The 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with hunting…but that’s ok.

Since in many places this is the first day of hunting season I thought I would reflect on it a little.

As I have mentioned before, the 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with hunting.  The idea that the Founding Fathers would have thought it so vital and necessary to protect hunting, would be akin to them protecting the right to dig a well, or ride a horse or sew your own clothes.  It was just one of those things that was absolutely understood and as such (at the time) didn’t need to be singled out for protection, lest the Bill of Rights be thousands of pages long covering every possible aspect of a persons life right down to the right to have a beard.

Now, personally, I don’t hunt.  Just never got into it.  There’s nothing wrong with hunting and I wish my father, brother and cousin luck as they go out this morning to try and bag a whitetail.  Plus, venison is delicious.

The heart of the matter is that my guns aren’t for killing animals.

My guns are for killing people; bad people, tyrannical people; evil people who would do me harm.

There is nothing wrong with that.  

The sooner society as a whole grasps that concept the better.  The 2nd Amendment is nice and all, but it doesn’t grant me the right to keep and bear arms.  It only states the fact that I was born with that right and that the government shall not infringe upon it.  Not like the government listens but like most criminals it appears they don’t listen to the law either.

And yes, firearms are a tool.  Who cares if it only has one purpose?  I hear too often some ignorant jackass saying “guns are only good for killing people”.

English: 5lb. CO2 extinguisher, USA

English: 5lb. CO2 extinguisher, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So?  A fire extinguisher only has one job as well.  Should we limit their possession only to firefighters?  You know, the people who are trained to fight fires?  Do you go around and slander fire extinguisher owners as pyromaniacs who would start fires just so they could play fireman and use their “weapon” to fight it?

Toss that logic at a gun hating controller and you run the risk of seeing their mind imploding.

In summation, hunting is good and I wish the best of luck to all those who take to the woods this season.

As for me, my guns are for the predators on two legs who hunt the innocent and mistake me for prey.

And I wish the best of luck to those like me too.


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  • Bruce Badger

    Thought I was the only one that unapologetic about the true purpose of a gun. (Though isn’t one of the Marine Corp famous chants something about – “What is the spirit of the gun…?” Or is the bayonet?) Though I love to hunt, I know the Second Amendment ain’t about ducks or deer.

    The armed forces are only good at breaking things and killing people, But no one but the lunatic fringe has suggested they are not necessary for our nations very survival. But that same nation would rob you of your right of self defense because “guns are only good for killing things.” Yeah, so what’s your point?

    Life insurance is of absolutely no use unless someone dies. But we still buy it “just in case” the unthinkable happens and you or a loved one dies. You are not rooting for someone to die when you buy insurance, you are preparing for the possibility of something awful occurring.

    • MrApple

      Well said.

  • Jhomas Tefferson

    I am not a hunter. I like guns. I collect guns. But I don’t think it hunting is fair, unless the animals have guns too.

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