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Gun Control Claims Another Innocent Life

There’s an tragic truth behind the fact that gun control only disenfranchises the law abiding…its that said disenfranchisement often comes at the cost of innocent lives.

Such is the case with Gun Control working as it was intended in New Jersey.

The draconian laws that are instituted with regards to the 2nd Amendment in the “Garden” State are rigged so that the ability for the law abiding to get or carry a gun is in some cases nigh impossible.

Of course, for the criminal element, the ability to get a weapon to do harm is all be unfettered.

Such was the case in tragedy that befell a 39 year old hairdresser by the name of Carol Bowne.

Bowne ‘s ex boyfriend had made her fear for her safety and she did everything she could to try and protect herself.  She got a restraining order, she installed cameras around her home and she purchased an alarm system.

Don’t get me wrong, these are all nice things to have to help you defend yourself, but in and of themselves they offer no protection at all.  A restraining order is a piece of paper that only has power if someone is willing to adhere to it.  Cameras and alarms?  If someone is coming to do you harm all they do is record it and alert the police to fetch you body.

No.  What is needed in addition to the aforementioned measures is a GUN.  One that Carol Bowne attempted to acquire.

Enter the pro criminal state of New Jersey.

On April 21st, Bowne began the glacial process of obtaining a New Jersey permit to purchase a gun.  Not to carry one…simply a permit to PURCHASE one.  Most of my readers from the free states of America might no even realize that such a thing exists but in some pockets of oppression such a thing sadly does exist.

April 21st.  The rest of April? She didn’t hear anything back.

The entire month of May? Silence.

And come June, the state of New Jersey continued its thunderous silence and feet dragging and gave Bowne neither permit nor reply.

Then came the 3rd of June.  The state of New Jersey did not come calling…but Bowne’s ex boyfriend, Michael Eitel, did.

As Bowne exited her car and was walking up her driveway her Eitel attacked her and stabbed her to death.  A restraining order didn’t stop him.  Nor did the cameras or the alarm.  The only thing that Carol Bowne could have used to stopped him was denied her by the state of New Jersey.

And what of the bumbling incompetent Police Chief who was in charge of deciding whether Ms. Bowne got to live or die?

Berlin Town Police Chief Leonard Check tried to defend his complicity in Bowne’s murder by saying that wait times of up to 2 months are common and that his office was still waiting for Bowne’s fingerprints to go through.

Carol Bowne is dead because you couldn’t get off your ass to hurry the process along for a woman with a restraining order against a convicted felon with a history of violence against women?


But that is the culture of New Jersey.  Even though the law DEMANDS that they respond to applicants within 30 days of their application Police Chiefs like Leonard Check nefariously ignore the law hoping that the applicant will eventually get fed up and just go away.

Well, Carol Bowne did go away…and her blood is on the hands of Chief Leonard Check and all the gun control advocates in the cesspool that is New Jersey politics.  Once again, gun control has worked as it is intended…ensuring that criminals have defenseless victims to harm and can commit their crimes free from worry of being harmed.

Adding insult to tragedy, Carol Bowne even went into the station two days before her murder and inquired about the permit.  She was rebuffed and ignored.

And 48 hours later she is dead while her killer remains at large.

How do people like Chief Leonard Check even sleep at night?  The man is a disgrace.

For some reason that defies all logic and common decency, Check and those like him think that the man on the right should be protected while he brutally murders the woman on the left.


When will the people of New Jersey wake up and realize what gun control REALLY does?  It makes victims out of the law abiding and protects the monsters that go bump in the night.

Wake up New Jersey…no more Carol Bownes.



    More than gun control this should send the message that our public servants work for us. Above all they are also responsible to us when they make a mistake. I feel that an honest mistake should have consequences that will tell others that we are watching and they are accountable. On the other end of the spectrum when we have a conscious decision made by someone that causes harm and loss of life the price for this intentional decision should be treated as the same as the crime of murder in the first degree and hold the same punishment. The goal is simple a public servant should be expected to do their job with the attention to detail the jobs require. We dont expect a superman but only to provide the citizen with the service we pay for. It seems however our public servants think their jobs become their own small country they rule over and make all the decisions. This must change. I have friends who worked for the city and can testify to the attitude she had about her job and the people who had to make requests for assistance. I am beginning to wander so in summation the goals are clear to me anyway that America must return to a time that people who serve the public need to take pride in the service they provide. This can only happen when we demand the quality of service the citizen deserves. With my total experience in my seventy plus years I have no idea where we should start. I see so many with good ideas so all you smart people crank it up so we can put pressure on government in the spots where it will do the most good. We can do this. I recognize we need leadership. Who is ready to get their name in the history books?

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