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Cuomo To Sign SAFE ACT 2 Into Law If He Gets Reelected

If Governor Cuomo is reelected the framework is all ready in place for passage of SAFE ACT 2.  While the Cuomo administration is hesitant to refer to it under that name during an election cycle, it will still be one of the first things he does upon his new term even if he has to manipulate the legislative process again in order to ram it through.

Here are the 10 key points of SAFE ACT 2 that will punish law abiding citizens, legal businesses and in general diminish the sparse amount of liberty that remains in the increasingly appropriate named “Empire State”.  My commentary italicized.

1. Safe Storage – Requires that weapons be stored with a safety locking device or in a safe storage depository when left outside the immediate possession or control of the owner or other lawful possessor.  Failure to do so will result in a Class A misdemeanor.  This includes houses without children and as such only serves to delay the ability to defend yourself against home invaders.

2. Microstamping –  Requires all semiautomatic pistols manufactured or delivered to any licensed dealer in NYS to be capable of producing a unique alpha-numeric or geometric code on at least two locations on each cartridge case expended from such pistol.  Class D felony if you “willfully” deface microstamping component. The problems with this are many.  First the technology is not practical (read: it doesn’t work) and as such this is akin to requiring firearms to shoot pixie dust, since it can’t it would make all guns illegal.  Secondly, like most gun control measures, criminals who are using guns to commit felonies are just going to ignore this.  Thirdly the cost of retrofitting all the guns in New York would unfairly fall on the citizen.  Finally, even if the technology WAS viable, and criminals DID follow it, all they would have to do is use a revolver and make sure to destroy the shells later.

3. Fifty Caliber Ban – Bans the possession, sale or transfer of 50-Caliber or larger weapons.  Permits grandfathering so long as they are then registered, a repeat of the Assault Weapson Ban from SAFE ACT 1.

4. Gun Dealer Insurance – Requires the imposition of restrictive business practices, recordkeeping and reporting for lawful gun dealers including requiring that every dealer carry insurance coverage against liability (at least $1 million per incident) for damage to property and for injury or death of any person resulting from the sale, delivery, lease, or transfer of a firearm, rifle or shotgun.  On top of being a ridiculous punitive measure against firearm businesses, the costs will ultimately fall on the law abiding consumer.

5. Prohibits the sale or transfer in NY of guns that are not child proof – Prohibits the sale or transfer of a “child operated firearm” to another person.  Defines “child operated firearm” as a pistol or revolver which does not contain a childproofing device, which would prevent an average five-year-old from operating it. This one is so amorphous that is shouldn’t even be considered law.  No doubt gun controllers would use a 5 year old prodigy that could unravel the Gordian Knot.

6. 30 Day Limit on Gun Purchases –  – Prohibits a person from purchasing more than one firearm from a dealer within a 30-day- period.  Prohibits a dealer from selling or transferring a firearm to a person who has purchased or taken possession of a firearm within the previous 30 days.  Requires dealers to request approval for sale from the Division of Criminal Justice Services.  Class A misdemeanor.  Why can’t I exercise my right as freely as I desire?  This is like saying one can only pray on Sundays, or limiting the number of newspapers a person can read in a day.  On top of the civil rights violations, the added logjam for businesses will slow commerce, raise prices and once again the law abiding consumer is left footing the bill.

7. 10 Day Waiting Period on Gun Purchases – Prohibits a person from taking possession of any firearm from a dealer unless 10 days have elapsed from the date the dealer initiated the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) background check of the purchaser and has received notice that the purchaser has passed all background checks required by federal, state and local law.  Violators would be subject to class A misdemeanor. For victims of violent rape and murders who could have used a gun to stop their attacker, I doubt they appreciate the 10 days that cost them their lives.  This notion of a “cooling off” period is more gun controller tripe used to engender fear in the populace that there is a run on gun shops by angry mobs looking to shoot someone down.  It just isn’t true.

8.Ammunition Coding – Requires every manufacturer to code any ammunition for handguns and assault weapons. “Coded ammunition” means a bullet carrying a unique identifier that has been applied by etching onto the base of the bullet projectile.  Most bullet makers aren’t going to make special New York bullets so the availability of ammuntion in the Empire State will decrease dramatically.  But hey, that’s pretty much the goal gun controllers are aiming for.

9. Mandatory Insurance For Gun Owners – Require persons owning a firearm (not defined in the bill), prior to ownership or within 30 days of enactment for current owners, to obtain a liability insurance policy with a limit of at least $250,000.   Failure to do so would result in the immediate revocation of the firearm owner’s registration, license and any other privilege to own a firearm.  Just look at the wording, PRIVILEGE.  That’s what gun controllers think that the right to keep and bear arms is…a privilege.  It’s not.  It’s a RIGHT.  And there is no voter insurance, because if there was a lot of Obama voters would owe me money.  

10. Reduces Pistol Permits from 5 years to 2 years –  Requires that all pistol permit licenses expire every two years. Note, pistol permits in New York were LIFETIME before the first SAFE ACT.  The Act made it 5 years and SAFE ACT 2 is looking to make it 2 years.  This is a money making scheme aimed to cash in while stripping the rights of the citizens.  A pro gun sheriff might retire and a gun control sheriff might take his place, in that case, when people pay the non refundable fee to renew their permit they can simply be told no.  It gives the state more opportunity to deny rights to its citizens while still making a fast buck.

There are some other points, expanding on penalties of SAFE ACT 1 and broadening terms therein but this is the meat and potatoes of what a Cuomo reelection will look like for the citizens of New York.  Apparently, SAFE Act 1 was only the prologue and SAFE Act 2 will be the further advancement of the radical gun control ideology that Gov Cuomo holds so dear.

To allow Gov. Cuomo to be reelected will be an injustice of the highest order.  But it is not only an injustice to New Yorkers but for all gun owners and those who believe in liberty in America.

To quote the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. (he himself a victim of gun control like the SAFE Act when he was denied a carry permit):

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” 

It is for this reason that, even though I am a Pennsylvanian,  I am taking a personal interest in supporting the man who has vowed to repeal the SAFE Act, not expand upon it.

Republican candidate for Governor, Rob Astorino:

Astorino also tapped Sheriff Chris Moss to be his running mate.  Moss is the President of the New York Sheriff’s Association and has been fighting the SAFE Act since day one, going so far as filing an amicus brief in a federal challenge to the SAFE Act.

You can learn more about Astorino from his campaign website:

In this David vs Goliath story it is still a tough road to go since Cuomo’s war chest is being filled by the likes of Billionaire Michael Bloomberg, Shannon Watts, Sarah Brady and their gun control philistines as well as Cuomo raising substantial sums outside New York from Hollywood elitists.   If you want to help combat the SAFE Act in all its iterations and keep it from spreading to other states you can do so by go going to:

Kick Cuomo Out

and support candidate Astorino.

This may very well be the most important New York gubernatorial election in your lifetime…help make sure the right man is elected.


  • I think I prefer Acts 2:38 over Safe Acts 2:

    “An elderly woman had just returned to her home from an evening worship service when she was startled by an intruder. As she caught the man in the act of robbing her home of its valuables, she yelled, “Stop! Acts 2:38!”

    “The burglar quickly turned around and started to pull out his gun when she yelled again, “Stop! Acts 2:38!”

    “This time the man stopped dead in his tracks, dropped his gun, and begged for mercy. The woman tied him up and calmly called the police. A short time later, an officer arrived at the house.

    “As the officer cuffed the man to take him in, he asked him, “Why did you just stand there? All the old lady did was yell a Scripture verse to you.”

    “The burglar exclaimed, “Scripture verse? I thought she said she had an ax and two 38s.”

  • durabo

    And still these AmeriCommies wonder why residents of New York are bailing out in favor more tolerant states!

    • slf

      Vote for Astorino in 2014 and fire the tyrant Cuomo. Take back NY People…..we are not his minions!

    • I don’t know of anyone that quits their jobs and leaves family behind for the sole purpose of gun rights. I think that is a bit extreme to say the least and if they did, I would question where they place their priorities among other things. I came from a NFA friendly state and collected title 2 weapons…I knew moving here was not a state I would be coming to that would allow me to keep those so I sold them and my handguns because I just didn’t want the hassle of jumping through hoops to even keep what I had for handguns….not worth it. This state simply sucks for gun rights and it’s gotten worse since moving here with the safe act…..I truly believe that whatever you can own in Florida, Texas or Virginia…and CCW permits should be honored just like the driver licenses are….it’s truly no different. There should be no issues with owning any firearm as long as you are not a criminal or have documented mental issues. Will this ever change……likely not.

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  • 427cobraman

    Could the author of this fine article refrain from using the term “assault rifle” or “assault weapon” please? The first assault weapon was the Nazi Sturmgehwer ’44, which transfer
    from the German means “assault weapon of 1944” and was named by Hitler himself. It was the first single-man-carried fully automatic weapon in a rifle caliber and therefore it is a machine gun. What the firearm debate is partly about in this nation is semi-automatic rifles , not machine guns which are very heavily regulated. The left loves this term be cause it sounds real scary to the low info citizen and Obama loves to refer to our rifles as “weapons of war”. Please stop using the left’s intentionally misleading terms. Always use the term “semi-automatic rifle”. Please ask the question: “why is the left only concerned with “gun” violence? The answer is of course that they are not concerned about violence, but only with guns. Any other kind of violence is just fine with them. Do not let the left control the framework of your argument.

    • Bullets First

      Valid point cobraman, and accurate, but I only used it once in my own words to reference the so called “assault weapons ban” the other utterance was from the coding of ammunition language from the bill. Their words not mine.

      I have long been an advocate on pointing out the BS definition of so called “assault” weapons

      • 427cobraman

        Thanks, bullets. I appreciate your efforts and do not take my comments as criticism because it is not. It is however a suggestion to do things a little differently if you agree. If I have to say or write “assault weapon” I always follow with “in reality, a semi-automatic rifle”. I believe this is important to do. Here’s why. Anti 2A people cannot be persuaded by logic to change their position. Pro 2a people are in camp already but uninformed Joe six pack is convinced that the gov’t is trying to ban machine guns because the gov’t is lying to them. Try your own personal survey. Ask friends and family who don’t own guns what the gov’t is trying to ban: semi-auto rifles or machine guns? You will be shocked at the results. I believe we should reverse the propaganda at every turn. “Just sayin'”.

        • Bullets First

          Didn’t take it as criticism at all Cobraman. I’m the same way and will usually preface it with the term “so-called”. As in Gov. Cuomo’s so-called “assault” weapons ban does nothing to deter criminals and everything to disenfranchise the law abiding.

          And you are spot on about the either wilful or just plain ignorance that non gun owners are willing to spout forth.

          • 427cobraman

            Bullets, thanks again! You are the man!

    • Gordon J Davis Jr

      Assault rifle is a legitimate term, when used in reference to a select-fire capable firearm that fires an intermediate cartridge fed from a detachable box magazine, with a provision for firing from the shoulder.

      • 427cobraman

        Of course it is correct for your description but is never correct for an ar-15 or a semi-auto ak-47 for example as the StG ’44 was select fire. This was the point of my original comment.

        • Gordon J Davis Jr

          I just wanted to be sure. I see a lot of people who insist that assault rifle is a made up term as well – when it is actually a legitimate term.

          • 427cobraman

            Well, Mr. Davis, I am a gunsmith and I know my stuff. Anyone can Google StG’44 and read the history. Hugo Schmiesser (of Schmeisser Machine pistol fame) had a team which sought to develop new “wonder weapons” to win the war. They identified a gap in the German small arms inventory which was inadequate rates of fire from their Mauser bolt action rifles. They wanted a single-man-carried fully automatic light weight gun firing a rifle cartridge. They designed the gun around a new cartridge which was a shortened version of their 7.92mm x 57mm Mauser round which became the 7.92mm x 33mm or 7.92 Kurz, or “short” in English. Naturally the bullet was shortened proportionally. They had a few prototypes that failed but the final version, the “Machinepistole ’43” was presented to Hitler on the Russian Front. He had forbidden new small arms development and this project was executed behind his back. In a desperate moment he asked his staff to specify what was needed to win, and was presented with this new gas-operated lightweight machine gun. He promptly named it “Sturmgehwer “: assault weapon. The AK47 is a rip off of this design. Hugo Schmeisser was captured and worked with Sgt. Kalashnikov at his design bureau. Therefore, any weapon that has the same features and functions as a Stg.’44 is an assault weapon, that is; it must be a lightweight, fully automatic, gas operated aircooled weapon supplied by a box magazine and capable of being carried, operated, loaded and maintained by one soldier. This means that your AR-15 is not an assault weapon. It does not matter if an untruth is repeated a million times, it will still be untrue. You can research this but that’s the story.

          • Donald Johnston

            Assault rife is a real term. Assault weapon is a made up.

          • Gordon J Davis Jr

            That is basically what I said.

    • Matt1972

      These ant-gun nuts were successful in getting Miriam-Webster Dictionary to change it’s definition. I looked it up because I didn’t believe it, but it’s true. So now, since they were able to influence the powers that be to make this slight change in the definition, they (anti-gun nuts) will forever trump you and I, despite the inaccuracies.

  • TPM

    Just another assault on our 2nd Amendment by Quomo the homo … This libtard girlie-man surrounds himself with armed security. But, he won’t rest until his constituents have been disarmed and turned into helpless victims in waiting.

    I have an idea for a new Super Mario video game … It has angry citizens chasing a hypocrite governor around his lavish mansion, as they try to shoot the evil governor and his armed guards, for being a bunch of elitist “basturds.”

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  • Do you mean spell checker? Furthermore, proof reader is two words not one.

    • OpinionatedOne

      No. I most certainly mean “proofreader.” Proper use of commas and the elimination of several run on sentences would have made the article a lot easier to read. “Spell checker” helps with, wait for it, spelling. It does nothing to help with grammar. I’m not a grammar nazi on comments or facebook posts, but this is a published article that should be proofread. Also, “proofreader” is absolutely one word. (

      • Biggiewood

        A one word spelling is most commonly in use today. However, it was indeed two at one point. Take the word “today” above, it too was spelt “to day” at one time.

        • RSCamaro

          Yep, and the dictionary is filled with all kinds of words that began as 2. Break fast, High way, Light house, Class work, Strait forward, etc.
          I don’t particularly care for reading articles that have no structure in them, this is what the teachers have put into the heads of the children today. It seems kind of a waste to complain about grammar and spelling that the poster has no care for.

  • Roger Shirley

    If New Yorkers re-elect this libertard POS, they will get exactly what they wished for. If you don’t want these B.S. laws, make damn certain he doesn’t get re-elected!

    • SickToBeInNY

      Sadly, our massive populations of libtards in NYC steer every election for the other 99% of the state and they are supported by the inner-city blacks who always vote democrat or for whomever gives them the most government benefits. Conservatives, libertarians, moderates, republicans occupy over 90% of the state geographically, but the large population centers are full of the sickness of left-thinking.

      • Hop

        Time for Upstate NY to secede from downstate.

        • My opinion

          Not ALL downstaters agree with that whacko up in Albany……..just sayin’!

      • janert

        New rule: if you say “libtard,” you’re automatically a retard.

        • Roger Shirley

          WOW a “rule maker”, I always wanted to meet the ones responsible for making all the rules.

    • janert

      Ugh. People who say “libtard” are so fucking stupid. Do you really think all liberals agree with this SAFE act? Stop using retarded buzzwords.

      • Roger Shirley

        Why are you a “libertard”? I will stop using “retarded buzzwords” when you stop using words like, retarded and fucking. Ever heard of the First Amendment?

      • Megalith

        I’ll stop using “libtard” when libtards stop putting libtarded assholes in office.

  • Kris Henderson

    Not trying to sound like a pro-Cuomo or ANYTHING like that, I’M NOT, but where did this info come from? What “proof” do we have that thisis in the making? Like I’ve said in other peoples posts about this sort of thing, I just need to know this isn’t just hand written by an anti-Cuomo to help bolster his opposition. I hate it when we use this type of ammo and have it turned against us when proven completely false.

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  • Jerry E.

    This is absolute insanity, if you value you rights, freedoms and liberties GET RID of Dictator Cuomo. But sadly there are too many liberal idiots who will re-elect him (especially in NYC) so we the People have to elect enough liberty minded representatives to counteract this two bit mafia punk. I hope to God I am wrong and the people of NY have enough sense to elect Rob Astorino.

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  • Guest

    I have faith in the Supreme Court- my only wish is that they could incarcerate anyone who attempts to nullify the US Constitution

    • Megalith

      The problem is the liberal judges and states attorney’s gaming the system with continuances and bullshit procedures so it can’t get to the Supreme Court for another 4-5 years. By that time, the damage will already be done and the liberal douche bags know this. The law suits out there, with one exception, have already been delayed almost 2 years since this unconstitutional bill’s been passed. The one that did make it through was mostly left intact because the judge knowingly ignored Heller and Miller.

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  • sgtshel

    I’m thinking more and more that Cuomo and Obamba really are twins!

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  • Russell Smith

    Remove this bastard, one way or the other.

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  • Gun control is a Jewish scheme that is mostly targeted at whites. Non whites either don’t own guns or don’t own them legally.

  • doktorjeep

    Fuck democracy. All those war graves are now filled with chumps thanks to the retarded idea of democracy. Hey, New York, you like being OUTVOTED by the transplants and immigrants in NYC? You like it?
    It’s time to put an end to “who outvotes who” getting to determine who has rights or not.
    If you want to brainlessly defend democracy, well then enjoy being fucked over. Democracy is a suicide pact with stupidity. You like it, keep it.

  • Fuck New York.

  • Teddy Schneider

    still wondering why I need an id to execise my 2nd amendment right. and not for voting which by the way was amended at least twice and didn’t even get universal sufferage till the mid 1960’s.

  • Joseph Kiesznoski

    no gov homo or holchul for this local

  • Beefalo

    So DA pistols and revolvers arent “childproof,” what now?

  • Beefalo

    Sadly even though we painted Upstate red, Governor Commie still got reelected. I would like to see the five boroughs become its own district like DC so us upstaters can have better representation. At least my county (Ulster) still voted Astorino.

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