How will NYS enforce the SAFE Act? With a Rights shredding mindset backed with Military Grade Weaponry

By now it should come as no surprise of the of disdain that the powers that be in New York State have for its citizens.  From the crippling high taxes, to the infringement of rights, to the promotion of a neighbor spying on neighbor program etc.

Conversely though, those controllers in Albany seem shocked that people would finally have enough and say “NO” to continually bending over to the whims of those in power who disregard with “outdated” documents like the Bill of Rights or “silly” notions like Liberty.

What is Albany to do when the citizens it has tried so hard to make into servants finally say enough is enough?

Like all good totalitarian regimes, the one in Albany gets overwhelming firepower to suppress the masses.

In New York, that comes in the form of 18 ton, armor-protected, military fighting vehicles with gun turrets and bulletproof glass that were previously used by the US Military during the Iraq war.



At nearly twice the overall size of the Humvee and at a staggering 38,000 lbs the MRAPS gets 5 miles to the gallon and runs the risk of collapsing bridges when it drives over them in New York.

These behemoths are being shipped around the state.  So far Albany County, Jefferson County, Steuben County and Sullivan County, and police in Nassau County, Plattsburgh and Hamburg Village have gotten their MRAPS with more being requested.  This is on top of the 150 up-armored Humvees and trucks that have been purchased over the past 2 years.

Yet, oddly enough, Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple refutes claims that the police are becoming too militaristic:

“Nothing could be further from the truth. Our problem is we have to make sure we are prepared to respond to every type of crisis.”

And there you have it folks.  THEY need to be prepared for every type of crisis.  But they have no qualms about scoffing at our need to have a magazine that holds more than 7 bullets in case we are attacked by multiple people or our desire to be prepared in case something catastrophic happens and we need to protect our home from looters with our AR-15’s.

This small minded, do as we say not as we do bull, is the common tripe that passes for a defense in New York and among controllers in general.  THEY need to be protected so THEY can have firearms.  THEY can have military weapons and THEY can ignore the laws.

WE on the other hand, have to follow the rules, leave ourselves vulnerable, and get mocked about how the 2nd Amendment only allows us muskets.

Once again the hypocrisy of the controllers in New York is choking and unable to be digested.  Unfortunately now, they can just drive 38,000 lbs of hypocrisy down our throats.

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