Lens Liberator: Low Tech Solution To A High Tech Threat

I wrote a few weeks ago about the dangers of privacy invasions and cyber attacks when it comes to the Amazon Echo.  You can read that article here:

Amazon Echo: Americans Have Unwittingly Allowed Their Homes To Be Bugged

Well, after that article disseminated for a bit I was emailed by Eric over at Ammoman.com

Eric clued me into a free giveaway that they are doing over there for the Lens Liberator.  A low tech solution to protect ones privacy in this age of cyber tyranny.

It’s a low tech solution that is unhackable, unbeatable and cannot be worked around because it exists in the physical world.  When you see it you know its working.

I did a short video applying it to my phone and laptop to show you how quick and easy it is.


Like I said, low tech.  There is no app to download, no password to remember and absolutely ZERO way to hack the lens liberator short of some guy breaking into your house and removing the Lens Liberator from you computer.

And if that is going to happen, well, if you are a fan of Bulletsfirst.net then I would imagine you have a number of different ways to handle THAT situation. 😉

All in all, go check out ammoman.com and get your very own Lens Liberator for free while supplies last.

And as the video suggests, subscribe to the Bullets First youtube channel so that you can stay up to date with all my reviews on guns, politics and items that will keep you safe like the Lens Liberator.


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