out of 100k people are victims of crime.

But much like the notion of a “crime free” zone so too does a “gun free” zone fail to do anything to actually stop their presence.

Yet New Jersey will not doubt continue to push for the infringement of rights of the law abiding only to increase the likelihood that the next Shoop who enters a mall with shooting on his mind might not want to go out alone.

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