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A man’s home is his castle, except in Maryland. Man shoots intruder at 2am, gets charged with murder

US Air Force Tech Sgt. Matt Pinkerton shot an intruder in his home on September 13th just before 2am.

That is not in question.

Yet somehow, in Maryland, where Castle Doctrine does not exist by statute but rather only by case law, Sgt. Pinkerton is being charged with 2nd degree murder.

The intruder, Kendall Green, had reportedly been harassing Matt’s wife, Jessica.  Green had been a friend who helped Jessica when her brother was in a coma after being involved in a accident while Matt was overseas.

All evidence points to Jessica only maintaining a friendship with Green yet when he pushed for more she ended the friendship completely.

Jessica has stated:

Green had texted me sometime in July or August saying that he missed the kids, and Matt didn’t deserve us and that he deserved a chance. He wanted more.”

Which brings us to an early Sunday morning where Matt and Jessica were entertaining another couple one of whom was Matt’s brother Mike.  Green showed up shortly before 2am demanding to see Jessica.  Matt refused to let him in and closed the door on him then turned to return to his wife and guests.  It was at that time that Green kicked in the front door and stormed into the house.

Matt, who had retrieved his Glock 17 when he first heard someone outside (not unreasonable when he wasn’t expecting anyone at 2 in the morning) still had it on him when Green busted in the front door and came at him.  Matt fired once from 10 to 15 feet away and when Green continued toward him fired again.

GLOCK 17 semiauto pistol

GLOCK 17 semiauto pistol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mike Pinkerton, one of the guests recalls the incident:

“He (Green) kept coming forward so Matt fired. He rocked backwards and took another step forward at which time Matt took his second shot. He stumbled backwards and fell out the door onto the porch.”

“When the shots were fired Jessica called 911.  Matt spoke to the operator; he removed the clip from his gun and the bullet in the chamber. Police arrived within five minutes.”

So what did Matt do wrong when a crazed man broke in his front door at 2am and was after his wife?  To me, nothing.  Yet according to the state of Maryland, Matt should have called 911 first and waited for the police.

That isn’t some glib, pro gun caricature of the how when seconds count cops are minutes away.  This is the reason he is being charged with murder.  It doesn’t help that on top of the lack of a Castle Doctrine Statute the  Assistant State’s Attorney, Glen Neubauer, is an rabid anti gunner himself.

Besides maintaining the ridiculous notion that calling 911 while a crazed intruder just smashed his way into your house is the only legal option, Neubauer also claims that  even the act of grabbing the gun in the first place is “bizarre behavior in itself.”

Getting a means of protection when an unexpected person comes to you door in the middle of the night is bizarre behavior?  I always took it for common sense.

But Neubauer’s stance just goes to show the institutional anti-gun sentiment that is running rampant in Maryland right now and unfortunately Sgt. Pinkerton has to bear the burden of their politics.

Because even if (hopefully when) Pinkerton is exonerated the legal costs alone will dramatically impact his and his family’s lives.  They have all ready spent $25,000 on legal fees while taking a loan out for another $25,ooo to get Matt released on bond.

This is a case which shouldn’t even be going to trial since the courts have previously set up common law principles in this matter.

The Court of Appeals of Maryland ruled the following in the case of Baltimore Transit Co. v. Faulkner:

The law of self-defense justifies an act done in the reasonable belief of immediate danger. If an injury was done by a defendant in justifiable self-defense, he can neither be punished criminally nor held responsible for damages in a civil action. . . . One who seeks to justify an assault on the ground that he acted in self-defense must show that he used no more force than the exigency reasonably demanded. The belief of a defendant in an action for assault that the plaintiff intended to do him bodily harm cannot support a plea of self-defense unless it was such a belief as a person of average prudence would entertain under similar circumstances. 

So, let us look take a look at the situation from Matt’s perspective.

At 2am a man who has an unhealthy fascination with his wife and has harassed her previously breaks in the front door and charges toward you and your wife.

I think it the UNREASONABLE thing would be to go for the phone and call 911.  Matt shouldn’t have to wait to be shot at or stabbed before he is allowed to defend himself with his firearm.

The moment Green busted in the front door and came at the Pinkertons was the moment that he crossed a line and Matt was morally and legally justified in shooting him.

Of course, to someone like Neubauer who thinks it bizarre to grab a gun in the middle of the night to answer the door, I guess it’s no wonder that he cannot fathom a person defending them self at all.  Hence the reason he will pursue this gross miscarriage of justice.

Just another reason why states like Maryland NEED a Castle Doctrine Statute rather than implied case law.  With Castle Doctine in place the State Attorney would have a much more difficult time crucifying an innocent man who was simply defending his family and friends.

I hope for a quick resolution and exoneration for Sgt. Pinkerton and his family.

A fund has been set up to help pay for Matt’s legal fees, it can be found here:


UPDATE: After having to deal with facing a murder trial for over a year simply for defending his home, and having to go through the expensive process of getting adequate representation to defend himself against such spurious charges, Circuit Court Judge William C. Mulford II dismissed all charges against Sgt. Pinkerton.

“Matthew Pinkerton is delighted with the court’s decision,’ defense attorney Peter O’Neill said.

‘We believe the court’s decision was well-reasoned and a correct reflection of what should have happened in this case as it pertains to the witness statements presented in this matter.”

It took a while but fortunately justice worked out this time.

Unfortunately while Pinkerton had all criminal charges dismissed against him he still may face a civil court trial as the family of Kendall Green filed a lawsuit against him for $6 million in October of 2014.

A world away in Oklahoma a 23 year old hears his glass doorway being busted in and finds 3 armed home intruders.  They find him armed with an AR-15.  The three would be home invaders find out that crime doesn’t pay but criminals do when they go up against an armed citizen.

JUSTICE: 3 Dead and 1 Arrested as Burglars Chose Wrong House to Try and Victimize

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  • 277Volt

    This is exactly the situation that the anti-freedom crowd so passionately supports and fights so hard to implement. To them gun owners are unreasonable people who must be punished in any and every circumstance and to them the rights of the innocent under threat or attack take a backseat to those with evil in their heart.

    • bulletsfirst

      I contend it goes down to the very nature of gun controllers. They do not wish to take responsibility for their own actions and as a result they are offended when anyone takes responsibility for themselves and their safety.

    • ADRoberts

      After he is cleared of these charges, he should file a suit against Newbauer PERSONALLY for all court costs. As Attorney General, he KNOWS the law and should be familiar with common law and the court ruling.
      The only way you can stop those who abuse their positions and abuse their power is to HURT THEIR POCKET BOOK, or put them in jail for malicious prosecution.
      CHRISTIAN TEA PARTY. (because the Tea Pary will NOT ……… anything)

      • Douglas W. Rodrigues

        Most Attorney Generals and District Attorneys have protected themselves by creating laws which make them impossible to be sued for making wrong decisions.

        • AlThompson

          A little “due vigilance” appears to be in order here…..

        • orlandomike

          Well legislators create the laws not DAs or AG’s. And it is sound reasoning most of the time.

        • Rob Huckfeldt

          Correct, you can’t go after them for what they do. However, you CAN nail them for what they FAIL to do. They took an oath to protect the rights of the people they serve.

    • Frank W Brown

      How LOUD will they scream when they are the victim???

      • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

        LOUD. Newbauer will pay some how, some way, some day.

      • Katie Kaye

        Just wondering???? After the man was Shot (which I BELIEVE was the right DECISION) Just wondering… did the man fall outside the front door?…. I was told by a State Police Officer…. (next door neighbor)…. if you do end up having to SHOOT SOMEONE who has intruded your home… Make Sure That Man Falls INSIDE THE DOOR!!!!! NOT OUTSIDE!!! But then there were witnesses, but does FAMILY WITNESSES COUNT? I sincerely hope they do…. I would Like to DONATE AND HELP… but want to know if the site is safe to give money too… with so many SCAMS taking place I just want to know that the money is going to these people!

        • Paul Dragotto


          • Racerx9965

            Pigs such??? remember who writes the law and who enforces the law. This the problem we don’t have much say to those that are made. I am sure if it happened as the article says no cop would want to cuff the guy. I am a retired cop and believe me a lot of written laws are bullshit. If I showed up at the scene I would make sure he had the correct story mesmerized.I had my share of people being arrested that I found unfair. But if you don’t someone else will do it. What have done and hopefully the cops that responded with get to speak at the trail to help this guy’s defense. I have done that at court hearings and even got in trouble for it. Especially if you have a hotshot D. A.

        • Racerx9965

          I have read stories in the past of homeowners being sued by the perp family that was killed for lost wages.

    • iamcurious

      Reference your last sentence. I no longer believe they have the interest of either party in mind. They’ve been brainwashed en masse, in universities and in the circles of people they hang out with and aspire to advance with. They don’t think. They’re all mentally ill.

      • Laurence Almand

        Read the excellent book BRAINIWASHED, available on, for an analysis of how modern college students are programmed by the leftist/Socialist professors.

        • iamcurious

          I will, thanks!

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  • Robert Chambers

    I guess it is OK if the intruder would of killed him. This is BS and if it goes to trial I would like to see the jury nullify this

    • tlmartin

      He should be reimbursed his legal costs by the state for their stupidity as well.

      • Shagnasty1

        At first I thought you were wrong and it shouldn’t be the state, meaning taxpayers, paying but rather Neubauer himself. Then I realized what a liberal enclave Maryland is so, yes, the state should be forced to reimburse Sgt. Pinkerton along with punitive damages. Liberal Maryland voters elected this idiot so they should pay for his stupidity.

        • Russell Tenhoff

          Hey man, not everybody in maryland is a liberal. @.@

          • UnCL3

            I’d move to a red state, my friend!

          • Jean

            It is time to move out of Amerika, the United Socialist States of Amerika doesn’t want thinking, productive, people – they want idiot slave labor.

          • orlandomike

            Secede. Please

          • MargaretJacobson

            Many people are leaving Maryland. I read that there are on average 250,000 to 325,000 working taxpayers leaving the state yearly. The ones that are arriving are workers in Washington, D.C., illegal alien invaders. Business in Baltimore city (what I am being told is picking up ). The schools in Baltimore city are #1 in the nation. The states “true blue” seems to be against it. The gun laws are too dumb, common sense is a lost cause. Self defense is a misunderstood concept in the state.

          • howardfrombroward

            fed up Marylanders are bolting to red florida which has no state income tax!

          • MargaretJacobson

            I lived in Daytona beach ( holly hill) area of Florida ( Volusia county) for 5 years. Florida was a “little expensive ” in that part because it was a tourist Mecca. I plan to return to either there or Texas and never more return to the “land of tax and spend!” I was wondering about these states problems with illegal alien invaders? I am concerned about this now. I plan to make a decision after the 2014 & 2016 elections.

          • Laurence Almand

            If the man who invaded Sgt. Pinkerton’s home was an illegal high on drugs, the Sgt. would probably be prosecuted for a “hate crime” or some such nonsense.

          • Katie Kaye


          • howardfrombroward

            Oregon collects state income taxes using a progressive, four-bracket system.

            For single taxpayers and married couples filing separate returns:

            5 percent on the first $3,100 of taxable income.

            7 percent on taxable income between $3,101 and $7,950.

            9 percent on taxable income of $7,951 and $125,000.

            9.9 percent on taxable income of $125,001 and above.

            Read more:
            Follow us: @Bankrate on Twitter | Bankrate on Facebook

          • jkfedway

            That’s incorrect–Oregon does, indeed, have a state income tax; however, they do not have state sales tax.

          • Michael P.

            Yes, but I enjoy pumping my own gas!!

          • Violetta

            the only people in Maryland that can get a gun now are the criminals, obtained illegally of course. the citizens don’t stand a chance.

          • ChavesisGONE

            Illinois too! We are going to lose an electoral vote. At one time we had 28 of them – we will soon be down to 23! Wondering what what commonality is? That’s rhetorical!

          • Katie Kaye

            you need to go on line and LOOK AT THE WORLD MAP…. The entire United States of AMERICA is “RED” !!!!

          • howardfrombroward

            America has been feeling quite blue under Marxist Obama, but at least the red deficit has been soaring.

          • UnCL3

            Counties, yes.
            States? H3LL to the NO

          • Shagnasty1

            You’re right and I knew this before I wrote the post but you are overwhelmed by liberals in Maryland. I know Maryland is your home and I understand it is a beautiful state. There are a lot of good people living there but because the liberal majority keep ultra liberal politicians like your governor and and attorney general in power I know I wouldn’t want to live there.

          • MargaretJacobson

            Why do you think the productive working people are moving to either Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania ?

          • Laurence Almand

            Now that Socialist DemoRat McAuliffe has been elected, you can see the same thing happening in Virginia.

          • MargaretJacobson

            What is wrong with people? They just don’t get it? Virginia was doing much better economically ! What happened ?

          • orlandomike

            Seriously? The other guy was against contraception. These guys talk about less government but what they really mean is less government for business, more on social issues. people aren’t going to tolerate that kind of control regardless how fiscally conservative they preach. If you republicans would just back off forcing your lifestyle down our throats you would win these things. Seperation of church and state is just as important as the second amendment but I guess you pick and choose what you want in there.

          • MargaretJacobson

            I believe contraception is a very personal thing. I believe that government should stand back and get out of people’s business. I believe in a system that allows for differing opinions. I believe in less welfare for business and a program that perpetrates a welfare lifestyle fir generations. I believe that a viable two party system is the answer for the government. I noticed that when there is an overwhelming party domination of one party over a another party there is less affluence for the citizens. Ex: when Baltimore city was roughly 50/50 mix, Baltimore was very wealthy. When the ratio tipped heavily the wealth of the citizens, and their personal freedoms were diminished. This seems to have happened in Washington, D.C., Detroit, New York, Philadelphia, etc. I believe in separation of church and state, I spoke out years ago about religious organizations (churches etc receiving money for daycare). I still don’t believe that vouchers should be extended to religious schools, private schools. I went to two “catholic schools,” I feel that taxes from the community should be used for their own schools. The community schools belong to the community, not the federal government.

          • Nobody that I know of is against people being able to purchase contraceptives on their own, freely, as they see fit (other than as it relates to Catholic doctrines, that is). What Cucinelli objected to was taxpayers being forced to provide contraceptives to others and Obamacare’s requiring employers to pay for abortion-inducing drugs against their personally held religious beliefs. That is not wanting more government on social . . That is allowing people to be free from being forced to do things against their beliefs and moral standards (something liberals don’t understand….morals? what are morals?) Your comment is a typical liberal distortion to make it seem like you are the reasonable one. Doesn’t work if the person to whom it is addressed is awake and reasonably logical and intelligent. Get back under your bridge, Mr. Troll.

          • “Separation of church and state is just as important as the second amendment”

            One of the most sensible things I’ve seen posted in awhile. But it’s also a two way street. Gov’t needs to stay out of our churches just as much religion needs to stay out of government.

            One can govern and use their beliefs and faith as guidance. But they would be smart to keep their mouths shut about it.

          • Marcus757

            The man killed someone… Being charged doesn’t make you guilty… Maybe due diligence is at play… Making sure all laws were followed, everything isn’t cut and dry… Oh, was the intruder armed… Is killing someone the only form of self defense? I was raised around guns and respect them, but maybe our constitutional rights have made us quick to resolve situations with gunfire… Personally I would of just beat the guy up… Being I’m a man and all, then if that didn’t help I may of resorted to other means. And grabbing your glock when friends are over at two is suspect behavior, it was like he knew the guy was coming… Reasonable the authorities check it out, we pay them to do so. In conclusion, everybody wants to be a cowboy…

          • Shagnasty1

            In states like Texas the prosecutor would not charge this man but instead refer the case to the grand jury who would weigh the evidence and decide whether to charge him. It doesn’t matter if Green was armed or not, he broke into Pinkerton’s home and kept aggressively coming at him even after he was warned not to. Green, like anybody else, has the right to defend himself and his family, especially in his own home. Also the story said Pinkerton had to retrieve his Glock so he was not just carrying it on him. And so what if he was? He was in his own home. As for beating the guy up, why take a chance on losing. What would the aggressive Green do then? I was brought up to win the fight by any means possible. Good riddance to Green. The air suddenly gets fresher when people like him quit breathing.

          • orlandomike

            This isn’t a liberal/conservative issue either. Step away from Fox news channel please.

          • MargaretJacobson

            I don’t watch Fox News. I don’t watch cnn news either.

          • howardfrombroward

            i’m with you, mj. haven’t watched my tv for over four years, prefer to surf the internet, plus this spares me tv sponsor commercials and public service junk.

    • Jean

      Jury nullification has resulted in prosecution of jurors.

      We are beyond using the system to fix the system. The Ruling Class flaunts their breaking the rules without blinking – and condemns us for living.

      They WOULD prefer we “great unwashed” die, and they don’t much care how – we’re Expendable, replaceable – INTERCHANGEABLE to them.

      • RGlenCheek

        How can you prosecute anyone for jury nullification?
        The juror simply says, ‘No, not guilty’ and doesn’t have to essplain a damned thing.

        • ADRoberts

          I suspect that it has happened when a judge has DIRECTED the jury to give a particular verdict and the jury refused to do so. And since the judge is just as arrogant as our POTUS, he would be totally angry at their refusal to OBEY his highness’s instructions. Thus, he would find them guilty of CONTEMPT OF COURT. LOL

          • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

            Well, then eff the “judge”. Take him out and stick his head on a fence post.

          • AlThompson

            Amen Mark! It’s the only thing these arrogant bastards understand!

          • iamcurious

            I would find him guilty of a gross perversion of justice, subversion of the judicial process and make it my lifes work to find a legal way to bring him down. We all need to be carefully watching all these judges and not be afraid of them.

      • Shagnasty1

        I’m not disputing your claim that jury nullification has resulted in prosecution of jurors but could you tell us where?

        • Jean

          Sorry, I’ve forgotten.
          Googling “Nun jury nullification” (the facts I recall, she was an old Catholic nun, and someone blabbed about the jury proceedings inside the jury room) didn’t turn anything up.

      • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

        And they to us. We don’t need the psychopaths ruling over us any more and their twilight is HERE.

        • Jean

          One could hope… but would likely be wrong.
          In a small view, the elections we have are tiny “revolutions.” And what happens? We throw out ONE set of bums – and throw IN another.

          Dempublican or Reprocrat, the game continues. Everything bad under Bushitler is A-OK under the Magic Negro…. For the Dems.

          Everything bad under Obummer was A-OK under Bush – for the Rethuglic*nts.

          No matter who wins elections, WE LOSE. Time to withdraw support – and if that’s inadequate, time to chlorinate the shallow end of the gene pool, which de facto includes all those who wish to rule over others… Eliminates the political parasite classes….

    • pdigaudio

      Then the libtards would have made excuses for why he killed everyone in the house.

  • Docs357

    What’s the despite. About he got what he deserved . You don’t home invade someone home and expect less . Without a castle doctrine in place they still have no argument . If they had a castle doctrine in place he could of shot on the porch and saved the cost of the home repair. Enough is enough guns save lives . Invited guest can and should be dealt with with force . He is the bad guy here not the man looking to protect his lived ones himself and his property.
    Words or no words before he had no right to use brute firecracker to enter the man home he invaded a safe sanctuary he gave up his right to live unharmed at that point the left needs to grow up there’s nothing to dispute here.

    • RGlenCheek

      Most of the Castle Doctrine Laws I am aware of have mandated legal reimbursement of the court costs to the accused and someone has to sign off on the whole case and are held responsible if it fails.

      How many have been financially ruined by overzealous libtard prosecutors?

    • iamcurious

      Whoever the prosecutor is that is pursuing charges against him is using his office to harass and intimidate this Sgt. and every gun owner in Maryland, under the color of law. He probably recognizes this will never result in a conviction but is determined to cause this Sgt. maximum distress.

      • AlThompson

        He needs to be taken out and severely beaten. Liberals need to learn that their perversions of the law have a personal and painful price.

  • Paladin

    Is there a fund being set up for TS Pinkerton?

  • tlmartin

    Drum jerks like this out of office.

  • cleanwater2

    When the case is tried and should the Sargent be exonerated( he should be) Neubauer should be sued (personally)for costs plus personal damages to the family and reputation of the Sargent.

    • anAmericanByChoice


  • wyatt81

    The anti gunner Neubauer is a sleazy and dishonest bastard. He and his supporters don’t give a damn about your safety-it’s about controlling and punishing people they don’t like or agree with. The slimy little twerp.

    • iamcurious


  • kds

    Just go on the back porch and fire two shots in the air from your double barrel shotgun —-JOKING JOE BIDEN

    • MargaretJacobson

      In Maryland ? Don’t let anyone find out you have a “joe Biden toy!”….” Biden is off the chain “. This whole thing is just the tip of the iceberg. Maryland seems to be “Obama family heaven?”

  • dan from ohio

    fire the prosecutor ….

    • MargaretJacobson

      Better idea ? Tell every perp where the prosecutor lives? Let him suffer the consequence of his stupidity!

      • Searcher98

        I’ll bet the prosecutor has a bodyguard/security detail and therefore doesn’t need a gun.

  • Mike

    I see in this little article they are saying that Green was let into the
    house and did not smash down the door. I’m a life NRA member and I
    know there can be media bias but there might be some truth to it. I
    would have to wait and see how this plays out before defending this
    guy. Here is the article:

    Maybe this Green guy was screwing his wife for a while and there was a crime of passion.

    • Eric Anderson

      Read again Mike, Green came to the door, was refused entry. Door was closed and then Green kicked it in

      • Mike

        I’m referring to the article that I’m posting a link for.

    • bulletsfirst

      The snippet of account in your article is not conducive to previous actions of the parties involved or the circumstances of the night. Unless you are suggesting a conspiracy, in which Green came over at 2 in the morning demanding to see Jessica and then was invited in (instead of forcing his way in) so he could be shot in front of 3 witnesses.

      The article you linked to may be bias against gun owners or maybe it just shows shoddy reporting and writing. The witnesses AND police agree that Green forced his way in. The prosecutors argues that instead of shooting the intruder the Pinkertons should have called 911 and waited for police. The fact that Green was intruding is not in question.

      Greens altered state of mind and obsession with Jessica will be shown once the text messages from August are investigated by the police.

    • anAmericanByChoice

      Can you read? He KICKED the door in after having it shut on him!

      • Mike

        Yes I can read but I don’t think that you can. I’m referring to the article that I’m posting a link for.

    • William Nall

      Mike this Baltimore TV station is an ultra left wing news source. They report news stories that fit their agenda. In this case they only went by the arrest report posted by the police. They should have done their investigative inquiries thoroughly before going to the story. But if the defendant is later found innocent of charges, you will not see a retraction of their first story. They will just come back with a big front page exposé about gross miscarriage of justice. Sound familiar?

      • Mike

        Thanks William, yes I’m sure its possible.

      • Michael Ejercito

        At the time the story went out, all that there was available was a police report.

        At this point, I have not hard the prosecutor’s side of the story. It does not seem to quote the prosecutor’s office, so I do not know if the prosecutor is actually arguing that Pinkerton is guilty even if Green broke into the house.

  • Shagnasty1

    I wonder if Neubauer has taxpayer funded armed body guards. I also wonder what Neubauer’s opinion is towards the roaming racist black mobs in Baltimore. Obviously he doesn’t care about their innocent victims because they get away with it.

    • Laurence Almand

      I don’t know the Maryland laws, but as District Attorney Neubauer can probably request – and be provided – an armed police guard any time he wants one.

  • Legirons

    A liberal will stay a liberal until they are the victim of a crime and then they see the light. It’s too bad that until then they support other people becoming victims. The sgt. should be able to sue the prosecutor in this case.

    • ginger

      Darn, the perp picked the wrong wife to break in on. Neubauer perhaps could have “talked” the perp out of harming him orHis wife while he called 911…what a total idiot!!

    • UnCL3

      I’m betting the libtards will stay libtards even if OLosercare wipes out their savings and then rummages around for more tax dollars…Utopia!

    • Jean

      Liberals stay Liberals.
      When they become “victims,” that’s a badge of honor.
      I wish they’d just do the right thing and save the earth… By killing themselves.

      • MargaretJacobson

        Before killing themselves try to pay more taxes? Bury yourself ? Don’t yo take a couple of like minded friends too !

  • Mary Brown

    Rapid anti gun nuts have no common sense. They are control freaks who think the police are there to protect you. The supreme court has ruled that the police DO NOT have to protect you. So he is innocent and this is nothing more than a witch hunt.

    • iamcurious

      Its more than just “they’re not there to protect you”. It’s logistically impossible!

    • Laurence Almand

      Read the good book DIAL 911 AND DIE to learn that the laws of virtually every state DO NOT protect the individual as such. If Sgt. Pinkerton had dialed 911 and called the police, and the police never showed up, he would have had no legal recourse. (I think by “rapid” you mean “rabid.”)

      • Mary Brown

        Yup I meant rabid, typing with a major concussion and things don’t come out right at times. Liberals are sheep waiting for the wolves to pick them off one by one until they are all dead.

  • Fred_K

    His first action after being exonerated should be a civil suit against the state, and Neubauer personally for malicious prosecution, and acting outside of the bounds of his official duties. A criminal prosecution should also be taken. Neubauer should be made to pay out of his own pocket for the damage done to the family. The Pinkertons should receive punitive damages from both the state, and Neubauer.

    • anAmericanByChoice


  • Average Joe

    2am? Ya kick in my door you’ll meet my 44

  • pointdan

    Good luck, Sgt Pinkerton . . .
    To the morons in Maryland who keep electing marxist Democrats, you are very very stupid.
    Go TEA Party !!

  • marcdepiolenc

    What’s the URL for the “Impeach Attorney-General Neubauer Fund?”

  • Work2SnowSki

    That D.A. needs a good AssWhoopin at 2 a.m. in his home.

    • MargaretJacobson

      By his own bodyguards ! Maryland has Martin. O’ Malley as governor. Need I say more ? He tells good taxpayers like Baretta etc to go elsewhere! Isn’t that crazy ? The Maryland government restricts the use of weapons for self defense ! They seem to condone violence?

  • anAmericanByChoice

    Get out of commie-socialist Maryland! Sgt Pinkerton had all the right to protect himself, family and friends. Neubauer is just another brainless, rabid idiot that needs to go down! Vote him out! kick him out! Sue him for damages after to start with!

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  • texrollie

    Hopefully the judge will throw this out

  • SSGTofMarines

    Sad to say, but Mike will be convicted because of the case law, not in spite of it. Matt used more force than was necessary in this case. First Kendall has been bothering his wife, so when he came to the door and was shut out, Mike is pissed. Then Kendall kicks the door in with Matt and his brother mike both in the house? He must really be a badass. The court is not going to believe that two grown men were in fear for their lives against one unarmed intruder. They should have stomped Kendall into the dirt, then called 911 and had Kendall arrested for home invasion. If Matt had been in bed at 2am and was awakened by the door being kicked in, he would have been justified in shooting the intruder, but not in this case. Let’s not hang our hats on this case, it doesn’t support self defense. The Travon Martin case in Florida was far more clearly self defense and the Zimmerman never should have been arrested in the first place.

    • Ryan Harris

      How did they know he was unarmed? Did they frisk him? That would be the only way to know for sure, WHAT IF he had a weapon concealed and when he got close enough he used it on one of the occupants of the house? I don’t think that’s a risk I would put on the lives of my wife or brother. He did the right thing pulling that trigger, if someone’s going to harm your property to get in your house damn well expect they will harm you

      • SSGTofMarines

        Ryan, If the nut job had been armed, he would have had it in his hand when he kicked down the door. But that really doesn’t matter. The law requires you to believe you are in life threatening danger, and if you come charging at me with nothing in your hands, I am not going to shoot you. I am going to give you a beat down, especially when there are two of us (me and my brother) and only one of you. Watch the case and see for yourself. If we all just shot anyone who looked like a threat, there would soon be no one left alive. In fact, according to the President’s right hand girl, Neapolitano, because I am a Marine, a Christian and a gun owner, I am a potential terrorist, so according to your theory, she should shoot me, right? 😎

        • Ryan Harris

          Your telling me how you would have done it, that doesn’t mean that’s how a lunatic with no special training would have done it. If there’s no weapon in his hand does that mean there’s no possibility of it concealed? Does your training in the marines not take that into consideration? When your overseas and you see an individual approaching you and your men, he appears unarmed yet continues to approach you when you tell him to stop do you not take into consideration that maybe he has something that could harm you or comrades? Were not just shooting anyone that looks like a threat, were shooting people that are a threat. The second you forcefully enter my house you become a threat.
          And she should only shoot you if you pose a threat to her family or her own well being. That’s my theory and it doesn’t stereotype

        • bleedinell

          What if you’re an old lady, what do you do? whack him over the head with your handbag?
          Anyone stupid enough to kick in a door should be wise enough to expect to be shot.

      • Floyd D Barber

        Glad to be living in a Castle Doctrine State.

        • TBI

          The Constitution should be the only doctrine you need!

    • iamcurious

      The fact of being armed or not could not be presumed to have been known at that point. Your reasoning is flawed.

  • stevie3x

    And I thought Kalifornia was bad, hells , bells you people better start moving

  • Douglas W. Rodrigues

    In hindsight, Kendall Green’s body should have been dragged out to the sidewalk. Somebody could then call the police to report what sounded like gun shots outside. Hey, if the law is so stupid to prosecute this guy, then logical thinking victims have to do whatever it is to keep from being arrested and prosecuted for protecting yourself. The anti-gunners have no common sense. With the anti-gunners, it’s more admirable to be a dead victim, than to be a live person who shot a criminal.

    • bleedinell

      Many bodies just “disappear” in the old line state.

  • henryknox

    I’ve just come to expect such radical behavior from NE judges and law makers. They are not part of the same country that I respect and love. They are part of an expanded Europe and have no understanding of the genius of the Constitution of the USA. Sooner or later they will have to go away or they will divide America beyond repair. The President recently said he was remaking the courts in this country and I think this is what he was talking about.

  • pysco

    From the days of the cave man, till now, the oldest instinct is protect your family, and it still stands regardless of what some panty waste judge, any pansy police think. If I was the judges wife or policeman’s wife, I would rid myself of them knowing that wouldn’t protect their own family.

  • Figures

    Was the guy breaking in black? I guess not since no one has accused him of racism on top of it.

  • FinalFantasyForever

    Maybe the anti-gun nuts that go for this sort of thing should be put in the situation they’re against and we sit back and watch what they do. How many would bet he’d go for a weapon too?

  • Mike

    Here is a article with a lot of information in it about this case. There were derogatory words etc. and police do state that the door was kicked in. Sgt. Pinkerton does suspect that his wife was having an affair with Green. This was their second altercation.

  • Ranchman

    He also will have to contend with the Uniform Code of Military [In}Justice, the military’s way of denying someone their Constitutional rights-all of them-when it suits them. As rabidly anti-gun Obama and all his lackeys are (yes, the Maryland State’s Assistant Attorney General is an Obama lackey), the Tech Sergeant’s Chain-of-Command will play ball according to the fraud-in-chief’s Marxist demands of using this to further his hatred and destruction of the 2nd Amendment. What gets me is how stupid Maryland and other state’s voters truly are. They’re letting all these Marxists and Alinskyites get away with shredding their freedom and liberty. Look at the elections earlier this week, it should be obvious how completely moronic voters in the country’s northeast are. Pathetic, the whole bunch of ’em.

  • UnCL3


  • dangerouspatriot

    I do hope and pray that Sgt Pinkerton wins this case and then turn right around and sue the crap out of that states assistant attorney general and wins hands down. I hope people come together and donate all they can to help this man and his family. This is so ridiculous to be almost unbelievable but yet here it is, the reality of the stupid anti gun people and their mindset. This idiot neubauer needs to be fired and forced to pay all court costs for Mr Pinkerton, give a full apology and anything else that would satisfy this man and his family. L&L

    • TBI

      Suing the prosecutor is not remedy, the taxpayers pay the settlement.

      • MargaretJacobson

        We need to change the law!

    • MargaretJacobson

      Where can I find more information about the fund ? Maybe I can donate something ? What bank?

  • Jean

    Maybe someone local should have a “chat” with Ass. State Attorney Neubauer, and “explain” politely that it is reasonable to reach for whatever weapon is handy when you are attacked, AND to use it – until your attacker stops wiggling.

    Bear in mind, sometimes a hands-on demo is best.

    Until Americans take back their government, by ANY MEANS NECESSARY, this (and all the other kabuki theater cr@p – TSA, New Mexico anal and vaginal probing, 3 AM No-Knock SWAT raids killing innocent citizens, unlawful imprisonment, routine exdecution of family pets, asset forfeiture without due process), it will not only continue, but ESCALATE until we have BECOME the USSR.

    • FlamingFury

      Agree with everything you say, Jean, except please don’t lump the very beautiful art form known as kabuki in your list of abuses!!

    • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

      Damn, I can’t give more than one up vote…

  • muslimmustgo

    All of the communist bastards in the md legislature and mostly owemally (gov.) will do anything obama wants! owemalley has practically destroyed the economy to further his personal agenda in his communist democrat party!!

  • 0hiojoe

    Damn shame that the legal team feels obligated to take money from a man who gladly offers his life to defend his Country. They should be defending Matt for free. Unfortunately, this is just the beginning for Matt, as I am sure the psycho’s family will come sniffing for some cash too.

  • futurelife

    Is there any state left in America where you can protect yourself? If so, we all who still believe in protecting ourselves need to move there. UGH but not jobs anymore under bo and his reign.

    • bleedinell

      Yes, there are several with constitutional carry, and many with castle doctrine.
      Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, the Dakotas, for a start.

    • Dean Updegraff

      This Airman would have never spent a night in jail in Oklahoma. We have a self defence and a castle law here. It extends to your property and anybody on your property. He was defending 4 people and did what he had to do.

  • futurelife

    Remember the election that VA just had? Well, Coors beer co was just foced to have its workers be in a union. First time ever and the people voted for it. VA is now all dems and the companies are becoming forced to obey bo and his bulls**t and the people are getting more stupid then ever in this country. If you don’t like what the company say, well, put a union in, that is the answer and so goes more of this country to hell.


    Way more to this story than published. I caution people to stand back and don’t ook your wagon to this horse

  • TPM4

    we should go to that prosecutors house, kick in his door ,terrorize his family and see if he calls 911 first or tries to protect his family first. (my guess is that he is a sniveling coward and will run squealing to the corner or out of the house altogether, as cowards do leaving his family to suffer the attack alone), if he does he is even stupider than I thought

    • bleedinell

      Actually, he (like most lib officials in Md) probably has a concealed carry permit. It’s OK for them, just not the sweaty masses.

  • lycan1953

    Liberal idiots. What if the same thing happened to one of them? Invite the intruder to sit and have a cup of coffee while waiting for the police?

    • TBI

      When it happens to them, they become conservatives.

      • iamcurious

        That’s so true. Senator Robert Morgan from NC was a liberal and the NC Attorney General prior to becoming senator. He and his wife got mugged in Washington, DC while browsing store windows one night. He began his journey towards conservatism at that point.

        • MargaretJacobson

          You mean that common sense has a chance ? Maybe we can have a few liberals mugged and” hopefully ” they might see the light ? It might take a little time ?

          • iamcurious

            Barely, but yes. Liberalism thrives in the abstract and fantasy world of “social theory”. In the cold cruel harsh world of reality, liberalism is a disease.

  • syvyn11

    When someone breaks into the ASA’s home, will he say “wait dude, I’m going to call 911, be right back!”?

  • Ellen Anderson

    I don’t see any reference to this “intruder” being armed. I also don’t understand why, if the door was opened for this “intruder” in the first place and the four who were in the house knew who he was and perceived a threat at that point, didn’t just call 911 then. Also …kicking in a locked door? This “intruder” must have been a superhero or else the locked door was extremely flimsy. I can’t help it but thinking this story has some holes in it and the one person who could refute things is conveniently dead.

    • Olive Faith Valsmon

      I kicked in my own front door (deadbolt) when I was 15. It really doesn’t take that much. Don’t want to die/get shot? DON’T GO KICKIN IN DOORS AND CHARGIN AT PEOPLE. He got what was coming to him.

    • iamcurious

      Any door that opens inward and is part of a wall that is 4-1/2″ thick and of normal construction practices these days, can be kicked open with relative ease. I can’t help but think that your thinking process is a bit too flimsy.

    • “if the door was opened for this “intruder” in the first place and the four who were in the house knew who he was and perceived a threat at that point, didn’t just call 911 then.”

      Because after he was shut out of the house and decided to force entry, the intruder had clearly *demonstrated* threatening intent. Prior to that point he had not. Perhaps the homeowner *felt* threatened prior to that point, but it had not yet been concretely demonstrated.

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  • Patriot

    Isn’t Maryland where that guy was subjected to anal cavity searches and colonoscopy and xrays because of his “suspicious posture?” What’s going on up there? Citizens of Maryland, unite against this type of thuggery. Do not let it stand. When this goes to trial, jury nullification is called for here. You do not have to carry out the law per the judge’s instruction if the law is wrong – that is why we have juries – so the power truly rests with the people. It’s time the people started doing the right thing.

    • TBI

      Way too many liberals all over the Northeast.

  • TBI

    Most likely he will be found not guilty (the defense must vet the jury carefully), However lawyer costs and court costs, let alone the interference in his life is unjust and is how prosecutors get plea deals. Self defense is a God given right for every one.

  • kanenas101

    Of course had the intruder murdered him or his wife, he would NOT get a death sentence.

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  • Lester

    What in hell is Maryland coming to? The police should have written a report that would have exonerated Sgt. Pinkerton, and then if the DA had filed a case, it would have proven that the Sgt. was defending himself and his family and guests. I know that Maryland has some of the smartest people residing in the state, but those intellectuals are some of the dumbest asses I have heard about in the last couple of years. They have two asinine representatives in the House and a jerk in the Senate.
    I always thought I would like to live there, but lately I am so glad I live in a state that, so far, is going in the right direction. Virginia is a lot of misguided people after electing one of the biggest liars in the country as governor. He and Clinton were together too long, and he is going to be as big a jack ass as Clinton was as president.

    • FlamingFury

      What is Maryland coming to, you ask? It’s there. It has a long, long history. When I left HS in the 50s, a dude by name of Tommy D’Alessandro was mayor of “Bawlamer.” He tried to run for governor, but his campaign was cut short by a federal indictment on racketeering charges. Unfortunately, this crook spawned 2 kids, a Tommy Jr. who later “served” as mayor of Bawlamer as well and a daughter. Nancy married some guy named Paul and moved to California. You know her as Pelosi. This sick criminal liberalism is infectious.

      • MargaretJacobson

        I remember Nancy D’Alessandro of little Italy didn’t they live on or about trinity street ? Nancy was miss jiffy lube of 1954? I was a child at the time. Theredore Roosevelt Mc Keldin was governor? McKeldin was a candidate for Vice President under Eisenhower! McKeldin built the airport (friendship) , Baltimore Washington international/ thurgoid Marshall ! I remember when it was just 2runways in and 2 runways out. It had only 4 airlines, allegheny , piedmont (mostly freight,some passengers) trans world, and eastern airlines for mostly passengers ! That was the days when Baltimore city was rich enough to bail out the rest of the state? It was a viable 2 party system! Now it is just a very dark blue? D’Alessandro was a real problem for everybody! Father, son & daughter. Nancy looks like the “queen of plastic surgery !” I am so glad that tommy jr. & Nancy are gone !

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  • ValleyCounty

    Hopefully the NRA legal defense fund will step in and help this family. Then when he is acquitted, he should file a wrongful prosecution suit against the as$hole Asst State Attorney.

  • Pingback: Anonymous()

  • Richard Holmes

    Shoot liberal judges before they give away all your rights to defend yourself against criminals.

  • Will Jones

    Whigs, Black and White, received in covenant the divine right of Individual Sovereignty from the Creator of the universe, hence the Bill of Rights to effect and defend our persons and property.

    Whig means “anti-Roman Catholic.”

    Roman Catholic Maryland has been a papist/Mafia/fascist stronghold from its inception.

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  • bleedinell

    It’s why we left Marylandistan.
    Lib cesspool.

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  • akoby

    You really have to wonder about a state that does not want you to protect yourself in your own home. This Sgt. should never have to see the inside of a courtroom, nor should he have to spend money to defend himself from the craziness of left -wing ideologues. I agree with the comments that Neubauer would change his mind if it was someone breaking into his house to assault his wife or family member. Why some people are so afraid of guns to the point that they don’t want anyone else to have them boggles the mind. We don’t outlaw cars, knives, rocks,hammers, etc. because a few people used those to kill others. We understand that it is the PERSON, not the THING that commits the murder/crime. Same goes for guns, and this SGT. shou;d be praised as a hero, not villified for his actions.

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  • Ruger S Redhawk

    When he is found innocent by a jury he should SUE to be made “completely whole” by the State of Maryland for bringing this frivolous charge.
    I guess they don’t like veterans who protect their homes in Maryland.

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  • zango

    I hope this poor man files a massive lawsuit against State of MD. when he is found not guilty. Which he will be. Stay strong Matt.

  • TexRancher

    Is idiot Neubauer protected by guns? If so, they need to be removed immediately. Practice what you preach Neubauer and for additional safety, stay out of Texas!

  • Retired MSGT USAF

    Let’s just hope that a Grand Jury looks into Case Law and refuses to send this to trial. After all, the charges against the TSgt are felonious and should be exonerated by the Grand Jury. The prosecutor should be admonished by the Judges of the State Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals, disbarred from practicing law by the State BAR Association.
    All citizens in this country have the inalienable Right to protect themselves and their families within their own home and the Supreme Court of the United States has affirmed this Right many, many times.

    • John Smith

      Neubauer will lose, but hey, it’s only taxpayer money he’s blowing.

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  • bless2live

    Breaking a door down at 2 AM am and wanting more? He received the max, death!

  • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

    I am looking forward to the day when piece of crap like Newbauer are hung by the neck until DEAD, DEAD, DEAD.

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  • Laurence Almand

    What an outrage! Just what would Neubauer do if someone tried to break into HIS home? Just sit there like a dunce? Another example of the shameful perseuction of a good citizen. This is a classic case of false arrest on nebulous charges. Yes, Sgt. Pinkerton should indeed sue for damages, not to mention unlawful arrest and emotional distress.

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  • disqus_Bqc1DfkLq6
  • Michael Ejercito

    Is there a copy of the actual charges filed by the prosecutor?

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  • John Smith

    Home invasions happen at all times of the day. I’m sure Neubauer has his firearm on him when he answers his door.

    • “Home invasions happen at all times of the day. I’m sure Neubauer has his firearm on him when he answers his door.”

      I do. If it’s not needed, it’s not needed. We don’t know at the moment what this homeowner’s normal practice is.

      But the other difference is that during the day I can look out and readily see who it is, if I recognize the vehicle, and have a good chance of seeing if there is more than one person. At night, threat identification is harder. So, I can see that a home owner might reasonably assume that they could respond to a single person during the day who turns out to be a threat by retreating back to their gun whereas at night they would take it with them to the door.

  • TXGunner

    People, if the scumbag you shot falls outside your home, drag him back in. Not sure that would have made any difference in this case.

    • Doug McNeil

      This is an extremely stupid comment. Don’t you think that the forensic experts can tell where the guy was when he was shot? You are advocating tampering with the evidence, which provides a strong legal presumption of guilt — you knew that you were in the wrong, so you tried to alter the evidence to try to make it look better for you.

      What the Sergeant did was exactly correct — he called the police after the incident was over, and then he unloaded his firearm and waited for them to arrive — and he didn’t tamper with any of the evidence. If you’re in the right, then the facts will speak for themselves.

      • Nunnyah Biz

        But the criminals/traitors infesting our “just us” system will manufacture evidence to refute the truth when it doesn’t suit their agenda. There is no more justice in America EXCEPT THE POINT OF A GUN!!! MOLON LABE – Support the 2nd American Revolution!!!

        • Doug McNeil

          Manufactured evidence is not at issue in this case. The AG charged him with murder because he said that he should have called (and waited for) the police — even though there was no time to do so — and because he claimed that arming himself before the intruder broke down his door indicated a murderous intent. I just call it prudence.

          This is an important test case as to whether the ancient common law right of self-defense is still in effect in Maryland, or whether criminals can now legally rule the streets. We shall soon find out.

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  • AlThompson

    Maryland, oh well that’s why I would never live in a POS blue state. Somebody needs to beat the crap out of the DA, and let him know that he’ll be sharing ground time with Mr. Green if he doesn’t back off.

  • Nunnyah Biz

    This “pseudo district attorney” is one of the POS’s that I will certainly enjoy executing with my cold bare hands when the revolution/civil war starts!!! I wouldn’t waste a 7 cent bullet on him, but instead take great pleasure in looking him straight in the eyes as I strangle the life out of him…….yes, great pleasure indeed!!! DEATH TO THE TRAITORS INFESTING THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!

  • klsparrow

    You can click on the e-mail link are web link below if you want to tell State’s Attorney for Anne Arundel County what you think of Mr. Neubauer. MD is becoming nothing but a liberal sewer.

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  • Meir Kahane

    This is why Texas needs to secede.

  • Katie Kaye

    Thank you for that INFO… I was just referring to when I go in to buy something I am not taxed,,,, but as you know a whole lot more than me ~ My hat is off to you (if I wore one I’d tip it to you for the info)… THAT IS AMAZING…. guess they get it one way or the other huh???? Not surprising!!! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  • Katie Kaye

    WOW…… you are so right…. NOW ~ QUESTION….. the site to send financial help (I’m not employed as I lost my job 15 months ago and at 65 it is difficult finding work… just would like to send something to help them with Attorney/whatever fees ~ can you tell me the trusted site to do that? Thanks

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  • Steve Stevenson

    The obvious mistake was calling 911.

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  • Good news! The prosecution’s case was so ridiculous that Pinkerton’s attorney requested, and the judge granted, a motion for acquittal following the prosecution’s case presentation.

  • alaanile

    What an outrage! Just what would Neubauer do if someone tried to break into HIS home? Just sit there like a dunce? Another example of the shameful perseuction of a good citizen. This is a classic case of false arrest on nebulous charges. Yes, Sgt. Pinkerton should indeed sue for damages, not to mention unlawful arrest and emotional distress.

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  • Arthur Ralph Kerr

    it seems in this case any form of defense be it kung fu or the lamp would be deemed over the top. A no win at all.. When you can no longer defend your home and the bad guys have more power…

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  • Caddo65

    This is what makes Texas such a great state. If you DON’T defend yourself from a criminal the Texas deputy will ask why you didn’t. If you say you don’t even have a gun he will give you a blank stare then ask why you don’t. I now am fully qualified to carry a handgun and I appreciated the support from Law Enforcement. Criminals rely on victims to be victims.

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  • Pat Warden

    The deceased must have been a registered democrat, if he had been registered as a republican there would probably be no charges!

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  • ChavesisGONE

    Wow how much truer can the words be when seconds count the police are minutes away. This is an absolute aberration of justice!

  • yerbullshit

    Someone should find out WHO (States Atty, atty. general etc) is pressing the charges and make sure any of their opponents in the next election know all these facts to use against them! The only way we can get rid of those elected idiots is to publicly hold them accountable! Like roaches scatter when the lights are turned on.

  • Cory Smith

    Supposedly the charges were dismissed by the judge.

  • Mihai

    I think that dindu was an emo and wanted
    to die, so he charged in like that, it’s hard to imagine someone being
    that thirsty/dumb.

  • Chad

    this is what happens when you live in a liberal controlled tyranny
    MOVE let the idiots live in their gun free zone, criminals will migrate to those areas.. and the problem will resolve itself.

  • Cody

    I hope Neubauer is a victim of a home invasion and is killed as he is on the phone with 911.

  • Lynda Givens Evans
  • Idgaf

    “Matt should have called 911 first and waited for the police.”
    Yeahhhh, Mr. Home-invader? Could you postpone your malicious actions for just a sec? Gotta call the police, thannnnks!

  • Tyson Litz

    “as the family of Kendall Green filed a lawsuit against him for $6 million in October of 2014.”
    Of course they did. That’s the ONLY other reason blacks multiply like roaches… If they aren’t related to a ballplayer, then they count on court checks.
    One way or another… just like leaving food out…

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  • sam frankss

    the only way to change this is to spend time on talk radio, public access TV if that is still around and use the case law and ask the people to push the state legislators to pass Castle doctrine

    the rest of the self defense about duty to retreat that need also to be a little better defined.

    you get the NRA to get lawyer to work with you or some one who has never been a member of NRA so you are very versed in what needs to passed . the the gun control lobby have less to point at the NRA .

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