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New Jersey Lawmakers Look To Add Further Roadblocks For Gun Ownership

In the state that hasn’t met a gun control measure it didn’t like, a bill (A3764) was introduced into the New Jersey Assembly that would add to the all ready onerous time and costs just to BUY a gun.  The bill would make it mandatory that those applying to buy a handgun would first require training or “experience.”

First off, the fact that you even need to apply to BUY a gun, let alone carry it, is ridiculous and the Founding Fathers are rolling over in their graves at the thought.

Secondly, while I agree that knowledge and proper training are important and people SHOULD do so when purchasing a firearm, there is NO requirement to know a damn thing before you vote.  And since this is election day, I find the comparison compelling.

In order to vote you don’t have to know one single issue, not one detail about how the country is doing, how it works or what platform the person you are voting for is running on.  Basically, to use the metaphor, voting in ignorance is like being handed a loaded gun that you don’t even know which end to point and someone saying, “Don’t hurt yourself now.”

Yet, no requirement of understanding is demanded before a person is allowed to vote.  When it comes to buying a gun though, NJ now wants to test a person before they are “allowed” to buy a gun.  An application that may very well be rejected based on the issuing authorities own biases against the 2nd Amendment.  Let alone if the people of New Jersey dared to want to carry their firearm, more red tape, more checks, more MONEY going to the government simply to exercise your right.

Speaking of those requirements, the amount of background checks, ID requirements and paperwork needed to buy and then carry a firearm is Byzantine in nature yet when a laws are passed requiring the SIMPLEST of ID’s in order to vote, liberal democrats cry bloody murder.

Even when these ID cards would be given FOR FREE, the left is up in arms about rights being infringed.  There is hardly anyone, outside of those who live off the grid, that aren’t required to have proper ID for something.  Be it boarding a plane, using a credit card, driving a car, getting a job, getting welfare, getting social security etc.  But no…we’re not supposed to require ID to vote because it is an infringement.

So be it.

I no longer want to show my ID to purchase a firearm.  I don’t want CCW’s to be required and have to pay the equivalent of a poll tax in order to exercise my rights.

The injustices perpetrated against the American people by all the hurdles to their one right that “shall not be infringed” would be laughable if it weren’t so despicable. If gun controllers cannot scratch out the 2nd Amendment then they will gull, cully and diddle away until it is some cumbersome to purchase a firearm that many people will just say “ahh, forget it.”  I personally know New Yorkers who started the process of getting permits to carry and eventually due to the cost, paperwork, time and ultimately the ability for the issuing authorities to say NO, chose to forget it.

Remember that as you freely vote in todays elections.

It doesn’t cost you anything to vote, the 24th Amendment took care of that.  Why do you have to pay in order to exercise your 2nd Amendment right?  If paying the government to exercise a right isn’t an infringement, then I do not know what is.


  • Hop

    Many excellent points made here, B.F. How do we fight these progressive statists? We certainly aren’t beating them at the ballot box.

    • Bullets First

      Make like a gun manufacturer and flee states that hate you? That’s one option. I mean, liberal big state parasites have been moving from California for years and polluting places like Colorado; it would only be fair to balance that out.

      Either that, or places like NY and NJ have to hit rock bottom and then either have a revolution via the ballot box or popular uprising. Time will tell.

  • TexRancher

    NJ is fast becoming a State that REAL AMERICANS will leave/avoid! They will learn that as they take away citizens God given rights, the criminals will show how much respect they have for the stupid laws passed by these socialists.

    Only socialists and dictators fear guns in the hands of citizens therefore they are the ones to be feared by citizens!

    In a way, as a Texan, I’m almost glad that NY and NJ have the attitude towards guns that they have. It will draw criminals away from 2nd Amendment respecting States!

    Gee, maybe we’ll see a real gunfight between the criminals and the dictator wannabes!

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