The Sad and Tragic Example of How European Countries Want Women To Deal With a RAPE-ugee (Video)

When the complete and utter sham of the Syrian refugee crisis meets the gun hating politically correct leftist governments of Europe you get the RAPE-ugee.

Despite all attempts by the liberal governments and the liberal press to bury the story, case after case is leaking out from over the pond detailing that there is a crisis in Europe in which women are being targeted by Muslim Arab refugees for sexual assault.

Hence the term Rape-ugee.

And why are these attacks so prevalent.  Firstly, the European governments are allowing these attacks to occur for the aforementioned reason of political correctness run amok.  Liberal politicians are too busy kow-towing to the alter of unconditional acceptance of Muslim dogma that they are denier that a problem even exists despite the fact that their citizens are continually being raped and assaulted.

Secondly, the long disarmament of the European people by said governments have left women simply defenseless when a stronger Arab man or group of Arabs attack her.

Thirdly, and is would be laughably ridiculous if it wasn’t so tragic, is that the following video is how countries in Europe are suggesting that women stop being raped.

From the state run channel TV-Media in Finland:


Telling your rape-ugee “no”…why hadn’t ANYONE EVER thought of that?

And if one hand up and no doesn’t work put TWO hands up.  Incredible groundbreaking stuff here.

And if your Professor X telepathic powers don’t send your rape-ugee running by all means hit him with your purse.

I reiterate…are you friggin kidding me?

No wonder Europe is being overrun with a Rape-ugee tidal wave.

One might ask, doesn’t the US have refugees coming to America…why don’t we have the same prevalence of Rape-ugee attacks?

Good question.  The answer is simple.  Because in most parts of America women are allowed to treat their attackers like this:

And if they don’t pass out they get two to the chest.

In Denmark though, a girl who fought off a Rape-ugee with pepper spray is facing criminal charges.

The 17-year-old, from the coastal town of Sonderborg, was forced to the ground by an English-speaking migrant man of middle eastern descent who tried to undress her. She was later warned by police that the pepper spray she used on him was illegal for private citizens to possess, and that she would face a £50 fine.

Local police spokesman Knud Kirsten told TV Syd: ‘It is illegal to possess and use pepper spray, so she will likely to be charged for that.’

That’s just disgusting.  Remember, Obama wants us to be MORE like Europe.

No guns so that a Rape-ugee can sexually assault our sisters and daughters without fear.



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