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Out of Control Police Execute Innocent PUPPY That Was Walking Away From Them

Regular readers of this site know that I’m pretty fair when it comes to my viewpoints on police.  Sure, I will lambaste a crooked cop who bullies the innocent and hides behind his shield when violating the civil rights of the innocent but I will also defend the officers who get railroaded based on some trumped up race card because the 280 pound attacker trying to beat him to death happened to be a different color than him.

But sometimes a situation occurs that makes me despise the entire profession because not only does some rogue crooked cop do something reprehensible but it is followed by an organizational stone wall for justice as the officer’s higher ups circle the wagons around him.

In Racine, Wisconsin such an event took place.

Police were called in after a puppy had defecated on a neighbors yard.  The owner of the dog, Kurt Hanson, and the neighbor exchanged heated words with Hanson allegedly making threats.  The police came in and a two hour standoff resulted.

During that standoff Hanson started making wild threats like shooting the officers with armor piercing crossbow bolts and sending this dog to attack them.

Let me just say that Hanson sounds like a nut job, but that his puppy did not deserve what follows in this video.

Warning, disturbing images


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot you scum sucking cop bastards?!?!?!

That puppy weighed all of five pounds soaking wet and it was walking away from you and you tough guys had to put two rounds into it.  You “heroes” were cowering behind your armored vehicle and felt like putting down the puppy…real battle hardened badasses you are now.

You’re sick sick bastards and deserve to lose your badges and your livelihood if not your freedom.

Had this been ANYONE else who just murdered an innocent puppy walking away from them, at the very least they would be locked away in a psych ward to deal with their mental issues; as animal cruelty is a clinical marker for psychopathic personality disorder.

And if these “hero” cops are scared crapless by THIS dog:

puppy killed by cops

Then they are unfit to defend and serve.

Next time, when they shoot a 3 year old toddler dead in yard, are they going to try and cover it up by planting a knife on him?

These sick bastards don’t deserve to be getting paychecks funded by the taxpayers of Racine and should be dismissed immediately.

Yet, it isn’t just the officers that perpetrated this heinous act that are guilty but also those complicit in trying to defend the officers actions.  People like Racine’s Police Chief Howell.  In emails that Howell has sent to concerned citizens about the incident (his officers executing the puppy) he defends his officers by explaining how letting slip the puppy of war “changed the dynamic”:

 After several hours of dialogue with crisis negotiators, the barricaded subject ultimately made good on his threat to introduce the dog into the active standoff and that after the dog was released, the dynamics of this encounter changed.

Are you friggin kidding me?

The way this bumbling idiot is trying to spin it makes the puppy seem like this:


But it wasn’t.  It was a scared little puppy who turned away from the officers and tried to waddle back to the safety of its home.

The reward it received was two bullets in the back from Howells jackbooted puppy extermination team.

Howell wasn’t done either.  He continued on saying:

Officers, who for over three hours were focused on peacefully resolving this crisis through dialogue, were now forced to deal with the distraction and unpredictability of having the subject’s dog moving through the scene of this active encounter at a critical time.

Again, are you kidding me?

The distraction that you might trip over this puppy?  Or that your officers would be so distracted by how cute and cuddly this innocent puppy was they couldn’t do their job correctly?

Read the subtext of what Howell just said: The puppy was an inconvenience so my officers rightly murdered it.

I say again, if Hanson had threatened to send his son out there to kill the cops and then pushed his three year old toddler out the door would the cops have just opened  fire because “the dynamic has changed?”

This whole situation stinks from the bottom to the top.  These trigger happy badge jockey’s got their rocks off shooting this puppy and then their boss is going to the mat in order to ensure that they get away with it.

And THESE are the only guys who gun controllers think should be armed?

These trigger happy puppy killers are the reason we have the 2nd Amendment.  Because when these officers get bored with using their badges to kill innocent puppies it is a short step before they start killing innocent people.

And if the brass is going to circle the wagons to protect their psychopathic officers then Racine needs to clean house from top to bottom.

These men are unfit to protect and serve if they have to shoot a puppy in the back because they can’t handle that “dynamic.”

If you live in Racine…hell, if you live in the state of Wisconsin, make your voices heard and don’t let this tragedy stand.


For those of you who want to reach out and tell Chief Art Howell exactly how disgusted you are with both him and his officers you can contact him via email at: or call him at  (262) 635-7714

  • mark

    That cop needs to loose his job and go to jail!

    • Bullets First

      Or at least involuntarily committed for a psych evaluation after they take his badge.

    • Destry

      And police chief Howell needs an ass whooping.

      • crustyone

        He’s a piece o’chit just like his puppy murdering orifice.

    • pandainc

      No, the system needs to lose it’s job. A SWAT team to handle an argument between two idiots? A SWAT team?

      • paendragon

        That’s right, P! “THEY didn’t do it – ONLY “The SYSTEM” did it! Whee!”


        • crustyone

          Losers working under the guise of protecting and serving the public are skilled at making excuses.

          • paendragon

            “He that is good at making excuses is seldom good for anything else.”

            -Benjamin Franklin-

          • pleazzer

            They are better at the SPIN and TWISTED TRUTH like OBAMA does all the time. This cop needs to be taken off the force UNTIL HE can prove he can control himself. Next time it could be someones kid.

          • ganderdavis

            I wonder which cop that dog would have hurt considering they have body armor on ??? You can bet your ass if that had of been someone shooting thge police dog all hell would have broke loose.

          • johnh

            I agree the cop needs to be removed from the force (FIRED). No this cop needs to get the same treatment that you would get if you did this. In the area that I live in Colorado the cop cars used to have the words “TO SERVE and PROTECT” now they just say “DIAL 911”. Now they just show up and draw lines around your dead body. It seems there is a different mind set with some police departments. If you have a bushel of apples and one turns bad if that apple is not removed they will all go bad. As far as sending the Swat team, when did Hanson say that he would shoot the police with his bow. Was there a single or pair of officers to start with. Should have been. Was Hanson arrested for the threat? What the neighbor should have done is collected the little dogs dodo and then smear it on the mans door knob. I don’t like other people dogs pooping in my yard either.

          • pleazzer

            Yes but when I was growing up COP REPRESENTED the Law. Now COP’S seem to think “THEY ARE THE LAW” and what ever they do or say we have to take it and smile while they make their demands and orders of us. This needs to change.

        • pandainc

          Not quite sure where you’re coming from. If you think I mean that the individual can hide behind the system, you’ve got me wrong. What I meant was that a broken system (allowing SWAT teams to respond to pi$$y little issues such as this seems to be proliferating, and when you set up the system to deal with acts of war, an occasional lunatic is going to go nuts. The out-of-control cop needs to be dealt with, but the system is broken as well. See Dennis and EmptyPockets above also.

          • paendragon

            Psst! There is no “System!” There is no machine – only human choices!

          • pandainc

            Human choices evolve into procedures which evolve into systems. The problem is when the systems become entrenched and rock solid. You and I have no significant disagreement.

          • paendragon

            Choices don’t “evolve” into anything; whenever procedures get written down by one or more humans, others can and will CHOOSE to ignore them. Too many metaphors cloud thinking. Individual humans are ALWAYS responsible.

          • pandainc

            We are disagreeing where I don’t sense we have an argument. As an example, millenium ago, mankind in groups arrived at the consensus that murder was not so hot an idea — leads to family and tribal feuds and so forth. Coda were written: Processes were enacted to administer the coda. As you correctly note, humans are always responsible — people then and now, still murder.

            In this case, there are probably procedures in place describing when to send in the troops (in the case of the SWAT commander) and when the use of deadly force is OK (in the case of the policeman). IMHO, these procedures were used as a shield to justify actions taken, rather than the use of individual initiative and thought to handle the situation. This is what I meant earlier when I mentioned rock-solid systems.

            As an extreme example, at Nuremberg, the rationale for participation for the Holocaust was normally “I was only doing what I was ordered to do.” Result here; one dead puppy. Result in Germany; six million dead Jews. Same principle — adherence to the process — come he!! or high water.

          • paendragon

            Yes, criminal idolaters use every pre-determinism / pre-destined might-makes-right alibi excuse they can imagine to pretend they had no choice but to commit their crimes, that they were forced into it, and so there’s no real evil crime nor evil criminals, no free-will choice or personal self-reliant responsibility, because we’re really all ever only victims – of society, products of our environments, and slaves of allah.

            So “they never did it – ONLY the group/system/process/procedures did it!”


          • pandainc

            And ain’t it just a beach? :-}

      • Dennis

        They have to justify their existence somehow so they put this incident in the books as a barricade “standoff” ended by shooting the armed scofflaw’s vicious attack dog. The video shows the truth as to what those pinheads are capable of doing. Today a puppy, tomorrow somebody’s loved one.

      • empty pockets

        Exactly. As soon as SWAT showed up we had a clear abuse of power situation. Don’t cops “police” any more? Do all their calls require a paramilitary unit now? Are they sending armored “patrols” out to give speeding tickets, too? Ridiculous? You bet but how soon till we see that?

    • jscarano7

      90 percent or maybe all cops are that way there ruthless on our tax money we pay there salary to push us around to bully us

      • wesleymethodist

        “they are”, “they’re” and ‘their” not “there”.

        • Elizabeth Fortin

          Stop being so nit picky. Your off the subject. Are you a school teacher or something? Kids in our schools don’t even know how to spell anymore. They only know how to text with abbreviations nowadays.

          • URKiddinMee

            LOL, ROTFLMAO, OB, POS, BTW, & Futhermore !@#$%^&*(!+~

    • wesleymethodist

      LOSE, LOSE , LOSE not loose.

      • Elizabeth Fortin

        I repeat what I posted above.

    • Pogo

      No, he needs to be castrated in order to assure that he does not reproduce. He, and everyone in his chain of command needs to suffer DIRE consequences.

      “…my officers rightly murdered it?” Is murder “right” in Racine? Does “inconvenience” justify the murder of a harmless and innocent puppy? How absolutely nauseating!

  • Combat Veteran Seabee

    These “Badasses,” wouldn’t last five minutes in a battle hardened combat situation!

    • crustyone

      I had one make what I would interpret as a threat against my large, but gentle, breed dog. I’m glad I moved from that jurisdiction because I didn’t want my loyal pet murdered by such a dimwit and I didn’t want to serve a life term, or worse, for eliminating a pos if that had ever occurred.

  • ralphwylie

    This perfectly makes the point for the Second Amendment! This dog-murdering cop(s) should be demoted and forced to work the rest of his career at the local dog pound or Dog Rescue shelter.


    What do I see? We are heading down the road where officers solve problems with a firearms. Who sent an officer on a civil infraction? Who makes the policy to send officers out on calls like this? When guns are present in any situation the tendency to use them gets easier every time they are used. There is more to handling a gun than pulling a trigger. control must extend to the mental state of the officer and the ability to control a situation. With union influence we see promotions based on seniority only. Just because you can work doesn’t say you should. i think that wages should be gained on the proof of ability to deal with different situations. Extencive testing should be given as well as marksmanship. These officers no longer protect they are there to control.

    • jeffnkr

      What happened to pepper spray and tazers?

      • GI Joe

        For use on a few months’ old puppy? Are you mad? If the puppy was such a serious distraction, an easy and humane way to remove the distraction would be to coax the puppy to one of the officers who would then place the puppy on the back seat of his unit with a blanket (or something similar) to protect the upholstery in the event of an “accidental discharge” by the puppy.

        These guys stepped over the line from “protect and serve” to “we were just following orders”. That didn’t work in 1945-1947 and should NOT be allowed to stand as excuses for unconscionable behavior today.

      • paendragon

        They tried that. Seems the puppy liked pepper on its pork, so they HAD to shoot it.

    • crustyone

      These sick aoles would have gotten their jollies for the day if the situation escalated to where they had the opportunity to kill the man barricaded and anyone else in the house.

    • wesleymethodist

      Extensive not Extencive. I think not I think

      • GRAMPA

        It is nice to have a good education but even better to have someone who will inform me without all the labels put upon me. I get so many who have no civility. Even with my spell check it doesnt tell me the correct spelling only a choice. I often make the wrong one. It is good to have someone looking after this old man.

        • wesleymethodist

          As a Grampa myself, we need all the help we can get.

          • URKiddinMee

            I’m starting to have trouble recalling things. That, and I have memory problems.

          • wesleymethodist

            Welcome to the club.

          • GRAMPA

            At seventy and now taking painkillers after a guy driving with a cell phone to his ear knocked me for a loop . Dam drugs screw your mind up.

      • David Foss

        Don’t you have something to say or are you just the English teacher?

        • wesleymethodist

          I think I said it. You may want to read the story about the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11:4-9.

  • jeffnkr

    I’m not trying to excuse excessive and unnecessary use of force by police officers. But please, let’s remember that police officers put their LIVES on the line, every time they start their shifts. Their families know that when their loved one walks out the door to go to work, it might be the very last time they will see them. I also will say that I do not know what it is like to be hated simply because you are proud to be what God made you to be. However, that does not release anyone from the responsibility to show respect towards police officers when an officer has pulled them over, or whatever.

    Showing respect to someone who does not deserve it causes others to want to respect YOU. It certainly can’t do any damage. Conversely, we all know the consequences of someone not showing respect when they should. Think about it – what would our world be like, if more people showed respect to a stranger? The person who does not deserve respect, who nevertheless receives it, cannot help but recognize it, and be affected by it,

    • ben dover

      Yea and lets not forget that we put our life on the lines if we get pulled over for 42 in a 45 zone ! Get real

    • Bullets First

      Hey Jeff, your argument is one I hear often, “officers put their lives on the line” etc. My response is that no one forced them to be cops. They’re also not doing it as volunteer work. They took the job of their own volition and are getting paid for it. If it is too dangerous or stressful that they feel they need to murder a puppy in order to “come home at night” then they need to get into a new line of work.

    • GI Joe

      I have family members who were law enforcement personnel. I get the argument. But it leads to false conclusions and excuse making. That is what you are doing here. Making excuses for bad behavior will not fix the problem. These “police officers” need to be publicly shamed for their actions. Further action must be taken by the community by either accepting this type of behavior or demanding these officers be fired as threats to the peace and safety of the community. The chief also needs to be scrutinized vigorously. He may be unfit for his position.

      • Susan

        Just remember who pays your salary, a$$ holes. I think every time you pull your gun you get $100.00 taken OUT of your pay check. You are inhumane and should be fired along with your chief.

    • Tagdogs

      You dipshit! It has nothing to do with respect to or for police officers. It has to do with the stupidity of these and other officers to use excessive where it isn’t warranted. There is absolutely no reason they had to shoot this small puppy. The officer who shot the puppy should be removed from duty and his name revealed to the public. After all, he may well be a danger to any person or animal who crosses his path.

  • belladonnacotton

    Really? It use to be they would send 2 patrol officers out to talk out the probelms with the people and ticket the owner for 50.00 and all was well. Now they The swat team, go on attack with murder on their mind.

  • Ripper10

    This POS cop needs his a$$ kicked and thrown off the force. What a looser.

    • wesleymethodist

      Loser, not looser.

      • URKiddinMee

        He’s probably also a “looser” after their fudge-packing games in the locker room.

        • wesleymethodist

          Good comment

  • CharlieSeattle

    Racine Police Chief’s later statement is B S too.

  • Doug

    All this over a dog that poops on a neighbors lawn. I’m worried.

    • GI Joe

      If this story is accurate, we should ALL be worried. This behavior by people we hire to help us avoid becoming victims of crime is entirely unacceptable. Instead of capturing and arresting the criminals, these people have BECOME the criminals. Unfortunately, we are seeing bad behavior from police personnel becoming increasingly common. We must stop this and reverse this trend BEFORE police declare open season on all “civilians” (i.e. those who are not police).

      • Bullets First

        Between the video and the police chief’s spin the accuracy isn’t in doubt. Sometimes when cops bust into a place and shoot a dog there is conflicting accounts about what exactly happened. The cops saying the dog attacked while the owner says it didn’t.

        In this story though, the only conflicting aspect of the story is that the cops think they were justified in shooting a puppy walking away from them while the rest of humanity thinks they are just a bunch of over armed scumbags.

        Everything else you said was spot on. Occurrences like these are only going to get worse if we don’t do anything to reverse the trend.

        • Taquoshi

          Okay, so now we’ve established they shoot puppies. But what about kittens and toddlers?

        • johnh

          If the cops just bust in the dog is just trying to protect his domain. The dog does not know the difference or what is going on. Same if you go into the back yard and the dog bite you. You got what you deserve for invading his territory. I think that if the cops can they should give the home owner a chance to control the dog.

      • Doug

        You said it very well.

      • jane smith

        @GI Joe, trust me, this story is 100% totally accurate!

    • FRANK


      • Doug

        Thanks, I should have added that and I stll think it was over the top.

  • ben dover

    Easy solution , set up another scenario , And ambush them

  • rmagnano

    These SWAT teams have NO place in a situation like this. They are over armed and UNDER TRAINED. These are the same group minded that want to take guns away from us law abiding owners.

    The INMATES have taken over the running of the ASYLUMS.

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  • Robert L. Rice

    HEY, you THUG COPS from Racine,INCLUDING the spin master Chief Of Police,need to have your badges taken away,Then turned over to the civilians to give you ass holes,a good old fashioned ass are a SORRY BUNCH OF BASTARDS,come here to North Florida,And try to pull that crap,ME,BUBBA,and LEROY,would LOVE to have you try that crap here.

  • Nat More

    They’re making it really easy for us to hate their f-ing guts! They deserve all the Nazi epitaphs hurled their way.

  • keepyourpower

    It was not the little dog’s fault, that he had a jerk for an owner. And yet their K-9 was barking in the rear of the vehicle. Why was he privileged? I am so sick, and tired, of reading, and hearing, about police officers killing family pets! Ever heard of Animal Control? Where were they? The dog probably needed to go outside and pee…or the owner did not give a damn what happened to the dog…but all in all…those officers should lose their jobs, and as one said…be put on poopy patrol at a dog pound!

  • Scott

    They shot this dog probably hoping to provoke it’s owner out so they could kill him too

  • DogWithoutSlippers

    Low life scum, bully behind a badge!~

  • Jim Warner

    Incompetent and sick!

  • Worship Dancer


  • The rest of story is: Who called the police? The neighbor was . . . provoked because the dog dropped one on his yard? The owner of the dog (Hanson) then got provoked at his neighbors being provoked? and then one of the two? called the police, who then got provoked over a “stupid” dog?

    Gads, can’t we learn how to be neighborly?

    • Tagdogs

      “Over a stupid dog”? I dare say the little puppy probably had more smarts than the a-hole that killed him. At least the puppy saw how senseless the situation was and was returning to his house before he was killed by the trigger happy small brained cop.

      • URKiddinMee

        I would imagine that his brain is not the ONLY small thing on his body.

  • Lindy

    I support our men and women in uniform but this is beyond the pale. I want this man to lose his job.

  • USAgent

    LOSERS all of them! If I had seen that shit someone would have had an ass kicked! Period.

  • Freedom4us

    If the cops were scared of this puppy they should turn in their badge, because a real badass will do a number on them.

  • 63Marine

    Every cop on that SWAT team needs to be fired and put in jail for not less than 2 years. Add to that would be the police chief…
    Semper Fi

    • anAmericanByChoice

      “Every cop on that SWAT team needs to be fired and put in jail”? How about you change that to “fired upon” and… save tax payers some money? Two years in jail in the company of their buddies will cost you and me a lot of money!

  • Stephen Geiger

    In more and more situations involving power trip cops it is shoot first and ask questions later. It doesn’t matter if it is a puppy or some innocent civilian that they are hassling. And very rarely are there any consequences for the idiot cops. I remember when I was in high school my friends had some respect for law enforcement. That is quickly disappearing in this country. Now adays we need to be protected from the cops as much or more than the criminals. Oh, I forgot. Now many of the cops are criminals.

  • billzehner

    This is proof that being a moron does not disqualify one from police duty. Perhaps the libs will use this as evidence to take firearms from the police. Until then, I will arm up and load.

  • bryandale

    Cops killing innocent dogs is a daily event and they are already killing innocent people too.

  • Tomcat01

    I have been feeling for some time that too many cops are getting trigger happy and getting away with it. Despite all the training they supposedly get incidents like this are becoming more and more common. Even near where I live the cops have shot people defending their own homes while cops were wrong as they were at the WRONG address.

  • Jeff Rhodes

    They need to be fired and charges filed against them. Sue the Department. Totally unacceptable. If anyone fires on my dog, there will be rounds coming there way.

  • Doug T

    Unfortunately this is the way our police forces are going today and it is only going to get worse because they are not being held accountable for things like this. Soon it will come to the point where you will be executed for speeding and instead of the fine you would have been assessed they will just confiscate your home and car and call it good. Cops used to be who you called when you had a problem and they would help you work it out but today firepower is all that matters. This country is going to hell and i don’t see any way to stop it from happening. I don’t know why we executed Sadam Hussan (not sure of the spelling), we just should have elected him as president of the US, we couldn’t have done any worse.

  • jscarano7

    hi do know why a punk cop does what he does,in his school days he was bullied now he becomes a police officer so now his turn to do the bullying this his way of getting his revenged. hey its a known fact i reseached this for many years, they know they can get away with it,i know because they beat on me, let me tell you pretty bad i was 67 years old an they got away with it, i think thats why these bad guys will shoot a cop,because they know the cop will shoot them,i feel our police officers declared war the american people i remember years ago when police officers were our servent now were there servent,.to be frank with you i believe something should be done with these police officers in our nation mighty quick, hey congress put this on your next agenda this is pretty serious

  • Tagdogs

    I’d find out who shot my dog and I’d damn well find a way to extract some form of payback, whether it means demolishing his car or putting weed killer all over his yard or placing a dead skunk on his air conditioner this summer. Whatever, I’d get some satisfaction making his life a little more regretful.

  • Wingedgodd3ss

    To all-please go to the city of Racine click on ️contact us and tell them your thoughts. I told them how disgusted I am.

  • Edward B. Levy

    Hard to believe this story. Are these leftovers from the Nazi Gestapo? You need a house cleaning from top to bottom. AG Holder this is right up your alley. I USUALLY support our police on most things, but no justification on this one. You MURDERED mans best friend

  • Dave in Houston

    That is what happens when you give ignorant and/or stupid insecure assholes a gun and a badge….no good can come of it.

  • GrumpyOleMan

    One must wonder why Barny Fife, who only yesterday only had one bullet that he had to keep in his shirt pocket, now has military assault weapons. Cops have insufficient training and knowledge, and common sense by the looks of it, to be let lose on the streets with kind of weaponry.

  • Mr_D

    It takes a big, BIG man to shoot a puppy. I’m sure he is strutting around the jailhouse, getting high fives from his fellow brave men. John Wayne would be proud!

  • paendragon

    i.e: “Duh-uh-uh! I feared for my life – that puppy had all of us 20 helpless cops surrounded!”

  • paendragon

    Someone should dig a big pit-trap, then place a call to them about a “dangerous puppy emergency!”


  • crustyone

    Howell is an aole just like his sorry excuse of an orificer (intentionally and appropriately misspelled) who probably didn’t get lucky with his boyfriend the morning he murdered a defenseless and innocent puppy.

  • YOU F*****G LOW LIFE POS M****R F*****S ARE LOWER THAN WHALE SHIT!! You don’t deserve to be called Police Officers, you shoot a maybe, two month old pup that was running back to his psyco owner! You should have saved the bullets for yourselves,or that POS owner, you WORTHLESS SCUM SUCKING PIG F*****G ASS HOLES!!
    I am glad that it wasn’t my dog, because they would have been in a fire fight from hell!!! I ever catch a POS trying to shoot my dog, he better have good LIFE INSURANCE, and I don’t care one GODDAMNED little bit if I would go to jail!!

  • bluidevil

    As mentioned before, trigger happy fools, unaccustomed to dealing in dialog, logic reason and proper use and time when using it. Too many LE youngsters today draw weapon when not necessary and show their lack of manhood. Officer should have been punched out by a superior for being an ahole .

  • pateboo

    I was going to say, Where’s PETA and their supporters NOW, but PETA puts down more animals than just about anybody else.

  • palehorse58

    What a bunch of assholes. People are afraid of law abiding citizens from carrying a sidearm, but think nothing of assholes like this running around dressed to kill. I would venture to say that if it was areal bad situation these cowards would not know what to do. My brother inlaw was a police officer and he told idiots like this that all they like to do is dress up. Once they do that they get that cowboy mentality.

  • palehorse58

    The chief needs a reality check. He should retire as soon as possible before one of his assholes kills somebody.

  • Dennis

    The Wisconsin Attorney General needs to investigate this case and, if it is found that the police broke the law, then they should be fired and prosecuted to the full extent of the law…starting with Chief Howell. They want to help clean up Racine? Then they can work on the sanitation teams! These people appear to be a disgrace to not only mankind and the police uniform but to America at large!!

  • silvernotes

    Let’s see what that local community does about it. if they do nothing, they deserve what they get. I wouldn’t stand for it!

  • usmcb10

    How stupid and senseless can you get? Is it any wonder people don’t trust the police anymore. I used to have a lot of respect for police officers because of the difficult job that they have to deal with and I know it can be a thankless frustrating job but let’s get real here. The chief of police of Racine Wisconsin needs to be fired along with everybody involved in the shooting especially the person that fired the shot I would say the man that fired the shot but that will be a gross exaggeration. If nothing else that officer out of his own pocket should be forced to pay for the dog plus the mental anguish that the owner went through and the neighbors anguish over seeing such a stupid silly violent act. No wonder people get scared when police pulled them over at night on a dark road. It makes you wonder if they asked to search your car and you say no and they get a warrant dollar to a hole in the doughnut they’ll find something to put you in jail for, a little weed or cokel or math even if they have to plan it. I was an over the road truck driver for over 44 years and I must say the caliber and integrity of police officers sure have changed in that time these guys now scare me to death.

  • PatriotVet

    Demilitarization is the only answer. That and serious retraining. Fire the police chief and have all officers submit to psychological testing to determine their mental fitness to perform their jobs in a professional manner. Remove all military items purchased from the Pentagon from all personnel. We need to move away from ” law enforcement” and back to ” protect and serve”.

  • anAmericanByChoice

    You people! Can’t you see that the puppy turned around to go grab a gun! That’s why that guy shot the animal, it would have totally changed the dynamics had it been able to grab the gun!

  • tyrannyofevilmen

    This is one of the craziest things that I have ever seen, and I have seen some crazy shit. This video needs to go viral and some heads need to roll here.

  • Tucker Matthew Rain

    Where are the animal rights activists when you need them? Probably out raising money for Planned Parenthood.

  • jane smith

    These are a bunch of pompous arrogant assh*les who think they can do anything they dam well feel like doing. They are not one bit sorry for what they did. They even told the local media that they shot the dog because he was a “distraction”. This little innocent dog was not only walking away from them, but he was wagging his tail. He was oblivious to the act of evil that was about to happen to him. The little guy was a zero threat. These trigger happy cops had their G.I. Joe gear on and just had to kill something. In this case. a little innocent dog who was a distraction. God help the family who may have a small toddler outside in the same scenario who becomes another distraction that these fools can’t handle. This is the arrogance that is out there now with rogue cops like this. It’s a disgrace and everyone of these losers should lose their jobs and be charged with animal abuse. Sad thing is, they won’t because nowadays almost any wrongdoing that cops like this do is ignored. The days of protect and serve are long gone. This is totally outrageous. People who agree should call the Racine, Wisconsin, police department and demand justice for that innocent little dog. The little guy did nothing, absolutely nothing to justify being shot to death by out of control cops!

  • Wayne

    All they had to do was pet the little puppy and he would maybe licked on them for a while. Maybe they are allergic to puppy saliva? Ohh how scary, good thing it wasn’t a vicious rabbit, like they had on Monty Python.

  • Shanidar

    If you shoot/kill a police dog, they will charge you as though you shot a human police officer. Why should this “cop” not be charged for needlessly killing this dog? Is one type of dog better than another? One certainly has more rights than the other.

  • AesopsRetreat_Com

    These Gestapo minded cops are going to push people into retribution and they could end up with an entire nation of Eric Frein’s.

  • Bag O’Doughnuts

    One thing that can be done is to change the law so that pet dogs are recognized as more than just property or livestock. I don’t know what each state’s laws are, but think in most killing a family’s pet dog wrongfully is treated the same as wrongfully destroying property. E.g., if the cops break down your front door by mistake, they might be liable for fixing it. If they kill your 5 pound puppy because “it was coming straight at us, Jimbo”, they might owe you one puppy or the cash value thereof.

    We’ve seen this story too many times. SWAT raids in the middle of the night, using the exact same military tactics on houses of suspected drug dealers as Special Operations raids on a terrorist safe house in Iraq; they come in with overwhelming force, flash bang grenades, shoot anything moving that doesn’t drop to the floor within two seconds, and shoot every single dog in the house or tied up in the back yard as a matter of course. Shooting the dogs is not an accident, it’s policy. They’d much rather kill your Shitzu than take any chance one their bullet proof vest wearing, full auto assault rifle shooting, jack-booted thugs might trip over it. They kill the dog in front of the kids and grandma for shock value, to let everyone know they’re serious and any resistance could be fatal. Then they leave the dead or dying dog on the floor next to the zip-tied, crying kids for hours while they tear apart the house looking for drugs. If they happen to find a used pipe and a small bag of weed in junior’s bedroom, then everything’s fine, another successful assault in the war on drugs. Or terrorism, tax evasion, using the wrong type of ebony for guitar fingerboards, etc. Whatever the cause and whatever the guilt, the dead dog means nothing legally.

  • Phillipe Violette

    why didn’t you give us that cop cheif’s email address so we can tell em what we think about them?

    • Bullets First

      You’re absolutely right Phillipe, I have updated the article and included his email and telephone number at the end.

  • Bruce Wayne

    So they killed that beautiful Aussie sheppard because the owner is a moron?????

  • TexasOlTimer

    I live in Central Texas and listen to talk radio out of Austin (thank God I don’t live there!). There have been several pets shot, none of which posed any threat to a cop. One was in a rural area near Austin where the cop drove up to the house. A pickup with a dog was in the bed of it. He jumped out and the cop got out of his car and shot the dog – it was threatening him by standing in one place and barking. Stupid. In a rural area, you stay in your car and honk the horn to let the homeowner know you’re there. Most have dogs. It gives the owner a change to tie up the dog, put him in the house or whatever is needed. In this case, the dog only barked at a stranger on the property and the cop could have simply sat in his car.

    In town one was serving a warrant and went to the wrong house. It had a fence around the yard with a young child and his dog inside. Instead of asking the child to get his parent, he shot the dog that was standing by the child when it barked at him. Note that the cop was still OUTSIDE the fence and the gate was closed. Fortunately the child was missed but he has the vision now for the rest of his life of his beloved dog shot in front of him.

    Another very elderly dog with arthritis was in a home when the alarm went off. The owner at work determined it was a ‘false alarm’ as the front door had not been fully closed. He asked if the local police could go to his home and close the door. He had turned off the alarm via his cell phone. The cops got to the home, pulled their guns and went through the house to determine for themselves that no bad person was there. Nope, only the elderly dog attempting to get up to see what was going on – he was obviously a threat and shot dead.

    These have been happening so often that outrage has reached a point that the police are receiving “training” on how to deal with the situations. One wonders what the training actually involves. Austin is a stronghold of the Dems and their very liberal viewpoints.

  • fbc28277

    This does not look like the America I grew up in. Militarized police involved in a neighbor dispute over a dog pooping on someones lawn. These weapons and tactics need to be taken away from these police departments. These are suppose to be “peace officers” not “special forces”. And now thanks to Bush and Obama we have Homeland Security on patrol. A national police force, really? I see the Homeland Security police vehicles frequently here in NC. It is very disturbing, they are not defending the Homeland they are here to detain and control the citizenry for what lies ahead.

  • Mark Kuykendall

    Sick twisted trigger happy cop bastard.

  • Number5

    I have never seen a more incompetent group of supposed SWAT officers in my day. Part-time, half trained no sense of right or wrong. They should all be fired and start over. What a bunch of p******ies

  • jorgi crews sanders

    How sad and the crowd of people who were shocked at the act of these officers ! No reason to kill that puppy .I hope it didn’t suffer ! I have always honored those in law enforcement but this is horrible and to know the chief isn’t willing to admit they are at fault is even more sickening . I live in Mississippi and we have some really bad guys with bad attitudes who are cops , they break more laws than those who they arrest and then policemen everywhere wonder why they are so disliked by the public . We just don’t trust you anymore ! God see’s everything !

  • TsarPeterRex

    I just saw the movie, “Jack Reacher”. There is an interesting parallel here. He states that there are four types of people that join the military. 1. Those for whom the military is a family business. 2. Patriots who want to serve their nation 3. Those just looking for a job. 4. Those who seek a legal way to murder. I’m afraid that No. 4 applies to SOME cops looking for employment as well. . There are some that are pure sadists. Cruel, barely human types that take a police job only to be able to hurt others. Then……there is the “mob” mentality that gets into a SWAT team. Guys eager and itching to be able to discharge their weapons. I’ve seen it with some new hunters that want to shoot everything in sight. Under Obama…..we have a “lawless” president…who cares nothing for the rule of law and the Constitution, This manner and attitude, that “we do what we want” does indeed filter down to local law enforcement ….all the way to the locals cops who mimic this lawlessness, and take matters into their own hands. That’s why the Racine police chief uses twisted logic to justify this hainous and sadistic act to a puppy. I’m sure Racine has good police. If so….they need to clean house. This is NOT the way Americans behave….and how are we to teach our children respect for the law when this kind of sadistic barabrity exists.

  • sheinLV

    How do they live with themselves

  • URKiddinMee

    Where is PETA, The Humane Society, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson protesting against this bullchit? For that matter, where is Obama whining that if he had a son who had a puppy he’d look just like the one these pukes killed?
    These phukking POS’s make me ashamed to have ever been in law enforcement! The owner was obviously a nut case as was the neighbor for calling the cops over puppy turds. But, DAMN! What the hell happened to our stated mission back in the dark ages of law enforcement when we took seriously our oaths to “Protect And Serve!?” Send these azzholes to Ferguson, MO when the “No Bill” is announced by the Grand Jury and let them play bad azz when the mobs shooting back!

  • Chaingun

    First, why would they call the SWAT team because one guys dog took a dump on another guys yard?

    Why would it take 3 hours to clear something like that up? Give the guy a ticket and send him on his way. If he gets out of hand, call for a couple more cops and wrestle him to the ground.

    The dog was there at the beginning, why would it be walking around have “changed the dynamics”?

    Have the cops in Racine become so narrow minded that they can’t keep track of more than one perp at a time?

    Why hasn’t the cop been charged with animal cruelty? If that had been any one else, we would have been.

    Cops like him give the rest a bad name. I used to live in Racine down off the corner of Blake Ave and Hamilton St. The cops were cowards back in the 70’s, but now I guess they’ve grown into full blown wussies. That cops should be stripped of his badge, charged with murder and thrown in prison in general population.


    what a useless piece of spineless shit- as are ALL cops~

    • Nicholas I

      The puppy was shaking its ass at them. There’s only so much abuse the brave boys in blue can put up with before they snap.

  • Taskmasterendgame

    These men are unfit to Serve & Protect.
    a Disgrace to their Community and all Law Enforcement.
    Immediate Investigation and Dismissal !

  • Darrell Murray

    Law Enforcement use to be an honorable profession, but cops like these are nothing more than criminals and thugs wearing a uniform and badge. I served 23.5 years as an Arizona State Highway Patrol Officer, I can see no way this action could be deemed anything but criminal and would encourage trial and conviction of the officers involved. I’ve been retired 14 years, NEVER have I thought our country would becoming what it is today! Absolutely disgraceful. I am a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, Conservative and lay a lot of this blame at the feet of liberalism. This is the reason you need hi capacity magazines and tactical rifles. How long before you will need to defend yourself and family against this kind of law enforcement and the government that drives it?

  • markypolo

    I am sad for the poor puppy. However, let me remind Americans. This is the Lawless Government they voted for. If Obama will not uphold the Law of Constitution, Why should the Police Force or anyone else? This is what I call DEMOCRAT-CY. “Hope and Change” we can Believe In.

  • Barbara Johnson

    Trigger-happy cops! Shoot anything that moves?

  • patriotds1

    I would have shot the cop after that.

  • James Maxwell

    Sounds like “Rambut” got his panties in a was and was having a hissey fit. He could not go full
    metal jacket on the home owner so he took it out on a puppy. He needs to be decommissioned
    as a police officer, forced to attend a mental examination and bared from ever owning a weapon
    again, he is clearly unstable and not fit to wear a badge or ever be allowed to obtain or have a
    weapon in his presence. Sick POS, no doubt.

  • luvzforplay

    Thoes hero cops ought to all be fired and band from ever owning a firearm again I don’t think shitting on a lawn should ever be a death sentence for anything these cowards just wanted to kill something why not kill the puppy’s owner not a helpless puppy No so wonder people all over are really Harding cops hope these Heros have to really face a bad guy Wonder if the brave cops tell thier kids why they executed a scared helpless puppy they all need to either be fired or put up against a real bad guy. That will have the ability to do more then whine while some freak takes his life away from him you all need to face real death maybe then you would appreciate life more !!

  • Len Guini

    Cops are no longer part OF the community but rather apart FROM the community. It is largly due to their new training by the ADL- that’s Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Br’ith- the largest and most powerful jewish lobby in the US. They are the ones who issued civilian targets for police to shoot at as opposed the the good ol’ masked bad guy targets. Now the cops get to shoot children, old women and old men at their leisure. Makes it easier to shoot a civilian when the time comes and they dare question the cops authori-tah!

  • Karen Wyatt

    Thank you for posting this. I am Kurt Hanson’s sister Karen Wyatt. What the police failed to mention is that the neighbor came to Kurt’s house several times brandishing a pistol. Also, Kurt did not threaten to let the dog out. The 911 tapes clearly say Kurt said ‘That’s nit happening.’

    Later police aimed their guns, at the neighbors giving them three seconds to get back into their houses, then began countdown.

    This info is available on my Facebook. Feel free to look.

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