Situational Awareness: Clerk has gun Ready When Robber Points Pistol (video)

In this interesting video of an attempted robbery, the clerk’s situational awareness allows him to respond quickly. The clerk is suspicious of the customer coming in the door with his hand hidden. The clerk draws his semi-auto from his right side back pocket.  The lack of a holster is a good clue to a lack of training. Store personnel armed themselves after three armed robberies in a year.



In the video, I was only able to detect two shots.  One can be heard as the suspect drops down below the counter level. It is fired by the clerk. It appears to be a miss.

The second shot occurs as the suspect is at the shops doors. You can see the muzzle flash in the image.  It is possible that more shots were fired.

I was unable to detect any shots from the suspect’s revolver.

The suspect was wounded in one of his hands. Which hand is not specified.
He was arrested at the hospital.  The clerk’s pistol looks rather “Glockish” but many pistols today have that look.

After the suspect has fled the store, the clerk runs up to the doorway.  This is not a good tactic. The threat is gone, and may have set up an ambush.  Call the police.  If you must approach the door, consider a different approach.  It would be good to have a camera monitoring the entrance.

The robbery suspect is rather luck he was not killed.

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Editor’s Note: Remember, just HAVING a gun is not enough.  You need to keep your head on a swivel and be prepared to use it in case the need ever arises.  That includes aerating a scumbag who means  to do you harm.


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