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Scotland Votes Like Anti-Gunners: Guided by Fear and Ignorance

Scotland votes and the pieces of William Wallace roll over in his grave.  Let us just say simply that I am disappointed.  All the people of Scotland had to do to seize freedom was to VOTE for it.  Yet 55% of them let the fear mongering, political bribes and general ignorance rule the day.

The Scots who voted to stay under the yolk of London were swayed by unfounded talk of economic doom and gloom put forth by those who would be most hurt by their independence, namely…the ENGLISH and their Scottish lackeys.

It got so serious that the Prime Minister started making concessions to give more power to Scotland over the past month in order to try and bribe them into staying in the Kingdom.  Concessions I remind you that Parliament has no legal obligation to uphold.

55% of Scots also feared the great unknown, not one of them have been born to a free Scotland in over 300 years and like skittish cattle preferred the pen of the slaughterhouse to the open fields of the horizon.  As an American, it is a direct affront that the fear of freedom stopped more than half of Scotland from voting YES.

In 1776 a group of British subjects voted YES for Independence…and then had to FIGHT A WAR for seven years before they could get it…and then some thirty years later had to fight ANOTHER WAR in order to keep it.

And here, the British are just giving away independence to anyone who wants to vote for it…sigh.

I think this vote strikes a bit close to home for me as well because of all the similarities that the 55% of Scots who voted no share with those fearful and ignorant voters who vote FOR gun control.

Even though gun control groups have abandoned the attacks on assault weapons, and even the New York Times admits AWB’s do nothing to stop crime and that so called assault weapons are hardly ever used to commit them in the first place, earlier this year Rasmussen did a poll that showed 59% of Americans supported an assault weapons ban.

Why?  Much like in Scotland, it is because of fear mongering and ignorance.

Because for years the doomsayers and gun haters have railed upon the deadly black gun.  Though the gun controllers didn’t provide evidence to support their claims they would still make outlandish statements about the danger of a Second Amendment that was not infringed by such bans.  And the fearful and ignorant ate it up.  Because they didn’t know any better.  Because no one they knew had an AR-15.  Because they were so enamoured by the thought of the government caring for them at the cost of their liberty they didn’t care enough to actually look at the situation.

Now, while a national assault weapons ban will not be voted on by the populace, that doesn’t mean that ridiculous and liberty infringing legislation isn’t being thrust into the hands of ignorant, hoplophobic voters.

In Washington State, plutocratic gun haters Michael Bloomberg and Bill Gates have poured millions of dollars to bamboozle voters into supporting voter initiative I-594, a universal background check for gun transfers.

What does universal mean?  It means that if you are at a gun range and you hand your firearm to your friend to have him/her take a few shots with, if you don’t file the appropriate paperwork before doing so you will go to jail.  It means that you have to pay the costly processing fees and background checks to sell a single shot breech loading 12 gauge to your cousin.  It means that the government will create a de facto registration list of every gun so that they can one day confiscate them more easily.

That is what this law will do.  But all the voters in Washington (some 70%) who are more concerned with whose winning on Survivor and what the Kardashian’s are doing are just going to vote for it because they prefer to let the government handle these matters…just like 55% of the Scots do.

It angers me when people facilitate their own slavery and forfeit their own rights by a voting them away…regardless of what side of the pond it is.  A defeat of liberty somewhere is a defeat of liberty everywhere.

Wake up America.  Don’t be like 55% of Scotland, milling about like lambs to the slaughter.

Take hold of your freedom and don’t give it up willingly.

Speaking of lambs to the slaughter, here’s a fun fact that is amusingly telling.

In Scotland, sheep outnumber people (i would dare say by a mark of 55%-45%)

In America, guns outnumber people.

One of these places is free from English rule…just sayin.

I’ll end this by echoing the words of Sam Adams addressing those who prefer the slavery of governmental control to the uncharted exuberance of freedom:

“If you love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”



    These are the descendants of some of the most feared warriors in the isles? The people even Rome in its glory built a wall to protect itself from. When did the Mothers birth Scots with empty scrotum’s. I have a Scot Heritage directly from my name. I think it may be time to forget.

  • DontTreadonMe

    Let us not forget one of the reasons 55% of Scots voted against independence: they lowered the voting age to 16! Can you imagine what damage that would do to our country if a lower voting age were implemented? 16-year-olds don’t know jack about anything. Neither do most 18-yr olds for that matter. There’s a reason insurance companies lower rates when one reaches 25 and why car rental companies only rent to persons 25 and up. It’s because the brain hasn’t fully developed yet. Lowering a voting age to 16 is a step in the wrong direction. William Wallace would be rolling over in his grave had England not cut him up into pieces for fighting for the very thing these Scots gave away for nothing.

  • Pam Dunn

    Thanks for your ignorance on the subject of Scotland, “independence” would NOT have helped the Scots. BOTH parties in Scotland are ANTI-GUN left wingers, Taxes would have sky rocketed, banks would have moved out, businesses would have fled south and the Scottish people would have had higher debt, and poorer healthcare.
    You are a true IDIOT trying to tie the Scottish vote and being pro-gun together.

    • Bullets First

      Since you obviously didn’t read the article let me break it down for you so you can understand it. I wasn’t equated the No vote with Gun Control…i was equating the REASONING behind the mentality of the voting being fear driven. You basically, in your comment have proven my point, prattling on about taxes, businesses and banks, in the same way gun controllers talk about blood running in the streets.

      Those that threatened to take their business out of Scotland unless the people voted for the union were just fear mongering and I suspect that it was just empty threats to intimidate the vote…which it did.

      But don’t take my word for it, read a previous article which includes the viewpoints of NOBEL PRIZE WINNER IN ECONOMICS Joseph Stiglitz…unless you are like most gun controllers and want to turn a deaf ear to any semblance of facts or logic that don’t fit your narrative. Further supporting my point.

  • Robert Lindsey

    What has this got to do with Gun control? I doubt you have any real idea of the issues here. The majority went to the polls, they voted to stay in the UK, which a whole difference story then colinies.

    • Bullets First

      The reasoning behind people who supported to stay in the UK and those who support gun control tend to be fear based. Scroll down and read my response to Pam Dunn who basically rattled off all the fear mongering hot points to which i responded with Nobel Prize Winner in Economics Joseph Stiglitz.

      It comes down to voting for liberty or voting for a “safety”. Gun controllers wail about blood in the streets and UK unionists wailed about the economy imploding. Fear tactics to push their prerogative. It worked in Scotland, but we cannot let it worm its way back here in America.

      • rcotterill47

        Voting for liberty? Salmond is an out and out maoist. Scots now have more restrictions on their rights than anyone in the UK. In Scotland you have to get permission to homeschool and are subject to inspections. In Wales you just tell the local authority you are home schooling, end of story, no inspections, no questions. In Scotland the state can remove your children with no judicial review, you have to retroactively apply to get them back. In the rest of the UK it has to be authorised by a judge prior to any action. Salmond is making even air rifles and bows and arrows licensed whilst at the same time routinely arming the police.
        Your liberty is little more than an anti english rant about a subject you have little understanding of. Do you think the declaration of independence would have survived by giving fewer rights than people already have because this is what you expected us to vote for.

        • Giving Scots the right to choose there own demise is Liberty too. If they broke the union and then decided to be leftist commies then so be it, their country would shrivel and die…AND THEN freedom would spring forth in the vacuum. It is easier for the Scots to oust a leftist regime from Edinburgh than it is for them to oust a leftist regime from London.

          Now, while I’m sure London is a very nice place and you enjoy living there rcotterill, a great many Scots do not wish to have their future and their destiny in the hands of the English.

        • Bullets First

          Giving Scots the right to choose there own demise is Liberty too. If they broke the union and then decided to be leftist commies then so be it, their country would shrivel and die…AND THEN freedom would spring forth in the vacuum. It is easier for the Scots to oust a leftist regime from Edinburgh than it is for them to oust a leftist regime from London.

          Now, while I’m sure London is a very nice place and you enjoy living there rcotterill, a great many Scots do not wish to have their future and their destiny in the hands of the English.

  • TimeHasCome

    I am a former Scot (1985) that now lives in Washington State . First I was deeply disappointed in the No vote Scots . The relatives I have spoken with said the NO signs came down immediately but many of the Yes signs are still up . There is still deep anger there and well shall see how that turns out . Second in Washington State , we are 2% of the population but we buy 4% of the nations firearms . Seattle is very far left (They have a 20 foot high bronze statue of Lenin ) but the rest of the State is not . So Billy Gates and Bloomy will convince Seattle to vote overwhelmingly to drive gun rights down everyones else’s throat . That will not end well .

    • Bullets First

      It doesn’t surprise me hearing your story about the No voters back in Scotland, TimeHasCome. I think deep down they are probably ashamed that they allowed fear mongering to sway their vote. To hear the English sympahtizers talk about it, independence from Britain would have made Scotland a third world country. Unfortunately, too many people believed that nonsense.

  • robert j mcgregor

    the election was stolen

    • Bullets First

      I have a feeling you are right mcgregor.

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