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Knockout players are rabid animals that need to be put down

The title clearly states my feelings toward the matter.  In case you aren’t aware of the “game” knockout, it basically consists of striking an unsuspecting person on the street and trying to quite literally knock them out in one punch. Man, woman or child, it does not matter to the reprobates and vile scumbags who engage in the activity.

Not only is the act itself reprehensible and cowardly, the punch along with the immediate aftermath can be deadly.

Below are a few incidents of the act captured on camera.  Be warned, it can be disturbing if you still consider the people who are doing this as people instead of animals.  I think about it in the same sense as watching “When Animals Attack” type shows, it makes it a little easier to digest.

The last one was filmed in Pittsburgh.  I remember that day, I was only a few blocks away and I have taken the Tito Way alley as a shortcut a number of times.  The teacher who these kids attacked suffered severe injuries, not just on the punch but also the force with which he hit the ground.  If he was a few inches further away from the curb the fall would have probably killed him as his head would have struck the corner of the curb full on.

He was lucky.  Others are not.  In Hoboken New Jersey, Chicago Illinois and Syracuse New York people have been KILLED being victims of the knockout “game”.

This is not a game.  This is not indiscretion of youth.  This is not a good time being taken too far.

If the mainstream media won’t call it what it is I sure as hell will; this is a case where rabid animals are running loose in the streets and need to be put down.

I actively hope that eventually one of these thugs tosses a limp wristed punch to a gun carrier who has the situational awareness to avoid getting knocked out and responds by filling the offender with lead.

What?  You thought a site called “Bullets First” was going to be all touchy feely and say these animals deserve hugs?

They are KILLING people.  And the nature of their crime, the randomness of it all makes it nigh impossible to stop unless there is actual photographic evidence of the crime, even then.

These are the situations where an armed society is needed because the police are not going to walk every citizen around a city every moment of every day.  With the wild animals running loose on the streets a person is responsible for their own protection.

If a rabid dog was charging at me in the street I would put a bullet in him rather than face the risk of getting mauled to death.  I would do the same to a rabid animal who walks on 2 feet who was trying to do the same thing.

The only difference is I would feel bad about shooting the dog.

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  • White Bear

    You are exactly right. The only thing that’s going to eventually solve problems like this is the Second Amendment. I’m a retired cop, over 30 years of service. I worked in a state that for 28 of those years didn’t allow concealed carry in any form. I’m proud of the fact that in my entire career I NEVER arrested a law abiding person that I found carrying a gun for protection of themselves and their families. If they were committing a crime with the gun I’d lock them up in a second, but if they were just carrying as is their Constitutional right I’d send them on their way, warning them that the next officer to stop them may not feel the same way. In the area I worked in I could have probably made three or four arrests per week but I refused to enforce an unconstitutional law, and “shall not be infringed” couldn’t be more clear. The only way to stop these senseless, vicious attacks is to exercise your Second Amendment right and if attacked and in fear for your life, put them in the ground. A dead criminal never re-offends. Cops can’t be everywhere all the time; take some responsibility for your own safety.

    • grannylake

      Do you know that in some areas this “game” is called “Polar Bear”? CCL is the way to go.

      • babbott

        I would ask the gun control crowd what they intend to do about this since they insist on disarming law-abiding citizens. Why do they want to make everyone defenseless and at the mercy of these thugs?

        • mogul264

          Maybe they want you to turn the other cheek!

      • White Bear

        I didn’t know that, but I assure you I didn’t start it:). I’d be more than happy to finish it though. This was going on in St. Louis almost ten years ago when I retired.

        • grannylake

          And I’ll bet that tag didn’t have anything to do with the fact that their targets of Polar Bear hunting are white. So really, who are the racists in this country?

    • Whitebird

      Couldn’t agree more! I can certainly see a race war in the making. Where are the upright Blacks? I haven’t heard of a single case of a Black person condemning or offering any comment on this problem. What is this country coming to? Where the hell is the condemnation from the news media? Is Fox News and internet the only ones talking about this? This is as bad as obamacare.

      • Rodosbc

        Col west, a black conservative, has just written a scathing article on this subject. A few articles have been done about a martial arts instructor cleaning the plow of one of these misguided punks and another I read about involved an armed citizen who put two bullets into another miscreant. Pick up a copy of “White girl bleed lot” for a definitive breakdown of the problem.

  • grannylake

    The biggest problem with these “animals” is that they were raised without any social, moral or ethical values so they even understand that they are defective. Their parents were defective and their parents were probably defective as well.

    At this point, they can only be caged and put down.

    • corners

      or their parents are both working….

      • grannylake

        Many families have both parents working. They teach their children a good work ethic. They can be at home with their families at night, have dinner together, go to church on Sunday, and teach them to be honorable people.

  • Dcp5674

    Of course I realize what’s going to happen, but all the animals doing the punching that I have seen on film have been black, and all the victims I have seen on film either white or light skinned. It seems to me that these little children, which they are, just being with their friends makes them brave, are trying to start a race war. And until last night’s news, no one was reporting on this senseless crime, all police dpt., newspapers, tv news were mum. They too know this could lead to a race war, and were hiding the racial aspect of the attacks.
    Best way to handle it is go armed. Has already happened several black teens chose the Wrong Guy to play with. They are now resting comfortably in a grave, while their parents cry and wail “not my baby, oh no, my boy would NEVER do that”. We should all be armed, and as extra incentive, the Senate chose to employ thr nuclear option, just another reason to protect our Constitutional rights.

  • 1XXX

    Solution: Bait and Ambush

  • 63Marine

    I say, take ALL of them out!!! Just remember, a cop is just a phone call away….

  • GirlIQ

    barrack Hussein, Eric holder and oprah have set America back 50 years to a time when blacks rioted to root out inequality. Now they attack to seek vengeance for proposed racism manufactured by the left to promote violence, unrest and division. This is the INTENDed result! Everytime you hear barrack, holder or oprah talk on racism they are sending messages entitling and encouraging this behavior. Law nor media will help. People without black skin need to leave infested areas, travel in groups, keep a distance of 30 feet from any black not in a business suit or taylored clothing and take guns. If approached assume you are being attacked and run, yell, or better shoot. Also any person witnessing a black thug approaching another person is compelled to defend, alert or intervene. Any means necessary. We have to go on the offensive.

    • jd

      Exactly what I was thinking.When other citizens witness one of these attacks they can ask others to help follow the attacker from a distance and dial 911 reporting the attackers(s) location.This can be a non-violent crime-fighting method,and if the black leaders would make a public announcement to start a nationwide program getting citizens to unite against this pathetic problem we could “nip it in the bud”.The problem is getting the black community(and leaders) to take real,physical action against this plague on society.Their silence tells me they don’t care.

      • streetcat9

        Certainly, the silence of the commie and his cronies is deafening. They have given these thugs a “green light.” Can you imagine what these feral thugs would do in an unarmed society?

  • bdcorvette

    This is the beginning of the race war. The ghetto boys who survive are going to get a lesson in retribution. Bring it now. Since the good honest blacks chose not to get involved in changing the negative folks in their culture, they either need to step back or gun down the carrion that has dragged them into the fight.

  • mjnellett

    These attacks are the greatest reason that all sane, legal citizens should be trained and armed in this country. Obama, and his Attorney General, Eric Holder, don’t seem to understand what “shall not be infringed” means. Every gun grabbing politicians needs to be held accountable for this violence and run out of office! Their progressive, anti gun agenda, is NOT worth the life of one American citizen.

  • Moose

    When the attackers stop dropping like flies with powder burns on their chest because citizens have had enough it will stop!!!!! I just hope those of us who do defend ourselves will also be able to afford our attorneys fees because the race baiters and DOJ will be coming after us. Defending yourself is just not politically correct anymore and is considered un-lawful in some jurisdictions, I don’t care, I carry and I will defend myself or anyone else I see being attacked, without prejudice, simple as that!!! MOOSE

  • White Bear

    Obviously I’m a STRONG advocate of carrying a gun and protecting yourself; that goes without saying. As a retired cop I’d like to add some, hopefully, professional advice. BE AWARE OF YOUR SITUATION! Since retiring I try to avoid big cities like the plague, but when I’m forced to be there the thing I notice the most is people, mostly young, often female, with their eyes glued to their phones, tablets, or other distractions. I see this on public transportation, bus and train stops, even walking down the street. More often than not they have ear buds in listening to music. My friends, that’s a recipe for disaster. An 800 pound gorilla could walk right up behind you and you’d never be aware of it until the attack came. Keep your head on a swivel and watch for anything suspicious. If there are individuals paying inordinate attention to you or moving closer, get ready to take some form of action. Of course I’m not advocating drawing and shooting any black person walking toward you, or any person of any color for that matter, but noting suspicious activity should at least up your readiness level a couple of notches. Move to a more lighted area with more people around; in short, do something! If all else fails and you are attacked, put them in the ground; they’ll never do it again. Your life is far more valuable than the life of one who would attack you without provocation. Please be safe!

    • mogul264

      What you’ve said about the people being distracted IS why these cowardly thugs can get away with sneak attacks! People are UNAWARE of their surroundings, a recipe for disaster! NONE of the thugs are willing to do a direct, frontal attack, always a ‘sucker’ punch from behind!

      Walk around carrying a simple baseball bat and maybe a baseball glove attached so police won’t assume YOU are an attacker. This alone will dissuade most of these cowards! Walking with a companion is ALSO a good idea, but STILL keep an eye on your surroundings! They can approach from the rear, or appear to just be walking by, and whip around on you! This was in the videos!

      • WhatConstitution

        I carry a bat all the time. A .40 Cal bat made by Smith and Wesson!

  • mogul264

    Am I being racist, or are ALL the assailants BLACK? If so, and if ALL the victims seem to be WHITE, doesn’t this fall under the “hate crimes” label? And, if so, why aren’t the Feds involved?

    • Moose

      The Feds!!!!! hah, they are still calling Fort Hood work place violence, Eric Holder simply does not recognize black on white as a hate crime. MOOSE

    • Lester

      Don’t you realize that our esteemed (?) AG says that blacks do not commit racial crimes, because they have been unfairly oppressed. What b–ls–t! If one of these punks get killed be assured that DOJ will go after the shooter.

  • 68Truthseeker1

    FLASHBACK: Hundreds Of Blacks Brutally Beat Whites At Wisconsin & Iowa State Fairs

    • dontdoitagain

      Let me guess, the victims are on the hook for thousands and maybe tens of thousands of dollars for their hospital bills… Too bad Obamacare wasn’t implimented at the time, then they would only be responsible for, well, thousands and maybe tens of thousands of dollars for their injuries. What part of that do you suppose the attackers are responsible for?

  • deathgoat

    The Ministry of Propaganda refuse’s to Identify these animals for what they are Ferrel Ghetto rats.
    Bath-House Barry has been tying to start a Race war so he can unleash his new toy DHS…you know that Civilian force at least as powerful as our Military. All the while cutting our military’s strength and keeping them occupied overseas against man-men that he supply’s with weapons that we pay for.

  • lokiswife

    Watching these I can only say that the N-word is the only description for these anthropoids. Where is the black community doing anything about this? Or is this just acceptable behavior in black communities now?
    If it were white kids, the black community would be in an uproar, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would be leading parades all over the place to bring attention to the problem and the mainstream media would be posting every episode.

  • catnip24

    these are nothing more than negro subspecies. it’s degrading to animals to call these subspecies animals.

  • Ray Burke

    Our seemingly inevitable race war has apparently begun in earnest. It is spinning out of control and growing rapidly. Think Watts and other incendiary, black dominated atrocities. If you wish to remain alive and well in these increasingly dangerous times get a CCL and ALWAYS carry concealed whenever you leave home. If you are unavoidably threatened or violently attacked, don’t hesitate to draw your weapon and shoot the perp(s) – not to disable but to KILL.
    This is your one and only recourse. Depending on others to save you is a fools errand.

  • Glenn H

    Another disgusting aspect of this is the media’s reluctance to call it hate crimes which it clearly is!
    The first white person to kill one of these vermin in self defense will be accused of a hate crime from the start!
    That mini mob of black youth that knocked that guy to the ground should have been mowed down like so much poison ivy.
    Every black baby boy born out of wedlock should be castrated at birth, every one that is born into a welfare supported household should also get that treatment.
    Opra wants old white people to be dead, why not take that idea to the real problem, and it sure as hell isn’t white people!!!

  • LAwriter

    This would not be happening if Obama weren’t in the Oval Office. The deep psychosis/psychology of his presidency is the justification of destructive acts against whites in order to create “equality” — equality of *treatment*, even if the original victims being avenged lived 200 years ago and the present white victims have no responsibility for the earlier black victims whatsoever.

    • corners

      do knockout games only go back 6 years?!

  • Ross R Blankert

    These are BLACK teenagers who want to hit white folks for fun. When people just start shooting teens who come near them, then maybe the press will start reporting this. It is not a game. It is a death wish.

    • corners

      have you not been watching the news?

  • Mark N Starla Traina

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