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A Teacher Willing To Act, Yet Disallowed From Stopping 4 Students Dying

Over the past three weeks, as victims of the Marysville-Pilchuck High School shooter added up, the story came out about Megan Silberberger, the teacher who tried to stop the 15 year old spree killer.  When others paniced, Ms. Silberberger kept her wits about her and tried to stop the madness.

Yet, since she was in a school, and that school was  gun free zone, Silberberger had no ability to effectively stop someone who wasn’t going to be slowed down in the least by a stupid, pointless sign of political correctness.

Silberberger was WILLING to intervene and try to save lives…but thanks to the policies of liberal gun-hating zealots, she was denied the right to be ABLE.

So this teacher, who was cool and calm when all around her was going to hell picked up her cell phone and called 911 as four students were executed in front of her.

What if the first year social studies teacher had been armed?

The mass shooter might have gotten off one or two shots but would he have been able to kill at his leisure?

Would he have been able to take the life of his third and fourth victims?

Or rather, could an armed teacher who was present when everything was unfolding, kept her cool and at least confronted the shooter and buy time for everyone else to get out?  Silberberger did what she could when she was defenseless…just imagine the lives she could have saved if the gun control myth of gun free zones wasn’t so cherished by the zealots.

Here is the transcript of what Ms. Silberberger had to say to 911:

 “I have the shooter. One shooter. Blood is everywhere. I need help. I need help now.  I have him down.  I’m looking at him. I need help. Shooter’s right here.  He is a high school student. I do not know his name. I tried to stop him before he shot himself. He shot himself. I don’t know how many are down. I tried to stop him.”

This call was made with 4 other INNOCENT school kids lie dying at her feet, but I will look past that as she was relaying that the shooter was down and the situation was safe.  But let’s imagine if she had had a firearm of her own and took action against the shooter.  Perhaps the 911 call would go like this:

 “I have the shooter. One shooter. Blood is everywhere. I need help. I need help now.  I have him down.  I’m looking at him. I need help. Shooter’s right here.  He is a high school student. I do not know his name. I  STOPPED him before he shot anyone else. I shot him. I think he only hit one student.   I STOPPED him from killing any others.”

If I had kids and needed to send them to a school, I would prefer that the teacher in loco parentis be able to make the latter call because I prefer her with a gun defending my child rather than just a cell phone in order to report her death.

Let none take from this article that I don’t think Megan Silberberger did a brave thing and stand her ground because I do…I just wish she was given the opportunity to have the tools in which she could have saved the lives of at least a couple of the four who died.

An armed teacher might not have prevented the tragedy, but she sure as hell could have lessened it.


  • grumpy1938

    PC is the height of ignorance and the liberals will not ever open their eyes, they should be on he front lines and try their “let us just talk this out” then be shot.

  • grumpy1938

    When will the liberal crowd learn that there is no gun free zone when it comes to criminals and mentally disturbed people and please include the medically induced to mental instability

  • Sunshine Kid

    Those that campaign for gun controls want permits, licenses and registrations to “control” the ownership of guns. Guess what? Criminals will not obtain permits, licenses, and certainly will not abide by any rules and registrations, so guess who is defenseless? The criminal? YGBSM!

  • Graywolf12

    Now what kind of a crisis would that have been? There would be no need to call for gun control, more gun free zones, back ground checks, licensure of all gun owners, ETC. Remember ” never let a good crisis go to waste”.

  • FedUpWithWelfareStates

    Better yet, the scenario might have played out as, “Have a nice day, because if anyone tries anything stupid, a teacher will fill you full of lead.”

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  • antiliberalcryptonite

    Liberals authored and own the deaths of these 4 students.

    • John Ellard

      These LIBERALS need to be tried for (4 counts of FIRST DEGREE MURDER) in this case and every other case that is in a GUN-FREE ZONE.

      • JaneyBloop

        yes, notice how mass killings usually happen in gun free zones… schools, churches, movie theaters, malls… liberals see the correlation?

        • John Ellard

          They see it, But they just don’t CARE .

  • durabo

    We don’t see this type of tragedy in Israel, where teachers are armed and trained. As long as touchy-feely politics prevail in America, there will be more carnage in schools. As always, symbolism trumps substance.


    With all the hot air that comes from our politicians they could have bored him to death with their rhetoric. A bullet is more humane.

  • 1LTVeteran

    Liberals are so convince they are right that when they are presented with indisputable facts they can’t change their minds because it would destroy their image of identity. So they keep perpetuating the same lies. It doesn’t matter if its gun control, the welfare state or taxes. They are intellectually dishonest.

  • carlcasino

    I believe that the liberal -no gun-policy should be carried to the extreme. If You do not want to stand behind our military you are welcome to stand in front of them. ===If you don’t want to allow armed security in our schools , you are welcome to come stand between the shooter and our kids.

  • Virgil Hilts

    Too bad it wasn’t a chemistry lab…she might have been ab;e to throw some Hydrochloric acid into their faces!

    • londontubes

      No, despite the facts of the case, she would have been arrested for assault.

      • Virgil Hilts

        That would be true…just happened that that was the first chemical I thought of. Something powdered would work….maybe boric acid; of course…we have no idea as to the disposition of the shooters, and if any action was even feasible.
        BTY…Love your Screen name.

  • walter53

    Where would the U.S. be now if the Alamo had been a gun free zone?

  • GeoInSD

    Having armed teachers would like deter school shootings as has been DEMONSTRATED IN ISRAEL

  • lokiswife

    The shooter knew that the school was a “no guns” zone so he knew he could accomplish his plan without being stopped by an armed teacher or school official. Liberals don’t understand this, they believe that criminals will obey gun laws. As I saw on a bumper sticker today “What kind of stupid believes that criminals will obey gun laws?” When trained and skilled people who pass the concealed weapn requirements carry, it plays a mind game on criminals – who is carrying, who could put me down in an instant? Is it that older man over there, the young guy with the military haircut, the blond woman sitting three seats away from me? Who?

  • Paul in NH

    Liberals and liberalism kill more people each year than just about any other cause …

  • Eduardo

    The UN Arms Treaty that traitor John Kerry signed is supposed to go into effect I believe on the 24th or 25th of December, just in time for Christmas. The 2nd Amendment states that the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. The signature by John Kerry to this treaty is a violation of the US Constitution and Kerry should be tried for treason for violating the Constitution he swore to uphold and defend. Unless Congress passes a law to accept this treaty, the UN Arms Treaty cannot be enforced in the US. Any agency or politician that tries to enforce any part of the UN Arms Treaty should be stopped, and any person that tries to enforce it should be tried for treason and his/her US citizenship should be revoked.

  • We have gun free zones partially because of the rise of feel goody overly protective mothers who will call the news, the principal, anyone who even looks at her kiddo with what she perceives as strange. Her kiddo is always the victim. She’s perfect. And then the media highlights this brave lonely mothers attempt to stop evil. And then the politicians have to do something for our own good, to protect the children.

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