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Intelligent Life Found In New York?

Since I will be keeping a close eye on the upcoming New York gubernatorial election, as gun control and gun rights will be at its center thanks to Cuomo’s tyrannical and asininely named SAFE Act, I take an opportunity to read the local periodicals when I get the chance.

It was in doing so that I was pleasantly surprised the the liberal rag The Schenectady Gazette had the courage to actually print a letter to the editor from a person I can only imagine is a reader of mine.  Because Don Steciak of Schenectady pretty much wrote a piece that might as well come from my own hand.

Take a look at some of the good old fashioned common sense that seems to still exist in pockets of New York:

Gun Control not right solution to random shootings

On May 23, another nut case went on a rampage, in California this time.  Seven people dead, including the shooter; the mainstream media’s portrayal once again misleadingly focused on the use of firearms.  You have to expend a little more effort, read more than just the headline and the first paragraph of the story to notice what really happened, to understand the hypocrisy of the gun-control agenda.

Elliot Rodger is a mass killer, not a mass shooter.  That’s because his maniacal repertoire included handguns, a machete, a hammer and a car.  He shot four people to death, including himself.  He also stabbed three people to death and he intentional hit three with his car, severely injuring at least one of them.

Why aren’t progressive anti-gunners calling for knife control laws and automobile control laws?  Do they find it acceptable for people to be injured and killed with these weapons? Why is there a call for more gun control as a possible solution to mass killings, this one in particular?

California is known for its existing strict gun control laws.  They didn’t prevent this, they failed; just as any additional gun control laws will only provide a false sense of security.

Perhaps a call for knife and automobile control sounds ludicrous to you.  It sounds no more ludicrous to me than the cry for additional gun control.  Chicago has proven this with its extremely restrictive gun control laws, which helped to elevate it to the country’s murder capital in 2012.  It’s another blatant example of the failure of gun control policies.

The progressive anti gun crow is once again swaddling itself in the blood of the victims, calling for more gun control while refusing to acknowledge that their policies have repeatedly failed.  Gun control creates a plethora of helpless victims for the Rodgers, the Lanzas and the Holmeses out there.

The start truth is that there is no end-all solution to this problem.  There is only the hop to minimize the damage by accepting that people have the right to defend themselves and the right to choose how to defend themselves

– Don Steciak

To Mr. Steciak I have to say, well said.  Now, being a Pennsylvanian I am used to hearing this grounded, common sense logic from people all the time.  But to read it in a liberal New York Newspaper without any snide or demeaning commentary added by the editing board is really eye opening.

Can there still be people who believe in freedom and liberty in the Empire State?  A state that has elected reprobates like Cuomo and Bloomberg, hypocrites like Gillibrand and Schumer, scumbags like Spitzer and Weiner?

Is New York as a whole ready to take that step forward to reclaim their state and wrest it from the hands of tyrants and petty dictators?

If there are more people with clear eyes and full hearts and sound reasoning like Don Steciak, then maybe…just maybe this November the long slide into the mire that New York has been on can be turned around.

Here’s to hoping.


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  • ron

    There’s a lot of us like Mr.Steciak in New York, have faith.

    • Devi


  • maddog2008

    It is a shame that people in upstate NY has to be ruled by the lowlifes from downstate. 90% of the downstate voters are liberal/progressive or living on the government teat so they always vote for the party that gives them their “entitlements”, IE: DEMOCRATS. I believe that the voters in NYC and on LI out number us upstate voters something like 9 to 1.

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  • govtrumbull

    Not all New Yorker’s are liberals, in fact Upstate New York; especially Warren, Washington and other northern New York counties, are in fact quite conservative. I am a transplanted Nevadan now, having left New York State by way of Maryland, Utah and then Missouri, before moving to Nevada. I remember the huge victories that we initially won in our Congressional District when we defeated Ned Pattison (D) and elected Jerry Solomon who was a staunch conservative.

    People need to understand that New York City and the lower counties of New York has the largest percentage (more than half) of the State’s population and that is where the liberals rule the roost. Just like people call people from the South “rednecks,” and people from Appalachia “hillbillies,” the people from the “city” call the people in Northern New York “Apple Pickers.” That is because people from the North are; or used to be; dairy and orchard farmers.

    They have the same type of disdain for people who live in rural ares, as people from Los Angeles have for people in Northern California. Liberals everywhere are a pretty snobby, bigoted, know-it-all bunch, that attack traditional American values and traditions.

    This is a note just to say that many people who live in New York, New Hampshire and Maine are conservatives and in fact are more conservative in some ways than the electorate of Nevada. After all, they gave the Nation Harry Reid, and Nevada is ranked first in a whole bunch of categories that no State would want to admit that they are first. But those facts are for another discussion.

    Yes the liberals rule New York, but the power is centralized in the big cities and in the South of the State. Just like you cannot judge Northern Californians from what happens in L.A., you can’t judge all of New York State from NYC.

  • MmeMoxie

    @govtrumbull:disqus — You are so on point, especially about California. There has been many, many discussions about “dividing” California, into 2 states. I grew up in the Land of the Fruits, Nuts and Flakes, called the Los Angeles area, mainly the infamous San Fernando Valley. I am also, a Constitutional Conservative, which makes for lots of disagreements, with the locals. Northern California is so different from Southern California, that it makes your head spin. However, in the case of California, it’s the Northern California that “rules the roost” in California, in so many ways, many that are counter productive to the state. This is only one of many, many reasons, that California is “going under.” I am sure that, if, you looked at New York’s political arena, there would be many, many similarities.

    I now, live in the South, in Metro Atlanta. What a different political atmosphere, it is down in the South. In “studying” the political history of the South, it basically has mostly been conservative, in it’s political thinking. Yes, at one time the South was a Democrat solid backing … Not so, in today’s arena. It has become mostly a Republican backing. Why? Simply, because the Democrats have left any assemblance of “conservatism”, so far behind them, that they honestly, alienated the South completely. Most Southerners believe that the state should have more “control” over what goes on within each state … That runs against the Democrats philosophy, these days.

  • Conrad Gabbard

    Failed? People, pretty much universally, cause reactions whenever we do something to, with or around other people. If we expect nothing and nothing positive or negative happens, there’s no issue. When we get a reaction that we like, we’ll repeat whatever trigger we’ve put into place until the level of success we’re looking for is reached, or the situation changes requiring us to rethink our efforts. If our efforts trigger something we do not want, we cease rather quickly. Have gun-free zones saved lives – or cost lives? They’re obviously getting the results their advocates want. If they’re such good ideas, why haven’t the anti-gunners put “gun-free zone” signs around their homes – and why does the same logic not apply to schools and other public places?

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