Day One of CPAC in the books

Hello faithful readers.  Since I hadn’t mentioned this before I am covering CPAC which is taking place in Maryland this year.  Because of that of course, your intrepid Pennsylvanian is disarmed because apparently free people (and gun manufacturers) aren’t welcome here.

Putting that aside, what did I learn on Day 1?

If you like red meat, CPAC is the place for you.  Some of it came across as genuine, such as Ted Cruz’s declaration to “Abolish the IRS” while others came across as pandering, like Mitch McConnell strolling on stage waving a black powder rifle.

When Cruz talks about abolishing the IRS I believe him.  When McConnell tries to channel Charlton Heston I find it wanting.

And the crowd by and large seemed to agree with my sentiment.  While other speakers enjoyed overwhelming ovations McConnell was treated with a smattering of light clapping.  The only time when he received anything one would call “thunderous” applause was when he handed off the rifle to Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma as a gift commemorating his retirement…but really that was to Coburn more than to McConnell.

By and large not too much gun talk to be had but gun owners aren’t one dimensional and other topics of interest were covered.

In the exhibitor section you find a wide range of groups, among which was the Liberty Alliance, covering every Conservative issue one would find important.

Another thing about variety, while it didn’t stick out to me because I’m not a race baiting liberal full of hate I will mention (for the sake of the intolerant left), the diversity of those gathered, which was extensive.   Some of which you will see when I finish editing the video piece I am doing for CPAC.  Both young and old, women and men, colors and creeds as diverse as this country were all represented.

In regards to the speeches one thing that did stick in my mind was something that Chris Christie had said:

We don’t get to govern if we don’t win.

That sticks with me because we, as gun owners, need to elect pro gun representatives.  Not ones that talk a big game but roll over when the moment of truth comes.  And I’m not just talking about Democrats but also compromising Republicans who will fold on the Second Amendment when it is politically expedient for them to do so.

On a completely unrelated topic, Sen Pat Toomey also spoke today.

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