CPAC day 3: Rand Paul Rolls and guns take center stage

Rand Paul won the 2014 CPAC straw poll in commanding fashion by nearly triple the total of 2nd place finisher Ted Cruz.

And thus ends the 2014 Conservative Political Action Conference.

The third day of the conservative bonanza found guns and the 2nd Amendment front and center.  The NRA ran a program debunking gun control myths and instruction on how to talk to mouth drooling gun control zealots.  It was a rather interesting refresher course for me.  Video and a more in depth write up will come next week.

After NRA University the main stage held a forum entitled: More Guns Less Crime.  The forum consisted of Emily Miller, Milwaukee Sherriff David Clark, Former US Rep. Sandy Adams and was moderated by Chris Cox.

I recorded the entire forum and will be bringing that to you with commentary next week as well.

All in all the attendees of CPAC left with a renewed vigor for the upcoming mid term elections so we will see if it carries through til November.


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