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Surprise, gun free zone fails again. But so does the over coddling of today’s youth

In the most recent school shooting in Colorado the shooter, who was not repelled by the magic pixie dust powered “Gun Free Zone” sign, was not a mass shooter but a student with a specific target in mind.

18 year old Karl Halverson Pierson walked into Arapahoe High School armed with a shotgun and 2 Molotov cocktails looking to kill the Librarian and Debate Coach Tracy Murphy after Murphy had benched him during the last debate competition.

A few things spring to mind.

First, once again the “Gun Free Zone” shows how utterly ridiculous it is at actually stopping anyone with malicious intent from entering.

Secondly, the teacher was lucky that Pierson got his hand on a shotgun because he didn’t hide it and that gave Murphy enough warning to flee the school before he got shot.  A gun is not the only way to kill a teacher as we saw in the tragic case of math teacher Colleen Ritzer who was killed by a student with a box cutter in October.  Let alone the two Molotov cocktails that would have immolated Murphy.

Thirdly, even though the shooter used a shotgun I’ve all ready heard the gun control zealots point to this incident as reason for Assault Weapons Bans.  Leave it to the gun controllers never to let a good tragedy go by unexploited regardless of how it doesn’t relate to their message.

Fourthly, once again the shooter, when finally confronted by someone who was armed, in this case when the police finally showed up,  shot himself.  Now, if someone at the school had been armed perhaps the poor 15 year old girl who had to get shot in the name of gun control’s “moral superiority” could have avoided the life threatening injury.

Finally, how much have we coddled our children that they are so unable to handle rejection, criticism, disappointment, failure or tribulations?  This isn’t even a gun issue in my mind.  This is a wake up call to the parents of children; they are killing them by making them feel that they are the most precious and perfect beings on the planet and that they can do no wrong.  That they will never fail and are perfect just they way they are.

You know what?  When you brainwash children into thinking that they are perfect and you deny them the character building experience of failure you strip their ability to deal with it.

Halverson was an 18 year old man.  He was benched for a debate.  His response was to KILL his debate coach.

Somewhere along the line, the parents failed miserably to instill in their son a sense of overcoming adversity.  Killing someone over being benched for a debate is not an acceptable reaction.

Yet too many parents have shielded their children from ever facing ANY adversity, that when real life steps in and shows them that they are not the bees knees and they actually have to face disappointment and failure you get situations like this.  Always blaming someone else, always clinging to the delusion that they are perfect and it HAS to be someone else’s fault.

Not to take the blame off of Pierson, but if there is blame to go around some should be placed on his parents.  You raised a child who thought he was so entitled that when something doesn’t go his way he jumps directly to murder instead of dealing with it.

This isn’t a gun issue, even if Pierson didn’t have that shotgun he would still have gone to that school to murder Tracy Murphy.  With a knife, a box cutter, an axe or a baseball bat, or just with his flaming bottles of death.  Are we going to start banning glass bottles, rags and alcohol?

But if the gun controllers want to make it an issue, then they must answer these questions: Should we now ban shotguns?  How would registering guns have prevented this?  Why don’t “gun free” zones stop these shootings? And why are gun controllers exploiting another tragedy by pushing for measures that have no impact on this case, ie assault weapons ban?

Oh yeah, this happened in Colorado…what about all that gun control you just passed…I thought that THAT was supposed to stop these things from happening too?

I’ve no doubt that gun controllers will point to the utter failure of gun control as reason for MORE gun control.  Their twisted logic would be humorous if it wasn’t so often tragic.


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  • rjhollydog

    gunfree=victims only

  • gmhunt4

    In schools there are NO loosers. Three 4th grade classes during field day, each recieve a ribbon, 1st, 2nd, 3rd place……..stupid………..

    • John Francis Russo

      Actually, Gold, Silver, & Bronze for first second and third place seems fine to me. Even some certificate of participation, to distinguish thiose who actually compete from those who merely stand on the sidelines and watch, seems OK to me. But, you are correct that giving the same ltype of award to all participants is stupid. Why strive if there is no reward ?

  • garysvent

    “Halverson was an 18 year old man. He was benched for a debate. His response was to KILL his debate coach.”

    Sounds like kindergarten to me. Coddling restricts maturity. Big enough to carry a shotgun; small enough to use it on another person.

    • Rattlerjake

      Lets not forget that children today are allowed by their parents to play violent video games in which murder and vindictive behavior are trivialized and treated as normal.

      • EmmyP

        OK. While we’re at it, let’s similarly also not forget how many children log hours and hours playing violent video games yet DO NOT flip their lid and go on a murderous rampage.
        It’s not guns; it’s not violence on TV or violent video games. Individuals have free will and they alone are responsible for their decisions, action, and the consequences.

        • Rattlerjake

          You’re right that [“Individuals have free will and they alone are responsible for their decisions, action, and the consequences.”], but we’re talking about children, not adults, who are NOT alone responsible for their decisions, actions, and consequences, their parents are usually held responsible. Many of these children are introduced to this excessively violent behavior at far too young an age and become immune to it’s effects. If you take a child at 6 years old and let him watch videos of people beating dogs, by the time he is 15-18 he’ll do it as though it is normal; but if that same child is not allowed to see that violent act or is told repetitively that it is inhumane and wrong, he is unlikely to do so at a later age.

          • John Francis Russo

            Agreed ! “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” (Prov 22 :6)

          • EmmyP

            Wrong. 18 is an adult. And we’re *all* responsible for our actions – even before 18.

          • Rattlerjake

            It has been scientifically/mentally proven that most humans are not fully mature, mentally, until their mid to late twenties, sometimes even thirties. You seem to think that just because the government has established adulthood at age 18, that that individual is 100% responsible. This 18 year old was still a student in high school, his maturity level was not that of an adult (substantiated by numerous fellow students and teachers), and as a high school student (18 or not) he was still his parents legal responsibility. This kid was no adult mentally! This does not excuse this act of violence, and he should, because of the severity, be punished as an adult.

          • freebirds

            Why do you think the govt wants 18 yr olds for the military? There lacking judgement. And they can tell them to go and take a mountain and the will. If they ask a 45 year old man to take it he would laugh.

      • John Francis Russo

        True enough. BUT, we watched Elmer Fudd shoot Dafy Duck many times and didn’t attempt to murder our teachers. So, where is the difference ? Is it the fact that we get to play the role of villians ? I fail to see how the violence alone, as in certain war games like “Call of Duty” can result in this. Or are you referring to such games as “Grand Theft Auto” where the player is not fighting for his or her country; but is playing the role of a criminal thug ?

        • Rattlerjake

          There is a huge difference between a cartoon, where they are all fictitious animated characters, NO ONE DIES and is a totally UNREALISTIC situation, and a video game where the characters represent real people, you are hunting down and killing people with multiple weapons, running them over with cars, etc. and there is blood spatter, body parts being blown off, etc. I remember watching a lot of westerns as a kid and playing cowboys and indians, but most westerns were bad guys against good guys, didn’t show a lot of blood and gore, and the story lines gave adults and children alike a moral scenario. Today’s movies and games glorify murder and killing. It also doesn’t help that children today are immersed in violence at school through other students (hoodlums, gang members, drug dealers, bullies) who have NO MORAL FIBER, and school administrators and teachers not being allowed to discipline those trouble makers. Ask any teenager about the unruly, malicious, scumbag students that are pandered to in public schools. But make no mistake, parents are responsible for talking to their kids and explaining right and wrong and REALITY!

    • spatcher

      Wonder if he had ADD and was on meds(?)

      • John Francis Russo

        We often find such a link, for example at Columbine. However, I have as yet heard no information on that, in regards to this case.

    • John Francis Russo

      You don’t have to be small to use a weapon, including shotguns, on another person (i.e. a home invader). However, yuo DO have to be pretty small to not realize that being benched by a coach (debate team, baseball team, football team, etc.) is NOT sufficient reason for such an action.

  • Mary Brown

    Want to bet he was on psych drugs of some sort?

    When I was in high school I always had a pocketknife with me, often had my 22lr or a shotgun in the car to go hunting with my brothers and sisters after school. We never shot anyone over being benched or rejected. We were told to learn and do better next time instead. Kids these days are in for a world of hurt when they hit real life and get rejected from hiring the first 10 times they apply for a job. Or when a girlfriend rejects them, or they fail a major test or do really bad on the SAT…

    • Richard Erwin

      i have always had a pocket knife with me and have had teachers borrow it from me having guns close by was not an issue of course im from Texas and im 57 the good old days

      • Saltporkdoc

        Same for me, except I’m 67 and from Ohio!

    • rwp24382

      Not only that, but did he or his parents support Obucku for president? I haven’t heard the cries from the meida for this being a TEA party person yet. Maybe they are afraid to open their mouths, knowing the political affiliation of the boy and his parents.

    • Igor

      During hunting season we had kids bring their guns, in the gun rack in their truck, in the High School parking lot. (Washington State, ’69-’71). The principal warned us once over the PA to “Lock your truck, you stupid kids!!’, but that was about it.
      That was it. No fuss, no muss, no harm, no foul.
      Silly us.

  • dan from ohio

    Gun Free Zones have been proven fatal…yet they still keep them

  • edro3111

    Funny that with all the super dooper school security, nobody was monitoring this kid approaching the building with his shotgun. Apparently nobody even noticed until he was well within the area. So much for security. Now I’m waiting to see what idiotic spin the MSM puts on this and I’ll bet they ignore the fact that he had other kill options in mind that didn’t involve firearms.

    • Mindy Robinson

      Lol! Well they didn’t have to worry about it. Every murdering thug cowers in the presence of a libs “Gun free zone” sign! Didn’t you know that? 🙂

      • edro3111

        So true Mindy!, So true!

    • John Francis Russo

      Ignoring facts to support a political agenda is what the Lamestream media (LSM) does best.

  • John Parker

    Laws, signs. and billboards, etc….Do not work!

    • Mindy Robinson

      They do with the law abiding citizen, problem is, we aren’t the problem.

  • harrydweeks

    Why do these idiots continue to refuse to tackle the real problem of basic security for all schools. Metal detectors for entering students, teachers and guests . Armed guards on premise. End of problems. No, they would rather blame the problem on a static object called a gun . They are clueless . How about all this wasted money on Obamacareless Act, why not divert some to school security . Helping kids to stay safe would eliminated the need for emergency medical care. We’ve got IDIOTS running our local, state and Federal governments.

    • Fred_K

      They do not want to solve the problem, they want to take our guns away. If they did not have the problem, they would have nothing to lie about.

  • jerrycollie

    This would make sense in my mind if the football coach had benched a teenager that thought he was on his way to the NFL; but a debating coach? Give me a break.

    • Combat Veteran Seabee

      In either scenario, it is WRONG but you say it would make sense? You are part of the problem also!
      I’m pro 2nd Amendment, but I know the difference between right and wrong and that your actions garner consequences. Benching does not warrant violent/murderous intentionnal retribution. This kid had no moral compass, plain and simple, and he felt that he was entitled. That’s the problem!

  • Wilks

    Yeah the Colorado gun control is really working eh? F’n Anti-American Democrat morons! You Democrat politicians are responsible for this you corrupt murderous pieces of shi!……….

  • Wilks

    PC correct Libtards that want everyone to get a trophy even if you came in last place are also to blame for this. Anti-American socialist pigs!

  • dangerouspatriot

    I taught my son a long time ago that life isn’t fair. We were at the fire station where I was a volunteer firefighter and I purchased a can of pop, my son asked for one too and I said no, he said, ‘that’s not fair!’ I the responded with, ‘you’re right, it isn’t fair and the sooner you realize that there is going to be a lot of things in your life isn’t fair, you’ll be able to deal with it and accept that life just isn’t fair and there is nothing you can do about it except to be the best you can be and be satisfied with that. He’s had a lot of problems in his life but he does know that hey, life ain’t fair.

  • Mindy Robinson

    You pointed out the most important reality, our youth are now being raised to believe it is all about them, they lack all sense of humanity and the word responsibility is unknown to them. I see people who did not vote for the thug in chief making comments about how guilty they feel for the debt the gov has put us in, these are older people! I don’t feel guilt! I feel damn well pissed off that the young in this country are so self centered and irresponsible they would vote for tyranny in the hope they would gain from the labor of others. They are disgusting to look upon or to speak to. There are exceptions without a doubt, but , the vast majority of them have no problem stealing, lying , killing, doing whatever it takes to have the possessions they want. It’s not improving, now, many parents haul their spoiled child to a therapist, why? Because, when they don’t get what they want their behavior is so violent , so insane, that parents think this spoiled child is suffering trauma. Once delivered into the hands of the indoctrinator , the behavior becomes even more insane as the child becomes even more coddled.

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  • Dave L.

    When the libtards took away the right of parents, teachers, and the general popualce to use corporal punishment in the raising of children, morons like this guy are whats created. This socialist BS about raising kids doesn’t work. Liberal Judges, a moronic ACLU, an a$$hole in the White House all contribute to this type of behaviour period !!

  • William Baker

    20 years ago or so when they quit keeping score at little league games…

  • sidneyc

    No matter how badly things have gotten with throwing money at poverty, the same old refrain is heard– we just haven’t spent enough money. Same thing holds with their gun control philosophy.

  • Dean Weingarten

    We do not know if he was “coddled”. We do know that he come from a broken home. His parents divorced over a year ago. The common theme among most murderers is not “coddling” but lack of a father in their lives.

  • Barry Hirsh

    Apparently he either had developed or was indoctrinated in by his parents the psychiatric pathology of socialism.

    Most of them just spew violent hate in the cybersphere. Occasionally, one will act it out.

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  • OutdoorFrontiers

    Gun Free Zones to me equal “Free Fire Zones” where the shooter does NOT have to worry about a concealed carry permit holder opening up on him!

  • Igor

    You brought logic into the discussion, STOP bringing up logic!
    You should “feel good” about those who are trying to protect you (hah!) from all those bad, bad persons that carry guns and kill people!
    Shame on you fro trying to twatr gun control. Shame! Shame!!

    (Gun control is using BOTH hands…)

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