Gay man defends life by shooting attacker who was beating him to death

In a tranquil town in Florida a homosexual man was taking a walk at night when he passed within sight of a black teenager on the phone.

That teenager believing the the man was a homosexual then proceeded to loop back around to confront him.  That confrontation consisted of the black man using bigoted terminology while knocking the gay man to the ground and beating his face in and smashing his head upon the concrete.

The gay man, instead of being beaten to death in this obvious hate crime, pulls out his pistol and shoots his bigoted attacker once in the chest.  The shot is fatal.  The gay man calls the police and they rule the shooting was justified.

Does this story sound familiar?  It is the scenario that played out between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin but through Martin’s perspective.

You see, the media in all their race baiting glory firstly assumed that Zimmerman was white, because Jorge Mesa shooting a black guy isn’t really all that newsworthy to them.  Once it was made known he was of Peruvian descent they doubled down by inventing the term “white Hispanic”…you know, whatever can keep the racism angle going.

What they failed to address was the fact that Trayvon Martin was a gay bashing homophobe.

In recalling her conversation with Martin, Rachel Jeantel discussed that Trayvon attacked Zimmerman because he thought he was gay.  It doesn’t matter that Zimmerman isn’t, Martin BELIEVED that he was and as such decided that the gay man was in need of some bashing…you know…just to let him know that he, Trayvon, doesn’t swing that way.

The national liberal media, as expected, embraced this news with thunderous silence.  Because heaven help them if Zimmerman really was gay and a GUN saved him from being beaten to death by a bigoted gay basher, the meltdown would be epic.  Or most likely they would just stop covering the story completely and try to make it disappear as fast as possible.

At the end of the day you still have these facts:

A member of the community watch taking a walk to keep an eye out for ne’er do wells runs across a gay bashing bigot who attacks him and tries to kill him.

Bottom line…a gun stopped a gay basher in the middle of his hate crime. Everyone has a right to defend themselves regardless of race, creed, color or orientation…of both themselves and their attacker.

How’s that taste liberal media?

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