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Live Free Or Die: New Hampshire On Verge Of Enacting Constitutional Carry

The Granite state is poised to crack under the pressure of inalienable rights as legislation has been introduced to make New Hampshire the seventh Constitutional Carry state in the nation.

The legislation I refer to is Senate Bill 116 that was recently introduced by Republican Senators Jeb Bradley and David Boutin.

The bill is rather direct and concise in its objective and intent.

This bill:

I. Increases the length of time for which a license to carry a pistol or revolver is valid.

II. Allows a person to carry a loaded, concealed pistol or revolver without a license unless such person is otherwise prohibited by New Hampshire statute.

III. Requires the director of the division of state police to negotiate and enter into agreements with other jurisdictions to recognize in those jurisdictions the validity of the license to carry issued in this state.

IV. Repeals the requirement to obtain a license to carry a concealed pistol or revolver.

You can read the rest of the text here – Senate Bill 116

You may be asking yourself why the part about increases to the length of validity for a carry license is in the bill to begin with.  That is for those who travel outside of New Hampshire and to states that require a license for reciprocity purposes.  For $10 you will now have a valid license for 5 years instead of 4.  Another improvement to the licensing process will be that the issuing authority will no longer be able to ask any questions other than what the state has mandated since 2009 with Form DSSP 85 which simply asks where you live, are you a criminal and to have three references.

The bill expressly addresses this in stating: No photograph or fingerprint shall be required or used as a basis to grant, deny, or renew a license to carry for a resident or nonresident

To be clear, even the simplified state preempted form would be UNNECESSARY to utilize your right to keep and bear arms within New Hampshire, Parts II and IV pretty much ensure that is  understood by everyone.

What is an added bonus to this bill that extends beyond Constitutional Carry is Part III which basically lights a fire under the director of the State Police in regards to hunting down reciprocity agreements.

The director shall apply to every jurisdiction with which New Hampshire does not have a reciprocity agreement, at least once every 5 years to obtain recognition in those jurisdictions of the license issued under RSA 159:6. Any such agreement executed shall not expire unless an expiration date is required under the statutes of the reciprocal jurisdiction.

Considering I live in a state (PA) where our crooked Attorney General, when not trying to avoid indictment for corruption, does everything in her power to trash reciprocity agreements, this is a welcome change to see.

Unlike Indiana’s Constitutional Carry bill that will have to wait for July before it takes effect, the New Hampshire bill will take effect immediately upon passing.  That makes it all the more pressing that the free men and women of New Hampshire contact their legislators and push for liberty.  Do not let this bill languish and be demonized by the haters.

Thanks to an update from our friends at Gun Owners of America you can do so in person:

There will be a hearing on SB 116 this Thursday, January 29 at 1PM in Representatives Hall in the New Hampshire State House.  Please plan on attending!  And while you do not have to speak at the hearing, please write your name on the sign in sheet as being in FAVOR OF SB 116!

This is important to New Hampshire and the people who reside there.  I don’t want what I am about to say to diminish that, but having another Constitutional Carry State in New England would be huge for America.

With New Hampshire and Vermont combining to make a block of Constitutional Carry states in the middle of New England, it upgrades a toehold into a foothold in one of the most anti-2nd Amendment regions in the country.  Were Maine to border a Constitutional Carry State backed up by another Constitutional State, gun friendly Maine might very well get on board as well.  Effectively cutting New England in half.  Between liberty loving Northern New England, and freedom hating Southern New England.

Vermont and New Hampshire will also be the only Constitutional Carry States that border each other.  And, if I can get ahead of myself just a bit, if Maine were to go that route as well, the greatest concentration of Constitutional Carry states will be in NEW ENGLAND of all places.  If nothing else that is just a morally crippling blow to the gun control zealots.

Other than Vermont, other current Constitutional Carry states include Wyoming, Arizona, Alaska and Arkansas.  Along with New Hampshire and Indiana, Texas has also introduced legislation for Constitutional Carry though that seems like a tougher road to hoe as Texas doesn’t even have Open Carry.  I’ll keep you up to date on that.

For now, if you reside in New Hampshire, or have business there, contact your state officials and voice support for SB 116 and if you can make it, show up in person and have your voice heard on Thursday.

If you need to know how to contact your elected official in the Senate and House use this handy guide: Vermont Elected Map

  • Michael

    To be clear, the law always prohibited “No photograph or fingerprint shall be
    required or used as a basis to grant, deny, or renew a license…” but some PDs ask to see a drivers/operators license and worse, some make copies of the license which is against the black letter of the law.

    • Bullets First

      Thanks for that clarification Michael. But as you said, even though illegal it still was happening enough that it was viewed that it must be expressly forbidden.

      We have a similar issue in Pennsylvania as towns and cities have passed gun control measures in direct opposition to State preemption and we had to pass a law to ensure that people could freely sue those municipalities with no financial detriment if those people win.

      You can imagine the whining the gun controllers have been doing because of that.

      • Michael

        It will be interesting to see where this bill goes. I was hoping to testify in support at the SB116 session. At any rate, I would imagine most New Hampshire CCW holders (it’s called a Pistol/Revolver license and it’s for CC, private sale FTFs, state reciprocity, etc.) would still get one. The biggest beneficiaries would be VT, ME and MA folks since the NH non-resident CCW license is $100 for four years. I thought poll taxes were all but ruled unconstitutional? Who knew?

        • VT Patriot

          The only problem with the constitutional carry in VT at this time is that if I set my big toe across a state line………….. Bingo, felon.

          • Michael

            If you step into NH, you’re fine if your handgun is worn openly if it’s loaded. If it’s unloaded, you can still conceal it without a non-resident NH P&R license. However, OC in vehicles for loaded handguns does also require a P&R license. Loaded rifles are a no-no regardless if you have a P&R or not – we’re trying to fix that too.

  • Onceamarine

    And be assured, those that want to wreck havoc on innocents will continue to do so. But, having a gun WiLL deter those idiots. I don’t understand why liberals cannot see this. If a person knows you could have a gun , then he will be less likely to attack you; to rob you. Robbery now results in more murders because the value of life is so low! Thanks to the abortionist liberals. And obozo the great ( may his life be short) who have negated the value of life. Obozo Only cares about thugs and mussies! Kill a thug in self defense and he will put the power of the office hot on your arse. But, kill a baby: ho hum, no big deal! These liberals are as backwards as they can be, almost as if they find the opposite of good and pound the bad into the low info people’s brains! Semper Fi( cold dead fingers, people, cold dead fingers!)

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  • Flybob

    Here’s the problem with this bill. It means we cave in to their interpretation of the US Constitution. Article VI sys any law or constitution to the contrary NOTWITHSTANDING! 2nd amendment says clearly that the RIGHT of the PEOPLE to keep and bear ARMS, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. So if we agree to the this bill we have effectively agreed that states CAN limit the keeping and bearing of arms when they are already in violation of the US Constitution by HAVING arms laws of ANY type! Everyone thinks this is a “great stride” in our rights but we already have the right. Even though I am an NRA instructor they tick me off by NOT citing the US Constitution instead of fighting the small battles. If the NRA was a decent non-corrupt bunch of lawyers that’s what they’d do. Lawyers = liars after our money. ALL of them are scum.

    • Michael

      My take? It’s a “in-progress” step. Once full nationwide Constitutional Carry becomes effective – whenever that is — than all this stuff can and will be decommed.

  • OldTiger

    I am a bit confused by the explanation of the legislation above. Item one says there will be an extension of time a license is valid and item four says no license will be necessary. WHAT?!!

    • Michael

      For those of us that still wish to have a P&R, the license expiration is increased by 20%. A P&R license is good for a number of things, most notably “Snow Birds” that travel from NH in the summer to FL in the winter as NH shares reciprocity with FL. Another “big” state that’s close to us is PA.

  • Michael

    Breaking News: SB116 passed out of committee on a 3-1 vote.

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