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Jackbooted thug with badge kills another unarmed member of an innocent family

If you are like me you consider your dog part of the family.  It seems more and more that certain police officers view them as target practice.

In Salt Lake City, hundreds of people have protested in from of the SLPD against the summary execution of lovable Geist the Weimaraner.

You might be saying to yourself that perhaps we here at Bullets First are getting too soft hearted and cannot accept that a dog had to be shot.  That’s not the case here.  Geist wasn’t a roving dog attacking children, not a trained fighter who would snap at anyone, not a rabid monster.

No, Geist was a lovable family pet whose only “crime” was being in his fenced in and locked yard.

It was there in his fenced in backyard that the gray Weimaraner was was shot dead by a police officer who was searching for a missing boy.

Police said the dog was shot after he approached the officer in an “aggressive manner.”

The boy was later found sleeping in his home.

Let me dissect all that FAIL in that above three sentences.

First, at no point do I hear anything even coming CLOSE to probably cause that would allow a police officer to trespass on someones private property.  He didn’t hear any boy cry out, didn’t notice anything that could have given him the slightest inkling that trespassing would have gained him anything in finding the boy.

Secondly, the dog approached the officer in an “aggressive manner.”  To me that sounds about as truthful as when a cop shoots an unarmed man and says he was going for a gun…that never existed.  The aggressive manner was probably Geist coming over to see what was going on…it tears at my heart to imagine that Geist was wagging his tail as the cold blooded murderer laughed while finally getting a chance to kill something.

Thirdly, THE BOY WAS FOUND SLEEPING IN HIS HOME.  That is some crack detective work there Salt Lake Police Officers.  Did no one think to…I don’t know…CHECK THE HOUSE, before they went on their dog slaughtering ways.

Of course this is all compounded by the flippant and disdainful way the police have responded to the incident.

Sgt. Joseph Cyr stated in regards to the canine killer “We entered the yard looking for a lost child.  He was threatened by the dog and shot the dog. That’s as simple as it gets.”

I knew a women with an irrational fear of dogs…does that mean she can go ahead and start murdering them at will…because she feels threatened by them all…regardless of any danger.

The dogs owner, Sean Kendall, in response to Sgt Cyr’s cavalier tone responded:

“So I get to bury my dog because an officer couldn’t back up and close the f—— gate.”

These are the types of situations where a police officer needs to be fired.  The unnamed officer is guilty of one of two things.  Either he has an itchy trigger finger and likes to kill things OR he doesn’t have the nerve to respond according to a situation at which point any person who finds themselves on the wrong side of his gun may be shot on sight for no reason than the appearance of a threat…or rather the irrational perception of a dysfunctional police officer.

But by all means…let’s continue to militarize our police departments while disarming the populace…because Bob Barker’s spaying and neutering is not controlling the pet population enough for the Government’s liking.



  • mark

    Sue the bastards!

  • Doc

    If the dog was actually Attacking him yes he was with in his rights to shoot . He should backed out closed the gate he you refused to restrain the the dog he was obligated to call in report the situation then command would have said yes or no help is on the way or yes shoot the dog . Either way if he was in immediate danger then he could of shot in self defense . I had a similar situation door bell rang I hollered out I’m coming the officer opened the door my Great Dane bolted out the door the officer realizing what he had done grabbed the dog by the collar held him as long as he could and he had to let go big dog more powerful then folks realize . He was pissed he gotten a report of loud music it was the people next door who shut of all their lights so the house looked empty raising all kinds of hell I didn’t report it because it was May 5th enjoy the party. Wrong address when he saw that 170 lb dog coming at him he could of clubbed him tasseled him deadly force no it wasn’t necessary . Thank God the officer that showed up at my house had some common sense. A nine mm round probably went through your dog and wound up where ? I hope you did take legal action against this trigger happy cop . They have mace taser Batton it was handle wrong there many other option then putting down you dog . Sorry for your loss

    • Kenneth Kirkham

      “If the dog was actually Attacking him yes he was with in his rights to shoot” …that is complete BS! That cop had zero reason to enter that property. If there were “dangerous” dogs there he still does not have a “right” to enter the property. What the hell country do you live in where any officer without ANY reason can enter your home, yard, garage?

      • oldman67

        Unfortunately, the USA.

        • Kenneth Kirkham

          Last I checked we are a nations of laws. Too bad the cops either don’t know them or follow them.

          • TexasOlTimer

            Oops…apparently you didn’t get the memo. We are now a nation of men and no longer a nation of laws. They only exist to be used by the liberals when they are in their favor. The guy in the White House waves them away with his magic fiat wand or writes new ones when he wants to. Anyone in law enforcement appears to do the same thing – ignore laws or tell you you’re breaking on that isn’t even on the books. It’s an upside down world we now live in.

          • Gray2Hairs

            On this 4th of July it seems we need a new Declaration of Independence. It is difficult to believe that we have allowed this to happen.

          • TexasOlTimer

            We don’t need either a new Declaration of Independence or Constitution. We need a completely new government that will follow what is already in place. They worked fine until those idiots came along that didn’t think they had to follow the oath they took.

          • Gray2Hairs

            The Oath! Most Americans took an oath to defend this country against enemies both foreign and domestic. These new leaders not only do not keep the oath they have made lying the most common method of speech.

      • scot_belle

        Actual self-defense…I have no argument against, but that’s really not at issue here.

        Apparently, the fence….is a SEE-THROUGH type, which to me means…that the cop did NOT have to enter the yard to ascertain if there was a child in there….so why did the IDIOT open the gate to go in…when he could plainly see a very large dog inside?

        Did he think that a 3 year old child could open that gate? I doubt it. On both counts, first the child probably couldn’t reach the latch, and secondly…I just get the huge impression……that the cop did NOT use his brain for more than a hat rack!!

        As for entering the yard….in this case a “missing child” apparently qualifies as being “probable cause.” I suppose, this could include a private home, garage and yard.

        My question THIS event though is….with a see-thru fence and the whole yard visible
        …why did he have to enter the yard at all? IMHO…the cop wasn’t using his brain!!

        • gomurr

          He should have knocked on the door, explained the situation, and asked to search the yard. The owner could have then retrieved his dog first.

          Never mind…..that makes too much sense.

  • rjhollydog

    There is more to this story, and not in the officers defense, he was looking in the back yard for a lost 3 year old child, the gate was secured, so 1) how could the 3 year old get in there?, and 2) if the officer thought the 3 year old could be in the yard, why would he discharge his weapon? The folks in this city are not sitting this one out, we will get to the truth and we will hold the police department responsible.

    • DrSique

      Make sure that you don’t just hold officer trigger happy responsible but sgt. douche bag as well, for not doing his job in overseeing his command and/or investigating this shooting incident.

    • chamuiel

      Good, go after him.

  • colsooonscoorner

    Too many cops killing things. Whether it’s shooting a dog in his own yard or CHP beating a man to death during a traffic stop. It make you wonder anymore if you can trust them, Saw a video this AM where the cop thought a guy in a wheelchair bumped his foot deliberately, then knocked him out of his chair an arrested him. The charges were dropped when the video showed the court what happened.

    • pete0097

      There are 2 reasons why people become cops 1. to be able to drive fast and not get in trouble even if they wreck the car and 2. so they can shoot a gun and not have to pay for it.

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  • durabo

    Sue the hell out of the SS man and his department!

  • Joseph Mertens

    Another law enFARCEment Officer you people pay for your own enslavement.

  • ADRoberts

    Illegal search. I don’t care who he was looking for. There is NO excuse for entering a yard belonging to someone without permission. And to claim that the dog threatened him? He was just looking for an excuse or he is a coward. Maybe, he wanted to get some paid time off for being involved in a shooting.

    • wdcraftr

      So, a Dog isn’t suppose to respond to an Intruder? Don’t they call them Watch Dogs? Walk into 90% of the yards in America with a Dog, and it will growl, bark, and maybe even attack you.. That’s what they are Supposed to do.. Now I have to train my dog to run from Cops who Don’t have a search warrant?

      • TexasOlTimer

        Train your dog to run from a cop? It’ll only be shot in the back of the head – you see, it might turn around and come back. It’s already happened.

  • BoobieTheRocketDog

    The PD never named the officer and they got him off the premises FAST. Get a name. Get even.

  • Destry

    Why the hell are police departments hiring so many thugs and putting badges on them. The attitude seems to be that if they carry a badge they have carte blanche to do anything they want under the color of law.

    • gomurr

      You just answered your own question.

      • Destry

        Not really. The question of why they’re hired in the first place isn’t addressed, only the attitude they have after being hired.

        • gomurr

          Think real hard.

          • Destry

            Are you deliberately obtuse or are you just that way naturally?

          • gomurr

            They’re hiring them precisely because they either fire at the least little provocation, or have no qualms about shooting your dog, your kids, or beating the crap out of you. They want them violent and compliant.

          • Destry

            That does not answer the question of why, it’s just the result of hiring these thugs, the question is and remains… why do police departments hire people with the mentality that leads them to do these reprehensible things and then won’t hold them accountable for their actions?

          • gomurr

            Yes, it does. Really, am not trying to be obtuse.

            Much as I hate to say this, they’re hiring people quick to pull the trigger or who are brutal thugs, because they won’t have any problem beating, maiming, or killing the unruly masses if martial law is enacted (and martial law seems to be plan).

          • Destry

            Ok, I’ll try one last time. It’s the hiring policies and practices that allow so many cops with the thuggery trait. Why do hiring policies and practices allow this to happen? It’s the politicians in charge that allow it; they are the ones that hold the purse strings and pass laws that govern how various law enforcement agencies screen prospective recruits. Why is this happening? You keep stating the result of the hiring practice; not the reasons the screening and hiring practices allow people with thuggish tendencies to become law enforcement officers.
            The only explanation for this is that the vast majority of our politicians, at all levels, is that the interiors of their craniums are complete vacuums.

          • gomurr

            I’m sorry if I’m not being clear.

            Our LEO and police departments are becoming more and more militarized, not only as far as personnel goes, but they are receiving, from the Pentagon and DHS, such things as tanks, weapons, and armored vehicles. Some of the police departments are in very small owns; most should never have any occasion to use such thinks.

            Our government is deliberately preparing our LEOs to react a certain way, and, to have at their disposal, maximum force, in preparation of Martial Law. They plan on enacting it, either as a result of people rising up due to an economic collapse, forceful disarmament, the UN Agenda 21, or for whatever reason they want.

            That IS the WHY. The Globalists are planning on destroying our borders and our sovereignty for the North American Union and UN Agenda 21, under which every aspect of our lives will be controlled and monitored. This is their NWO. They know America will not go quietly. Hence, they are creating an increasingly brutal police force who will have no qualms using gestapo tactics against the American people.

          • Combat Veteran Seabee

            But that force can and will return from the other side with a meaningful vengence and purpose, our Soverienty!

    • pete0097

      My wife was a psychologist for the courts and one of her duties was to perform psychological evaluations on future cops. She said most did not have the psychological profile of a good cop, they were more like the criminals they would be going after.

  • carolskey

    Where is PETA when they could actually do some good? Despicable behavior! God please bring your comfort to Sean in his time of sadness!

    • Bandit

      The thugs with peta do not want people to have or own dogs in fact they have on a number of occasions tried to have the private ownership of dogs outlawed.

      • rodermck

        PETA is the same thing as the jack booted police officer !!.. They just do it’s different way by protesting anything they don’t like also we need police officers we sure the hell don’t need PETA in there present form!!..

        • linda

          Saw a T-shirt with the following…laughed well over that one!

          P-eople E-atingT-asty A-nimals

  • mjem

    Who’s the mongrel here…

  • Public_Citizen

    At a minimum there is trespass and unlawful discharge of a firearm.
    More probably, you’ve got someone who is incapable of distinguishing an actual threat from an everyday situation, a totally unacceptable and intolerable situation where public safety is involved.

    Worst case scenario, psycho-killer-cop. The only thing separating him from a potential mass murder is that he is hiding behind a badge.

    • TexasOlTimer

      And the cops protect their own. No matter what they do unless it is a truly criminal act on their personal time i.e. kill their wife in a dispute, they will always be found to be in compliance with the rules and regulations of the local force.

  • Finkster

    Where are the PEOPLE for the ETHICAL TREATMENT for ANIMALS and all their outrage?
    Oh that’s right, they are supporters of the National Socialist and their agenda.

  • Sunshine Kid

    The fact that the police were looking for a missing child, the moment they found the presence of a barking dog should be enough to say “Kid’s not here” and go away, but no, they have the authority (they think) to illegally search property without any warrant, and everything should be peachy for them. I think the policeman, his boss, and everyone involved in the search should face no less than an unpaid suspension, the policeman that fired the gun fired, jailed and forced to pay for the dog, the dog owner’s distress, and punitive damages. If it breaks that policeman financially, then so much the better, in my humble opinion.

    • TexasOlTimer

      Back in the late ’90s, I lived in an apartment in Tucson. A few blocks away a young child was abducted in daylight from her front yard by a large black man in a white panel van as described by witnesses. The cops went in pairs door to door in the neighborhood. When they came to my apartment, they asked which car was mine and I pointed to a dark blue one. They then asked to search my apartment and seemed shocked when I said no. I am neither large, nor black, nor drive a white vehicle much less a panel van. I told them if they thought they had probable cause to come back with a search warrant and I’l be happy to let them. I honestly thought they would but I never saw them again. I thought that was shocking … little did I know it was only a tiny taste of what would be coming.

    • violater1

      10-4 Sunshine! Right on!

  • PT

    Rule number 1! when dealing with a missing child is SEARCH the house thoroughly, then search it again. Already the list of mistakes is growing.

  • buzzman1

    Hey lots of serial killers get their start torturing and killing pets. Its desensitizing them to the next step of killing kids then adults.

  • James Cooke

    And down the road, when the SHTF, (“when”, not “if”) it’s sterling, “serve and protect” officers like this who will protect us all from the black hat bad guys! And officers just like this are found all across this country, armed with surplus military gear and just itching to put on their new SWAT uniform and shoot up a bunch of hollow-point bullets, from sea to shining sea. Doesn’t that just give you a warm fuzzy feeling?

    • TexasOlTimer

      Between incidents like this and the SWAT teams a/k/a military in disguise breaking into homes (frequently wrong addresses or for non-violent incidents) in the middle of the night killing anyone that appears to be protecting themselves, how do you teach your children to respect the police? We once were told that they were our friends. Now we’re learning to treat them as our enemies. It’s no longer the America we once knew – it’s bizarro world come to life.

  • Lee Dutra

    Being an animal lover I understand there are those who think of animals as objects to be used, or discarded at will. I wonder if aggression shown in this way might indeed be a sign of a psychological defect that might end up in unnecessary aggression towards humans. I have the utmost regard and appreciation for the men and women of law enforcement, but there are bad apples in every bunch.

  • Larry Gordon

    If he can kill a dog so easily, he will kill a human too. He needs to be held accountable for this before he does kill a man or woman.

    • Rhonda Hunt

      How a person treats his pets or others pets is a good reflection of how he will treat people as well,especially under pressure,there are many Good police officers,it only takes a few bad ones to make them all look bad,because you can’t tell by looking which one is bad,and which one is Good,unless you know them personally.Our National political leaders are corrupt and lawless,its normal for it to filter down through the ranks,just as we see taking place in our nation now,they will probably think if the president can get away with it why can’t they.—Jim Hunt

      • thomschmitt

        Your statement; “How a person treats his pets or others pets is a good reflection of how he will treat people as well,”

        I got news for you,… I’ll take up with any Animal any day! But not with the one that walks upright!


    • thomschmitt

      Or a child … !

    • gomurr

      Of course he can. Why do you think these trigger happy wimps and steroid eating thugs are being

      hired as LEOs? They’re getting ready.

    • Glenn H

      Or three year old child! Just say’n

  • Robert Galloway

    Sounds like an immature chicken sh… cop. If you really need this guy, put him on desk duty until he retires. Get somebody from a K9 unit or insist on adequate “Dog Training’ for the guys you put on the street.

  • CountryBoy

    It doesn’t sound like that dog was chewing on the officer’s leg or arm , so that means that the office was NOT in fear of his life….. the Officer must then have Mental problems and should be relieved of duty.. this guy needs some Serious Therapy …

  • Chiweenie

    My mind is reeling on this one. I want to say that I hate cops, but I know that there are plenty of good ones out there, as well as plenty of thugs with badges. I hope they sue the hell out of him. I hope he loses his job. I hope he has to resort to being a minimum wage Wackenhut night security guard.

    • Lester

      He won’t lose his job, unless the lawsuit goes against the city and they have to pay for this low-life’s transgression. I do not understand why a city manager would not look into this (I am not a lawyer, so maybe he does not have the authority to do so) and if the Patrol Sergeant and the Chief of Police do not fire this sorry assed excuse for a human being, then the owner should include them in the lawsuit. My family has had law enforcement personnel serving the citizens of their county or Parish, but none of them ever did this.

  • TexasOlTimer

    There are so many of these reports now – many are just dogs that are barking (they do that at strangers) and many are in fenced yards. Some have shot the dogs while they are with their owners – be they adults or children. It seems that more and more cops show up at the wrong address to serve a warrant or for a civil matter and the family dog is shot.

    Recently in Austin, a home alarm went off. The owner informed the police that it was a false alarm. Apparently the front door hadn’t been shut well and came open. He told the police he was headed home and there was no need for them to go to the home. It appears they were already in route and arrived at the home. In spite of being told it was a false alarm, they went inside. The family had a large elderly dog that slept in a room at the back of the house. The dog was not agile and it took some time for it to get up (as happens when any of us get older!). It was shot 7 times. The local police ruled that the dog was aggressive and threatened the police. They didn’t try to explain how an elderly dog that couldn’t move very fast could threaten several men who could have easily left the house.

  • trishae61

    That is pure and simple dog ABUSE, I wonder how that person, I refuse to call someone like that a police office, like it if someone, went into his backyard, without probable cause and killed his dog. I bet 10 to 1 he’d have a hizzy fit!!!! Kick the scumbag to the curb and off of the police force, and do it before too many people rise up and go after him themselves!!!!

  • lokiswife

    There is a constant stream of stories of dog shootings, abuse of children/the elderly/handicapped and other egregious acts of abuse against the innocent and the unarmed. Does anyone else suspect that this is to get us so used to this that we accept it as normal behavior?

  • The entire chain of command at this police station should be reprimanded, demoted and or relieve of duty. I would think any person with common sense would know that you do not trespass, you do not open and enter a gated area without knowing there is a risk, and be prepared to leave the area if the risk emerges. Would anyone think a dog that requires killing actually may be harboring a lost child.

  • monacall

    The dog, if it’s true being aggressive to this intruder the cop, in my opinion was doing its job. PROTECTING. The cop would have been shot if it was my dog he killed.

  • Eduardo

    Don’t police officers carry pepper spray, or do they only use it only to spray peace loving students sitting around on campus because it would look bad on camera if they shot them.

    • jim

      right he could have tazed the dog …hell they have no problem tazing woman children wheelchair bound people or drunks

  • jeremy

    Wow what a Nazi cop. He just wanted to shoot that dog. It looked pretty friendly to me. Probably didnt need that 9mm hp? But that doesnt matter if you’re a crazy cop with a badge just shoot everything you see as long as you’re ok officer. Maybe next time you could roll up in full tactical gear with a surpressed, short barreled, select fire m4 and just hold that trigger down. After all the trees, grass, a fence, the shed, the pile of dog shit sittin there i mean all of them are agressive to cops. i hope all of you that live there in this city do something about this because it will get worse…..

  • ben Haggai

    I am not against guns, but against guns in the hands of persons who have not been properly instructed when to use them. Furthermore, all persons who are allowed to carry guns should go through psychological or even psychiatric testing. Guns in the hands of maniacs or crazy people are extremely dangerous. I should know it, as I had the experience of having a gun pointed at my head by a psychotic person, and was only saved by the grace of God. That was an experience I would never want to go though again.

    • jim

      What does your rambling post have to do with a trigger happy cop who was trespassing on private property and killed a dog that was protecting his owners fenced in home ? here we have a cop who has undergone all the necessary training and psycoloigical trainging and what ever else they are trained in just blasting away like the thug obama brown shirt that he is

  • jim

    where is PETA ? how come their not condemning the brutal slaying of this family pet ? Oh thats right their to busy plotting the killing of the 90% of the dogs and cats they ”rescue” and publicly calling for the killing of the woman hunter that posted pictures of herself and the game she shot legally in Africa on FB

  • jmach11

    Let’s not forget the SWAT teams who burst into people’s houses in the middle of the night searching for drugs and shooting anything that moves.

  • bluejacket472

    The department’s failure to discipline the officer, suggests complicity.

  • Zakkova

    Fucking police have become so arrogant. An officer shot and killed this dog for no reason. Another police officer shot and killed a man who was laying on the ground on his stomach with his hands hand cuffed behind his back. The man kept struggling to get away so the officer and a jail orderly gave up on trying to get him to a cell and the officer just shot him in the back. The bullet pierced his heart and killed him. Why didn’t the officer call for more back up? This was crazy and the fucking officer got off with no charges filed. He should have been charged with murder in the first degree. Then a couple of officers were interviewing a woman in a cell and decided they didn’t like her answers so they physically threw her into a concrete bench. The side of her head hit the concrete bench and did extensive damage to her eye and face. Do they get suspended? Hell no. I have absolutely no respect for police officers. They no longer protect and serve. They just violate your rights. If one tries to arrest me for any reason I am going to kill his fucking ass.

  • Me = Paul Heyman Guy

    Sean Kendall has probably made himself a potential target for illegal harassment by the Salt Lake City Police Department. They’ll probably try to frame him for a serious crime such as possession of drugs or possession of child porn.

  • rocky63

    Cops are rapidly becoming a threat to our safety.

  • MortarMan107


    End of comment.

  • organicroseski2

    Is it possible with the feminizing of young boys, they are growing into scared men? A real country man would have the smarts and would not have shot the dog in his own fenced in yard. May a pit bull bite his …

  • tlpop

    If they are so PROUD of their detective work then why are they “un named officers” We can hold Sgt. Joseph Cyr accountable for his comments. What a shame that his possibly good name and reputation is on the line while the offending officers are unknown and un tarnished. Hope that he is paid well.
    Where is the Humane Society and all of the other animal rights groups? Where are the animal cruelty charges? I donate money to these organizations that supposedly defend and protect animal abuse, so where are you? Remember any animal abuser will have no problem abusing children and people. These officers should all be held accountable; pschologically tested, fired, fined, and jailed.

  • pete0097

    Hey, at least he hit killed the dog in a humane mannor. One of my townships finest shot a wounded (by a car) deer from 3 feet away and missed several times finally hitting him with the last bullet in his gun. He didn’t want to get closer as the feet were still twitching, no head or eye movement could be seen.

  • roadking2000

    Probably a chicken-sh*t who’s afraid of dogs, or a sadistic assh**le who likes killing things. We have the first kind in my town. He’s shot 2 or 3 dogs dead after he claimed they were aggressive toward him while he was jogging.

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