Good Guy With A Gun Wouldn’t Have Made A Difference in Vegas, Doesn’t Mean We Should Forfeit Our Rights

I’m going to start with an inconvenient truth: A good guy with a gun would not have been able to make a difference in the Las Vegas shooting.  But that’s ok.  Sometimes when a crash is bad enough a seat belt won’t be able to save your life.  Does that mean we stop wearing seat belts?

I’ve looked over the schematics of Mandalay Bay.  Where the shooter was, where his targets were and unfortunately, even if the concert venue wasn’t a gun free zone there was next to nothing that a few armed law abiding citizens could have done to stop what happened.

I looked over my own personal arsenal and the only things that could have actually helped by returning effective fire I wouldn’t be carrying slung around my shoulder to a concert to begin with.

The shooter was 350 meters away, elevated another 300 feet in the sky, shadowed by a darkened room.

Sure, give me a clear shot with a sniper rifle  and scope without 22,000 people running around in a panic and i’d put him 6 feet under, but that is not real life.  The regular law abiding gun owner isn’t walking around the Vegas strip with a M24 and scope firing precision .308 rounds down range unless by some miracle they just happened to be coming back from the range and was passing through.

But no, that miracle didn’t happen, and a crazed gunman shooting into a crowd effective 400 yards away was going to do with supremacy.

I will tell you THIS though.

Had said gunmen waded into the crowd in hopes of maximizing his body count, a law abiding citizen who ignored the gun free zone rules could have made ALL the difference.

Of course, liberal political hacks like Hillary Clinton didn’t even wait for the blood to dry before her asinine gun control dribble started spewing from her mouth.

Of course Hillary Clinton is a complete idiot on top of being a hypocrite.  Though SHE is surrounded by armed men she doesn’t seem to know the first thing about guns or what she is speaking about.

A suppressor that gun rights advocates like myself are pushing to have available to us without paying the ridiculous $200 tax doesn’t “silence” anything.  It takes a sound that is damaging to the ear drums and makes it as loud as a jackhammer.

In case I wasn’t clear, suppressors ARE LEGAL and the Vegas shooter could have gotten one, illegally if he had to, or made his own so her notion that charging law abiding citizens a shakedown payment of $200 is either completely ignorant or morally reprehensible on her part.  With Hillary Clinton it’s six of one half dozen of the other.

Then she starts spewing her poison out of both sides of her mouth saying we should put politics aside…and in the SAME SENTENCE attacks a politically active group of citizens.

She is just the worst kind of person.

Beyond that, even active politicians who aren’t wash outs and two time Presidential losers are speaking out about gun control and how we need more of it.

The irony in that would be laughable if it wasn’t so nauseating.

Gun Control is the only measure by which its supporters point to its abject failure as reason more of it is needed.

I’m actually pro-machine gun.  I would love to own a Thompson Sub Machine gun for both the enjoyment of it and for home defense, not to mention for any would be tyrant who thinks that freedom and liberty has become an “antiquated anachronism.”  Guess what, the purchase of new machine guns has been banned since 1986.  Now if you are rich enough you can get your hands on some, if you are a criminal you can make or convert one.

So what exactly is the gun control that these progressive freedom haters would pass that would have PREVENTED the Vegas shooting at Mandalay Bay?

The answer is, of course, that there is none.  Gun Control is NOT about stopping mass shootings or gun crime in general.  Progressives use the former to attain the latter.  Namely they push to take the guns so that they have control…of us.

Here’s a little graph that show’s how “effective” gun control is:

An enslaved people do not have the means in which to toss off their shackles.  Without guns a populace cannot fight off tyranny.

One need to look only at Catalonia to see how easily the right to vote can be snuffed out by a jack booted police squad on orders from the central government.

Here is a uncomfortable truth to the uninitiated: Sometimes freedom gets bloody…but that doesn’t mean we exchange it for chains of control.

Rarely if ever has freedom ever been given.  It has been fought for, it has been martyred for, it has been stripped and it has been won.  Never without cost, never without loss and never in “safety.”

Though it be cliche I will remind you of the words of Benjamin Franklin: “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

The ironic part is that gun control doesn’t even promise safety.  It can’t.  All it can do is strip the freedom of self defense from its citizens who voluntarily concede it while leaving the criminals who would break laws anyways free to prey on a, now defenseless, populace.

Progressive gun grabbers never let a tragedy go unexploited but even though there was nothing that could have been done to change the Vegas shooting, that does not mean we should forfeit our rights and our freedom for some long con that progressives have been playing at for more than a century.

We must stand firm in the face of tragedy because those who would deny us freedom will not try and take it all at once.  No, they will do it by little increments.  A death by 1000 cuts.  So slowly that each successive generation does not even realize what they have lost until it is all gone.

If you wanted to make sure that planes didn’t get hijacked and flown into buildings you would ban flying.  That measure is less ridiculous than what the gun grabbing progressives backed by George Soros are trying to do.

Friend of Bullets First, Antonio Branco of, illustrated how Gun Grabbing Democrats are feeling right now…I think it accurate:

Do not be complicit in your own enslavement.  They will exploit any tragedy, cheapen any death in order to win.  Fight against gun control because what they want to control is YOU.

A gun is a tool but it is not magic.  It will not always keep you safe, nor can a seatbelt, or a rudimentary operation, or a pair of safety glasses or a life preserver or a helmet.  That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be used or denied their us because they can’t save you all the time.

Keep calm and carry on.



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