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DC Police Chief States Victims of Crime Not Worthy of a Carry Permit

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It is not surprising that, even after a federal judge ruled against the District of Columbia’s carry ban, DC has gone to great lengths to deny the right to keep and bear arms from as many law abiding citizens as possible.  The city council and mayor have modeled their draconian carry requirements after places like New York City where policy seems to be made that makes it all but impossible for “regular people” to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights.

Don’t get me wrong, if you are buddies with the issuing authority, are rich, have friends in City Hall or in the Mayor’s mansion then you have no difficulty whatsoever of getting the government’s ok to defend your life if necessary.  But if you do not have the money, connections or fame then you’ll probably find yourself denied your rights by a petty and petulant issuing authority.

The petty and petulant archetype can be embodied no greater than in DC’s Police Chief, Cathy Lanier.

Lanier has no problems ensuring that her cronies and her political bosses’ cronies have the right to defend themselves in one of the most crime ridden cities in America.  But she will do whatever she can to ensure that you are denied the same civil right.

You see, the District has adopted a “May Issue” policy when granting concealed carry permits which translates into the fact that even if you are a perfectly honest and innocent law abiding citizen, the issuing authority (Chief Lanier) can still deny you your rights just based on her whims or political ideology.  That ideology, in this case, being a raging anti gun hoplophobe.

Of course, for political cover and as a legal smokescreen to try and protect the District from losing another court case over this issue, Lanier isn’t announcing that she is denying permits based on a whim.  No, she is hiding behind the “just cause” aspect of DC’s carry law.  That just cause means that the citizen of DC must prove that they have a sufficient reason to need to carry a firearm.

Apparently, being an American with a God given right to do so isn’t sufficient cause for Lanier.

Then again, being a victim of a crime or living where street crime is the highest in the nation are also insufficient reasons to be able to defend yourself, according to Lanier.

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  • Hop

    DC residents must come together and DEMAND her resignation.

  • mark

    This “may issue” way will be struck down. If you do not allow open carry then you must issue! They tried that crap in CA. It didn’t work because they made open carry illegal!


    Their omnipotent godlike opinions may not be questioned by the common people…..HA

  • disqus_Ed8LYkU7q2

    The communist democraps still want THEIR little black useful idiots to keep killing themselves off. Then use them as “examples” as why NO ONE should have the right to protect themselves. It’s the exact type of communist regime “government” as in The Hunger Games. Maybe we can still have bows and arrows to kill each other with, but not anything to protect us from THEM and THEIR Personal Private Police Armies of The One World Regime.

  • Larry

    This is one cop that I would be all for disarming & requiring that she do without her armed escort everywhere she goes. Bet it wouldn’t take her long to realize what it feels like to be defenseless against the marauding hordes! What a leftist POS this woman is.

    • Snufy

      I know her and she is not a leftist. To say she is, makes you as stupid as what you say. Hide behind your computer and act like the fool you are.

      • Larry

        Fuck you, Snufy! If she doesn’t mind violating the Second Amendment of the Constitution, she’s a leftist & so are you! Again, fuck you, you punk ass moron!

        • Snufy

          Do that to yourself, idiot. I’m not queer, so don’t get your hopes up. How about going back to your crib in your mommy’s basement and stop trying to be a gangbanger before someone stomps a mudhole in your ass and walks it dry.

          • Larry

            Hey little boy, I’ve had more fights both in & out of the ring than you’ve had orgasms. You should not let your shot gun mouth get your pop gun ass into something you can’t handle. Now, go away, you moron, & violate someone else’s Constitutional rights ’cause you can’t touch mine, fudgepacker.

          • Snufy

            We’ll, aren’t you the tough guy. The only ring you have been in is the pivot guy in a circle j**k. I have handled tougher punks than you ever thought of being. I’m only a third degree black belt in Shoryn Ryu karate. I’m sure you’re tough.
            Go back to your crib, you wannabe gangbanger punk. Interesting how you keep bringing up homosexuality. Did you have a fight with your boyfriend, or something ?

          • Larry

            Yeah, you don’t say. I see below that you are retired DC police. Guess what, little guy, I am retired LEO also. I don’t give a rat’s ass about your third degree black belt. Means nothing to me & it should mean less to you at this point.
            I do find it very interesting that we both have the same background but seem so very far apart on the enforcement of law & especially the Constitution. I also understand that the “chief” has to kiss the city fathers (& mothers) in their bias disregard for what the Constitution states. They think they can regulate whether a person can have responsibility for their own well being & protection or if that person, in the normal course of their life, has to submit themselves to the thugs & gangbanger savages, without the means of protection. You & I both know that the black belts in anything won’t get you very far when a group of thugs all jump you at once. Sometimes even a gun won’t do the trick of extricating you from harm’s way but it does give you the best chance.
            If you Chief pal is indeed not a leftist robot, how in the hell can she go along with what she must know is NOT defending the Constitution by her actions to decline concealed carry permits to nearly everyone. Thugs shouldn’t get permits but real, law abiding, citizens deserve them.

          • Fosa Vibora

            Right? This guy thinks he’s shit hot because he pushed around unarmed civilians as a career. Bring your guns and funeral clothes, Karate Boy.

          • Larry

            It’s ok, friend. I’m sure that, spending your career with the DC PD had to rub off on him. What worries me the most is the statement about citizens “needing” a weapon before being issued. I wonder what about the Second Amendment that this “Federal” police officer doesn’t understand. There is nothing that says, may issue if it suits us.
            This is why the NRA has to sue these leftist havens multiple times in order for them to fully understand the error of their ways & conform to exactly what the Constitution states, not their version of what they think it means.
            I’ll bet he still carries full time because he thinks he is fighting crime &/or evil when he really needs that weapon to feel safe.
            But it’s ok. Maybe, if the SHTF, he will see the light & be on our side in the defense of our Constitution. Or, maybe not.

      • Phaenius

        I am thinking that King George III was not a “leftist” but his policies were definitelly not obeyed after Jefferson’s little paper was accepted by the people.

      • Barry Sanchez

        Big deal you know her what the hell does that have to do with anything?? So she not a leftist she’s just an idiot who leaves the citizens that she’s taken an oath to protect vulnerable to the criminal elements of DC and to fools like you Snufy!!!

        • Snufy

          Crawl back under your rock. Moron. You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

          • Barry Sanchez

            So let me guess snuffy, you are on your fourth marriage looking for the fifth ms snufy the prior four are frightened to death of you and what children you did managed to squeeze out don’t want to have a thing to do with you because your a pathetic father. Am I close? So why don’t you go climb under a rock because not only are you the biggest moron on this page, your also a loser, you putz!

          • Snufy

            Gee, what a nice guy you are, Barry. Tell me…did your mother teach you to be a slanderous asshole, or did you learn that all by yourself? Your being an asshole is the essence of your personality. You and those other ignorant jerks who think they’re so pro American Constitutional heros have no idea in hell what the real world is. You listen to the Alex Jones and just have an orgasm. I have been places and done things that you only dream about. You can just run your mouth behind the computer and think you’re hidden, but little do you know.

          • Barry Sanchez

            Look snufy you don’t scare me you were be the jerk for standing up for a anti-2nd amendment police chief who would rather her constituents to be at the mercy of thugs instead of having the right to protect themselves, tell me are you threatening me? Btw who’s Alex Jones?? And you know nothing of my personality so don’t claim that you do.

          • Snufy

            You know, Barry, this is a big problem with authors of these articles. They go for shock value in stead of the real truth. Chief Lanier is by no means anti 2nd amendment, nor am I. We appreciate the Constitution very much. She WILL issue ccp’s to those who qualify. Now. You need to know the situation in DC. There is a huge percentage of the population that are criminalisticaly inclined. Those are the ones that pack heat illegally. I once arrested a 12 year old black kid wanted for murder. Under his coat he had a sawed off 12 gauge wired to his shoulder. He had a .45 in a shoulder holster and a .25 in his glove. Guessing whether these people have a ccp can get you killed. I wish those in here who think everyone should be allowed to carry without any restrictions would ride in a DC scout car for one day to see how it is. The writer of this article makes it souls like we are against good people carrying. We are not. In fact, we like it. It’s just that this thing has been thrown in our laps, so now we have to figure it out and apply it in a way that will work. Do not believe all that you hear or read. As the law reads, even outside police officers can’t carry in the District, which is stupid. We don’t enforce it.
            If you have a good answer to this problem, please send it to Chief Lanier. Just understand the situation before saying things that show you to be a total outsider.

          • InTheKnow327

            Well Snufy – what you just said is logically inconsistent. You said the criminally-inclined members of the population are the ones who carry illegally. And that’s fine and no doubt true – but has nothing to do with those seeking permits. Statistically, people who go to the trouble of undergoing a background check, getting signed off on gun safety, and being issued a permit are among the most law-abiding in the nation. Statistically these individuals are less likely to commit crimes than police officers. So how is the propensity of criminals to carry illegally a justification for denying a CCP to someone with a clean background who requests one and is willing to jump through the requisite hoops?

      • Paul Dragotto


        • Snufy

          My, my. No one ever said they was against the 2nd Amendment. The District is something you obviously know nothing about. The chief will issue ccp’s to those who need it and has a clear record. The internet is full of heros like you,
          who claim to all be John Waynes. Personally, I think you’re full to the brim with male bovine excretion.
          (Yawn). You should really be careful who you’re threatening. DC police are federal officers, because the District is federal land. Maybe I could go talk with the US attorney and see if they want to issue a warrant for your candy ass. Where would you tough guys be without your guns after you start taking up space in a federal prison. You wannabe tough guys bore me.

          • Fosa Vibora

            Send em, Snufy. I’m a wannabe tough guy too.

  • Pete

    Sure and nobama will instate Chuck Norris as Eric (the. Red) Holder’s replacement!

  • capers2

    If they can not “defend and protect” the citizens they are entrusted to “defend and protect” then they should simply get the eff out of the way and allow law-abiding citizens to take whatever measures they deem necessary to protect themselves and their loved ones.

  • Snufy

    I am a retired D C police officer, and I knew Chief Lanier when she was just an officer. Your article has many things in it that are just plain dumb. First, DC officers are required to carry their issue weapon all the time. A police officer is on duty 24 hours a day, although periodically relieved from the routine performance of said duty. Does anyone really thing that police chiefs do not answer to the mayors and city fathers? Every thug in town would apply for a carry permit if it was as easy as you would have it. I have made felony arrests while not in uniform, prior to becoming a detective.
    Cathy is a very good chief. Stop throwing stones at the police when you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    • Bullets First

      I was going to specifically write in the article something along the lines of “and don’t give me the cops are on duty 24/7 nonsense” but decided not to. Yet, since you brought it up let me address that bogus argument. When I was in the army I was a soldier 24/7. Ready to be called up and defend my country. Hell, maybe a terrorist would pop up in the middle of a shopping mall and I would be called upon to act. Are you suggesting, snufy, that I should be allowed to carry my M4 everywhere with me even when I’m out of uniform?

      Another point. I am an American Citizen 24 hours a day, REGARDLESS of where I travel. Should I not be allowed my 2nd Amendment rights wherever I go? I’ll give you your 24/7 cop spiel if you admit that citizens have the right to carry a firearm with them wherever they go without the need of a permit. The 2nd Amendment is my permit.

      Speaking of dumb, your comment about every thug in in town would apply for a carry permit is beyond ignorant and just reveals you as the close minded, close ranks DC cop that you were.

      I live in Pittsburgh. A metropolitan area of over a million people. Larger than DC but with hardly ANY of the crime in comparison. The same can be said for Indianapolis, Austin Texas, Mesa Arizona, and Virginia Beach Virginia. All cities of comparable size to DC with a FRACTION of the crime and all Shall Issue (hell, AZ doesn’t even require permits anymore) states. These “thugs” you speak of apparently don’t go through the hassle of getting CCW’s…or they are prior criminals and as such are not allowed to get one.

      The truth, snufy, is that you are just the worst example of the kind of people who enter into law enforcement. Not the vast majority of good cops willing to take a stand and do whats right, who respect the civil rights of the citizens you are sworn to protect and serve. No, you are one of those cops all too willing to infringe upon the rights of others, to close ranks around a bad cop and to toe the thin blue line.

      I’m torn between whether your entire police career was sadly pathetic or grossly unjust. For, though I don’t know if you were a crooked cop, you seem like just the kind of cop who would “lose” dashboard video evidence of another cop beating an innocent man.

      • Snufy

        Surly you’re smarter than how you act. If you had any idea what being a police officer is like, you wouldn’t make a dumb comparison between the police and a soldier. I know both sides of that one. A police officer IS on duty 24 hours a day, and the DC law states that we WILL carry our sidearms whenever in the District. You’re running your mouth about something you know nothing about, which shows your ignorance.

        • Bullets First

          Ok there ole timer, obviously you’re crotchety because I dared voice an opinion against your girl Cathy Lanier. Tough.

          Cops aren’t superior citizens who deserve their rights respected more than a normal persons. Being a cop is dangerous? Try being an unarmed citizen in the District. Besides, no one FORCED you to be a cop.

          And guess what, DC and all those other cities ARE different, because their citizens are ARMED and not mistreated subjects like the non connected in DC are. That was my point…DC is the crime capital of the country where these other places are safer because the citizenry is not disarmed.

          I don’t need to know what being a cop is like to object to having my rights infringed by them.

          And giving wine to a wino is evidence that you are a good guy? Well, hell, did you give some heroin to a hobo for Christmas? That could make you a friggin saint.

      • Snufy

        And further more, you have no idea what being a DC officer is like. There’s a lot of difference between Pittsburgh and DC. One area of the 1st District is rated as the smallest area with the highest crime rate in the country. I was always respectful of individuals and their constitutional rights. I once paid theorem bill for a out of town man when theorem wouldn’t take his check. I gave a bottle of wine to a wino for his birthday. I intervened between other officers and the people they were arresting. I Made lt before my sgt.
        You carried an M-4. Isn’t that wonderful. You should have been in Nam with me. We had M-14s, M1 carbines, and the first M-16s that kept jamming. Go back to your comfy couch, boy. You need to talk when you know what you’re talking about.

    • Phaenius

      Retired Police Officer from D.C. then would it not behoove “every thug in town” to become model citizens or allow the rest of the people around such trash the same ability to protect themselves when the thugs go against the rules of their carry permit…even if we considered that thugs ALREADY, AND AGAINST ANY CURRENT LAW, carry. You see it still boils down to the fact that the righteous people are disarmed when you cops cannot guarantee to be able to restore our lives when you come in ten minutes to late, and then with forensics over our dead bodies, fifty percent of whom may have had a fighting chance to preserve their life while we STILL wait for our knights in shining armor to assist us…which is what the force of the community is supposed to do, and that is bring in more righteous people to go against a perp or two, and then to pursue if the thugs are able, which the public is NOT supposed to do unless deputized and put under the management of the police force. We honor folk who assist the preserving of our lives…I do…and love you righteous peolice to death…well you know…as we do our own citizen soldiers.

    • Azlefty

      Snufy you are so cute, so tell how is it being the hero of the internet keyboard brigade. You left a few things out of your tough guy spiel like working for Blackwater and kick Chuck Norris’s butt.

      Be honest you are just another paid troll in public information, you sound no different than Arpiao’s fluffers in the MCSO

    • jimmc1952

      Sounds like you were tapping that…..

  • Phaenius

    Too bad there are not many Christians in that juirisdiction because God gives us a right not to accept an authority not ordained by God over our lives and that authority, according to Romans 13 which tells us to submit to righteous authority says such, in verse 3, “are not terrors to good works but to the evil.”

  • durabo

    Maybe she would like to go skydiving without a parachute…Same reasoning applies.

  • denrep

    She is just another incompetent female put into that position because of her sex, nothing to do with being qualified to be a police chief. That is to be expected in that liberal bastion of Washington D.C. full of democRats and republiBrats.

  • nonstopca

    I think…the very liberal 9th circuit court. shoot down the “May Issue” policy saying it was unconstitutional…(correct me if I’m wrong)

    • Bullets First

      You are very much correct nonstopca. In Peruta v San Diego the 9th Circuit did indeed rule that the “good cause” requirement in getting a CCW was unconstitutional. Unfortunately, until the decision is incorporated the 9th circuit’s ruling is only valid in the states covered by the circuit. Those states are California, Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho, Nevada and Arizona.

      • nonstopca


  • Barry Sanchez

    I’m betting you’ve been married 3 times looking for the fourth and the first 3 are scare the death of you, and your kids don’t want to have anything to do with you so you go crawl under a rock because I’m sure your only friends are worms and bugs that live in your slime hole, you asshole!!!

  • Barry Sanchez

    Btw I don’t know you I just know losers just like you, putz.

  • Barry Sanchez

    That’s exactly the point Snufy it’s dangerous to live in a city like DC or New Orleans where I’m from and I don’t agree that the criminal element should have guns but that’s the whole point they do and to hinder the honest citizen from protecting themselves from the thug element is reprehensible. I apologize if I came off as snotty with the whole marriage thing but I was looking for a nerve and I guess I found it, sorry. Let me say right here there’s no way I would want to be a policemen and have to deal with thugs on one side and politicians on the other, it’s like your damned if you do and your damned if you don’t not a great situation to be in. Then of course you have to remember because of our current president there’s an all time lack of trust in Washington due to the fact he’s taken his claim for transparency and has flipped it on its ear, it seems that every time he’s had a chance to denigrate our Constitution he has especially in reference to the 2nd amendment and for that he’s the least trusted president in the history of the Nation, and the sooner he’s gone the better.

  • Mel Meskill

    Does she even live in D.C.?

  • Elder Harry L. Jackson

    “Vy iz zis voman heeeeeeerrreeeee!!!??” – Maj. Hochstetter, “Hogan’s Heroes”

  • stac

    By all means lady leave your weapons at work when you go home everyday and make sure you have the phone nearby to call 911, they’ll be there if a problem occurs as fast as they can, good enough for us / good enough for you.

  • L.L. Smith

    Should I have to prove I need fire and health insurance before I can buy it? Please tell me how I know when and where I will need a gun to protect myself. If I knew that much, I would never go there.

  • Gearmoe

    For a State or City to rule against Rights is wrong.

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