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Gun Confiscation in time for Christmas. Yukon Cornelius stripped of his trusty revolver

In another example of liberal political correctness run amok and the desire to rewrite history, beloved claymation character Yukon Cornelius has had his nickel plated six shooter confiscated by toy companies.

As you can see in the picture below, Yukon Cornelius was a man who looked after his own well being while out in the harsh wilderness.  He dressed warmly for his environment, had his wool cap and ear muffs, warm weather jacket and pants and some sturdy boots.  He was also well provisioned carrying with him a backpack for supplies, a canteen, a knife, a hammer AND A GUN.


Yet while the reasoning for a prospector who spends his life in the wilderness having a gun is pretty solid, today’s “intellectuals” with their soft constitutions and desire to only portray guns in a negative light have stripped Yukon Cornelius of his revolver in their attempt to socially engineer another generation like them.  People who have an irrational and unfounded bed wetting fear of firearms.

Here are the toys of Yukon Cornelius today.  See if you notice what is missing:

Yukon_Cornelius-plus yukon-03 yukonCorn Christmas_Rudolph_Yukon_Cornekius



The last one isn’t even a child’s toy but more of a collectors figure from Pop.  The toy companies that have created these abominations have replaced Yukon Cornelius’ six shooter for a pick ax.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the toy makers decided to step it up another level and change his occupation from gold mining prospector to Green Peace Environmentalist who battles against mining.

And this wasn’t like some small oversight by the original creators, that gun played a prominent role in the story and Yukon Cornelius even said as much when meeting his new friends:

 Oh, well, now I’m off to get my life-sustaining supplies: cornmeal and gun powder and hamhocks and guitar strings. I’ll give you a lift. Hop aboard, mateys. 

This may seem like a small issue on the whole scale of 2nd Amendment issues and it is…THAT’s the danger.  If we allow the gun hating powers that be to subtly change the culture to where guns are NEVER used or owned by good guys it will only reinforce the fallacy that the liberal press and those who look to prosper on tragdies promote.  Namely, only bad guys and the government have guns.  I doubt they even note the ironic redundancy of that but there it is.

Gun confiscation has all ready happened in this country and it has been going on for years.  The gun confiscation of the mind, teaching children that only bad people have guns is akin to stripping them of their rights before they are even aware of having them.

Since we are on the subject of  the 1964 claymation classic “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”, let’s look at a few more reasons this movie would never be allowed to be made today.

Of course, we have all ready discussed about the properly armed, entreprenuerial capitalist prospector.  Liberals can’t have ANY of that be a hero for children.

But what about Rudolph himself?


Picked on for being different, with that nose so bright of his.  Did he go on a rampage and start goring other reindeer to death while they played their reindeer games?  Did he burn the eyes of the other reindeer and set them aflame with his unregistered assault nose?

No.  Santa didn’t come to his rescue and force the other reindeer to include him or to accept him for if he had, Rudolph’s acceptance would only be paper thin and nothing would have changed other than the thin veil of false niceties.  In a way, a fate worse than the open hostility.

But Rudolph didn’t need Santa to intervene and he didn’t go on a murder spree.

He found his own way, made friends of his own and in doing so found his own self worth.  He didn’t need the authority to help him.  He did it all on his own.

Self reliance and doing things without “the authority”?  Liberals can’t tolerate any of THAT either, how would they explain mandatory government-run healthcare if they did?

And what about good ole Hermey the Elf?


A union worker who wanted to break away and become a doctor?  In the movie all the other union workers try their best to keep Hermey down and stay with the union.  Today that part would probably be allowed to remain, but Hermey’s eventual success as a Doctor of Dental Science would be changed and instead we would find him being destitute, lying in a ditch, dying somewhere.  After all, liberals can’t have their voting base think that they can succeed and prosper by leaving a union.

Lot’s of things have changed since 1964 and not all of them good.

Thinking back on this movie I am reminded that the confiscation of our rights begins long before a bill is introduced or a judge makes a ruling.  It begins by those who paint the narrative that rights are bad, government is good and we can’t take care of ourselves without “the authority” hold our hand.

It is only when we are older that we realize (if we aren’t so brainwashed by the social engineering) that the hand holding was really the government cuffing us and limiting our liberty.

I personally will never buy a Yukon Cornelius toy for any of my nieces and nephews unless his gun is returned to him.  I will not contribute to the brainwashing of America that will see it’s freedoms portrayed as something of a negative.

Even if it takes the form of a Canadian prospector 🙂

Merry Christmas!

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  • Ross R Blankert

    Liberals do not believe the rules apply to them. When all the guns are removed, they believe the government will be without fault and not tyrannical. Liberals in a communist country will be killed first. They will complain when others are mounting a resistance. Stalin killed millions including all those who surrounded him and supported him because they knew too much. When there are no morals or ethics or political will to protect the populace, there will be those sheep being led to the slaughter. Grab your bible and keep your powder dry. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

    • mybuild2

      I agree whole heartedly, if we didn’t have Liberals we wouldn’t have Morons.
      I really feel for the kids today. As a kid we had a great time playing with toy guns, bow & arrow, toy knives, Red Rider bb guns, sling shots and more. Today, they have, cell phones, TV and video games…No wonder we have Attention Deficit Disorder and obesity problems. Talk about an upside down country…..

      • Barry Hirsh

        “[I]f we didn’t have Liberals we wouldn’t have Morons.”

        You be redundant, Homey.

        • mybuild2

          Hey Obama-Bot…Sorry, Not your Homey.

          • MyronJPoltroonian

            My interpretation of his reply to you is that the two terms, “Liberals” and “Morons” mean they are one in the same.

          • mybuild2

            I don’t quite see it that way, I’m not any ones Homey.

          • Barry Hirsh

            Get a sense of humor, willya?

          • MyronJPoltroonian

            Unfortunately: Sarcasm, like humor, is wasted on those too dense to appreciate it. (Note: They prove it every day.)

          • mybuild2

            I appreciate humor but not your sarcasm..You don’t know me from Adam’s house cat, so please don’t assume I’m one who proves it every day.
            Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!

          • Barry Hirsh


            It’s possible that mybuild2 doesn’t understand the meaning of “redundant” or the obvious ebonics, no snark intended.

          • Barry Hirsh

            You read me as an Obama-Bot? How clueless are YOU?

          • mybuild2

            Sorry, I was over the top, you’re right I don’t know you at all.
            Merry Christmas to you and yours…

          • Barry Hirsh

            Accepted. Merry Christmas to you, too, and to all who you hold dear.

      • TexasJester

        Not to mention all the chemicals that are in the foods, that the chemical companies say are “safe for human consumption” — and are outlawed in other countriies; and all the corn syrup in EVERYTHING — and has been linked to obesity and diabetes (NOT so with sugar from sugar cane!). PE outlawed in most schools, and even recess in many elementary schools.

        Then the kids are subjected to all the liberal nonsense, turning them into little balls of indoctrinated mush, perfect for molding by the socialist progressives.

        What’s gonna happen to all these wienies when the electrical grid goes down for whatever reason?? Mad Max Meets the Zombies comes to mind….

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  • Bob Martin

    Oh No, It looks as if one of Rudolph the red nosed reindeers friend Yukon Cornelius is no longer allowed to own a firearm anymore. How in the World will he be able to protect his friends from the obama snowman and his liberal, gun grabbing monsters?

    • Barry Hirsh

      He must’ve visited a psychologist to help with his insomnia. They’re collecting those records now, you know…

  • Barry Hirsh

    The effectiveness of anti-liberty agit-prop writ large.

  • AG Dot Com!

    The first people killed in all communist revolutions are always the agitators. They have served their purpose, and now must be disposed of before they realize the error of their ways or that they’ve been had…. The people who remove all the guns and icons from our culture will also be disposed of in the same fashion. The communists require absolute control. This means eliminating anyone who understands the power of icons and agitation.

    Lenin, I believe, referred to them as “Useful Idiots”

    • Barry Hirsh


    • MyronJPoltroonian

      That term has been variously attributed to Lenin, Marx, Engels, Stalin and more. Since their history was continuously being rewritten to reflect the latest [non-bloodless] ideological coup, we may never actually know.

  • Kevlar Linc

    We can all sleep at night, now.

  • Reverend Joe Ruyle

    What always gets their attention is to hit them in the pocket book. Don’t buy any of their products!! If you have the time send an email to their corporate and tell them why their profits are going bye-bye like the little claymation dudes pistol.

  • Karll

    I was 6 yrs old in 1964. They had a lot of great toy guns back then.
    Those were the days.

    • Oldsailor65

      I was 6 years old in 1950, had a lot of really great cap pistols back then. Got my first BB gun at 8 years old, a Daisey pump action with a tubular magazine that held 100 BB’s. Lots of good cowboy movies. The good guys always shot the gun out of the hand of the bad guys and the only one they kissed was their horse. They were gentlemen to the ladies. Didn’t call them bitches or hos.

      • Karl Dulaff

        I had a similar Daisy air rifle. Now, in the People’s Republic of NJ, I could rate a jail sentence if I walked outside with it, and I’m not exaggerating. I’m looking forward to moving to a red state one day. Can’t do it yet, though.

        • Frank J. Austin

          Yeah. I read about that. Get out as soon as you can Karl. Good luck to you.

      • Frank J. Austin

        One Hunnert BB”S ! Well GOLLLLLEEEE ! That’s more then one of them new fangelt assalt guns !

      • TexasJester

        I was 10 months old that Christmas.. Those were simpler days…..

    • gepops58

      Yep lots of cap pistols holsters and roll and rolls of greenie stickem caps everybody got shot but nobody ever got hurt and everybody was inside to watch gunsmoke

    • MyronJPoltroonian

      1947 for me, and, yes, “Those were the days … “, indeed.

      • Dave Phelps

        I am with you there

  • Roger Anderson

    Well, as long as he dies…………….at least we’ll be able to blame a “LIBTARD”……………………for MURDER>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.

  • Pam Dunn

    ANY prospector in the Wilds of Alaska that doesn’t CARRY a weapon (454 Cal Pistol or even a 44 Mag) is purely and absolutely STUPID and looking to provide a free meal to a Polar bear or Grizzly.

  • Dan S.

    These libturds are soooooo ridiculous. It is funny how they THINK they are so smart and have all the right answers

  • gepops58

    It is very sad that these idiots have to ruin everything we knew as children especially a classic like Rudolph, I guess these so called helpers of society just can’t enjoy even a children’s story that I must admit I watched every year with all my children and even though they are all grown and gone we still watch it now with the grandchildren.Personally I could not watch it if one stinking part was changed for any reason,no matter what good deeds these fools think they are doing….ya know these morons are responsible for messing up just countless volumes of great literature not to mention scores of otherwise bright children only due to their very insecure minds…I reckon they think everybody is that way,they should be told “not so liberals are sick between the ears”

    • longshorts

      Adolf Hitler did the same thing. He ordered the burning of ALL books that did not fit his vision of a Thousand Year Reich. And, very sadly, and so despicably, it is happening here. Perhaps we should offer Obama a gun, and a cyanide pill, then put him in his bunker to contemplate his wrongs.

  • Bruce Lee

    I bet Killary Clinton is wetting her bed tonight over

    Yukon Cornelius. Just the thought of soIdiers in Benghazi defending themselves make her wet her bed.

  • Frogman17

    Absolute and total insanity rules the day

  • bull57

    These gun confiscation nuts need to lock themselves in their homes or move to NY where people aren’t allowed guns! Sorry to tell them the rest of us have guns and are going to keep them!!!

    • Worship Dancer

      personally they should move to chicago and enjoy the inner city “drums”

      • bull57

        Oh, so true. A place where only the outlaws have weapons and use them without hesitation. 6 months there would convert them I bet!!!

  • retiredbobinFla.

    That does it——–I’m not buying one !!!

  • Petertimber

    bedwetting liberalism is a mental disorder and removing a firearm from a cartoon character doll facsimile to assuage the quivering sensuous neurotics let loose upon society when the Constitution of the United States approves bearing arms makes these neurotics laughable

  • nodoor

    Do not buy any more of the action pr!cks

  • CaptTurbo

    The whack-jobs took the gun away from the cowboy figure in Toy Story Three as well.

    • TexasJester

      Woody no gotum gun? OH NO!

      And it’s getting VERY hard to find old Bugs Bunny and Co cartoons any more… All that VIOLENCE!! How many times in one cartoon does Daffy Duck get his bill blown off? Or does Bugs turn the shotgun barrel around on Elmer Fudd? And then there’s Yosemite Sam and his 6-guns! The MURDEROUS intend of these cartoons — they’ll damage the poor children’s fragile psyches! And how many times should have Wile E. died in every cartoon?

      Phooey. I LOVE those cartoons, even to this day. I have NEVER gone on a murderous rampage, nor have I wanted to. (Well…..) Sorry, libtards….

  • They have no respect for tradition, it’s the same reason some schools have renamed “tug-o-war” as “tug-o-peace,” they want to turn our children into useless pacifists.

  • Evan White

    If we not have guns, the govetnment should NOT have guns ether. Obozo is more of a danger than us. Keep gubs away from the tyrant un the white hoyse

  • Evan White

    Obama is like the 10 year old girl in The Exorcist.

  • Evan White

    Obama is demonicly possessed.

    • the_puppy

      Yeah, and Ronald Reagan who:

      – Traded cocaine for arms and money
      – Ordered the CIA to overthrow the democratically elected government of Nicaragua
      – Supported Contra Death Squads who gang raped and murdered American nuns
      – Committed treason by illegally (against a direct act of Congress) transferring American weapons to Iran,

      was a saint.

  • longshorts

    Obama and his “czars” are all total waste of space on this Planet. They are also “vacuum packed” and “irradiated” from the shoulders up. I wish I had a catapult that would send these crazy like a fox characters into a Sun related orbit. Their destruction by the Sun would give us a small net increase of sunlight for the solar power systems – they would be very “green” for the first time in their lives.

  • marineh2ominer

    Isn’t that the other way around ? If we did not have morons we wood not have leftists , liberals , progressives , socialists , communists , muslims , tyrants , and dictators !

  • stevor

    So, those who have a version with the gun will have a VALUABLE collector’s item? I hope so.

  • Shamas

    What we are witnessing today is actually very excited when one ponders it closely. On the one hand, God-fearing American citizens are being persecuted and demoralized because they believe in “God and Country” ….in that order.
    On the other hand, we have the little Satanic minions running around who also believe God exists, but would rather insist they don’t. If they were to admit that God’s exists, they would also have to acknowledge that God owns the Earth and that HIS rules apply to everyone. Indeed, those same minions are absolutely terrified and rebellious of God, which is why they oppose Him at every opportunity.
    So in their little minion minds, in order to “prove” to themselves that God-fearing Americans are “wrong”, the “humanist” minions are seek to build a gun-free Utopia on the Earth with the government as their parental god.
    With the parental government god here to take care to their every need, the humanist minions can remain children.. never having to mature mentally and never have think or do for themselves ever again. And, they never have to think about the welfare of others ever again. Only their own wants needs are important to them.
    Yes…folks…this Utopian dream is better known as Social Communism.
    Indeed, It has been tried many times in the past and has always….always…always …collapsed into a miserable failure. Communism always ends with millions of sheeple citizens being tortured, starved to death, and severely oppressed in poverty. When the public at large stops doing their own thinking, and has no motivation to improve themselves, that Nation is destined to die an agonizing and tragic death. Plain and simple.
    Today, in the God-fearing US, we are seeing the “grain” (believers) being separated from the “chaff” (non-believers) just as Jesus described in the Book of Mathew. The “grain” are those who have anchored themselves in Jesus Christ and His Heavenly Utopia. The “Chaff” are those who call themselves Liberals, Progressives,and Democrats,…I e., Humanists…. and have anchored themselves in the dream of ‘One World Global’ utopia that is controlled by a government god made up entirely of flawed and corrupt human beings.
    But the truth those people willfully refuse to realize is, all their efforts…I.,e persecuting Christians, lusting after their own arrogance, lusting after power and other people’s possessions, and self-pride… these are all a complete waste of time and energy! It is God who will have the last word in everything. It is God who will destroy the chaff and keep the grain. It is God who will destroy the world and rebuild it to suit himself.
    Indeed, Satan himself believes in Jesus Christ..”and he trembles.” Which is why the “humanist” chaff on Earth are trying so hard NOT to believe. To them, as long as God’s Judgement remains out of their sight and out of their minds, they feel safe. The BIG surprise is yet to come!
    God Bless America

    • the_puppy

      It’s a kids movie Shamas – calm down. Oh, and don’t buy any large amounts of nitrate fertilizer – ever, unless you like cavity searches and want to know the full extent of the DHS definition of “rendition”, and what living for in a 4 by 8 cell, without charge and without legal representation, for the rest of your life, is like.

      Remember :

      “Forgive those who transgress against us.” – Lord’s Prayer
      “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.” – Jesus, Mathew 5:9
      “Turn the other cheek” You know who, Luke 6:29, Matthew 5:39
      “Never let the bastards win!”, Hunter S. Thompson

  • Worship Dancer

    yukon ALWAYS had a pickax. he used it to look for silver and gold. used to plunge the pickax into the snow then lick the pickax and then exclaim “Nothing.” but yea his pistol is missing.

    • bulletsfirst

      I believe that you are right Dancer, but did he have it on his belt or was is kept in his back pack? I feel like he would reach behind him to get it. But to be clear, I am not anti pickax, just feel he should also have his trusty gun, part of his life sustaining supplies.

  • Coffee49

    As of Jan. 1 any new yorker in possession of a modern sporting rifle that has failed to personally register that firearm on line or in person is in violation of the UNSAFE act and subject to arrest. I assume albany is building an 18 story prison for those individuals. Should fill up pretty fast, i am still curious as to which agency will carry out the arrest warrants.

  • Ed Morris

    Don’t buy any more of those toys! .. its pretty easy to fix some problems, hurt them in their Pockets!! When they realize they are losing money maybe they will open their eyes to what they are doing!

  • Krystal Joly

    You guys do realize even the toys and ornaments from the 90’s and 80’s don’t have the gun….right? Or is it just because this guy made this article to get everyone riled up that we now notice the toys, don’t carry the guns? *forehead rub* I’m all for gun rights, but when writers are hunting for reasons to get people in a tiff, to the point they drag in (without credible source of why the gun isn’t included) a children’s toy, then that becomes an issue.
    Go out, get your children nerf guns, and airsoft guns, teach them gun safety with the airsoft, those things hurt, and we all were kids who loved to pop our sibling in the arms with them, and get over it. I’ve rarely in my life seen them throw the gun on the ornaments, or the toys, it’s probably due to how small it is, and how awkwardly it fits inside the belt. Again, panties out of a twist.

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  • the_puppy

    It’s a child’s toy, not part of a Special Forces training kit. Lighten up. This is not a Hollywood liberal conspiracy – IT’S A TOY!. You should not buy it because it’s made in China and not here. You should not buy it because it’s not educational. You should not buy it because it’s useless plastic junk.

    Historical accuracy? It’s a kid’s Christmas special. I never complained that John Wayne never seemed to need to reload. I doubt it ever had a six-gun accessory (Cornelius did have a pickaxe in the movie though). Should Mattel make a GI Barbie complete with M4 and M9? (Well, actually, that would be pretty cool – I’d buy one).

    And to all you trolls out there: I do not like any toy guns. It makes children disrespect the real thing. I was taught how to safely handle a firearm and shoot at 6 years and hunt at 8. Children should be trained with real guns, not toys. Firearms are tools, not toys and children need to be trained to use them responsibly. To bad Jerome Hauer, Cuomo’s Dir. of Homeland Security, seems to have parents that gave him a lot of toy guns since he still treats them as toys:

    BTW – Hauer, who is not a law enforcement officer, he’s a desk jockey paper pusher, has a New York state concealed carry permit while most NY residents can not get one. Remind you of the Soviet era communist officials that could shop in commissars-only special stores for foreign goods – chocolates, perfume, whisky – in Moscow while the average proletariat shivered in a line for a ration of a few potatoes?

    The Yukon is in Canada (and the voice of Yukon Cornelius was Canadian Larry D. Mann who recently passed away at 91). Open carry of a handgun is illegal in Canada. It was back in the Klondike days of the 1890’s as well. That’s historically accurate and the toy reflects that fact, the movie does not.

    One more thing, the pistol is still in the stop action (not claymation) movie which was made by the Liberal Hollywood Anti-gun Elite

    Stop wasting ammunition firing at phantom liberal conspiracies and draw your bead on the DHS and the NSA – real Stalinist style organizations that read your mail, monitor your telephone and Internet use and have an agenda to take away your rights and already have, saying it’s to protect you from terrorists when really it’s supporting the terrorists by making us less free and more like the terrorists.

    Tell the government with your vote that we do not need these “protections”. The terrorists should be afraid of our freedom, our democracy, and all of us.

  • dhildemann

    Wah wah wah the liberals wah wah wah Shut the fuck up already.

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