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Bloomberg’s NYC: A Place where women can be knifed to death, free of the moral quandary of shooting their attacker

Once again, empowered by gun control, a knife wielding man hacks yet another women and her four children to death.

In Sunset Park Brooklyn, 25 year old Ming Dong Chen took a knife and went on a rampage killing 37 year old Qiao Zhen Li and her four children; William (1),  Kevin (5), Amy (7), and Linda (9).

Another tragic reminder that gun control does not equal crime control.  In fact, gun control promotes INEQUALITY, leaving people victims to those with greater strength.  How could this woman have saved herself and protected her four children?  Sam Colt gave her a way a 175 years ago, but Mayor Bloomberg has denied it for the past 11.

His fevered dream of a gun control utopia has been realized in New York City.

Yet, as I wrote a fortnight ago, a gun free city does not mean that murders don’t happen or that crime does not exist.

Thanks to the rights oppression in New York City, Li and her family did the only thing they could do while they were being slaughtered.  While Li’s sister, who was in the house at the time called 911, Li and her children helplessly let themselves be slaughtered because in NYC that is what you are supposed to do.

What?  It’s not?  Then how else can Bloomberg and gun controllers defend themselves? If Li had been able to have a gun in her house, even if she was being stabbed to death protecting her children her sister would have had plenty of time to get the gun and shoot Chen.  Shooting the attacker would have been a much better way to spend her time during the massacre than waiting on the phone with 911.

But gun controllers like Mayor Bloomberg have taken away that option, so that at least Li’s sister can sleep at night knowing she didn’t have to face the moral quandary of shooting someone.

Gun Control Zealots and their war on women disgust me.

This whole tragic affair ended when the police finally showed up.  Once again, in time to investigate the crime but too late to actually do anything to stop it.  The children’s father arrived before the police and subdued Chen but he was too late as well.

If Li or her sister had had a gun instead of a 911 call, THEY wouldn’t have been too late. 

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  • TopCat_Texas

    Two assumptions in this article seems to be wrong. 1) The gun grabbers care whether or not the victim lives 2) taking guns away is a step in the process of having a population totally dependent on the government not related to the victim’s well being. Only the government is important.

  • Cooleemee Edd

    What a sorry place NYC is. Bloomberg likes it that way. It is a shooting gallery for thugs and a haven for despots like the mayor. God Bless North Carolina!

  • Herbrt

    Golden Bloomers NYC–a place where attackers can act without fear of self defense

    • bulletsfirst

      One of the reasons I’ll never move back.

  • axmickl

    New York is a fairy land compared to Chicago where anti-gun laws are the harshest in the country. Only innocent law abiding people are affected by their stupid gun laws. I wish these fools had to stand face to face with a murderer with a knife or gun.

    • bulletsfirst

      Both are not ideal for the law abiding to reside in, yet at least Illinois has broken the stranglehold that Chicago had on it and gun rights are being restored in some fashion. New York City is run like a fiefdom and New York State doesn’t have the balls or the mojo to reign in it’s liberty hating autonomy.

  • satelliter

    It’s ironic that the people who don’t believe in having a GUN, always call for help from someone (police) who does have a Gun.

    • Bullets First

      It’s just part of the hypocrisy of it all. Since they are unwilling to defend themselves they do not want to be shamed by you defending yourself so they attempt to make doing so illegal. Gun controllers are terribly selfish and self centered.

    • pyrodice

      I like the condensed version: “Carry a gun because the rest of the cop is too heavy.”

  • Liberalism is a ED mental disorder and our country has bowed to it.

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